Nina Amir

Nina Amir, is known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach. As one of 800 elite Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world, she helps her clients Achieve More Inspired Results. She works with people who want to realize their dreams, achieve their potential, fulfill their purpose, and live full lives that feed their souls. Nina is also a bestselling author, certified Law of Attraction Coach, certified rebirther, and ordained minister.


“Memories…misty water-colored memories, of the way we were…” I can hear Barbara Streisand singing from my past (but I can’t remember all the words). Last week I received an e-mail from an acquaintance of mine from college. He remembers me well. He recalls eating lunch with me on many occasions, me briefly dating his roommate …

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When is a Labyrinth like Writing and Publishing?

Last weekend I attended my third San Francisco Writer’s Conference, a wonderful event for “dreamers” with the vision of writing a book and having it published. As one of those dreamers, I attended classes to learn how to accomplish my goal of becoming a published non-fiction author. I highly recommend this conference for any and …

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Chanukah, the Season of Remembering and Welcoming Miracles

Okay…I’m over the scrooge phase. We are well into Chanukah now, actually half way through. I did manage to get out some of the decorations, although our new house (we’ve been in it a little over a year and a half) doesn’t have as many good places to put my little Chanukah candles and music …

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