Monday Inspiration: Courageously Create Opportunities

Inspirational video and prompt

Success doesn’t come from opportunities dropped in your lap. You create those opportunities, and you do so by being courageous enough to decide to succeed, to pursue your passion, and to do whatever it takes. If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid to create opportunities, to create your success. You must be courageous […]

You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Wiser

ceremony for women as they elder

In the past, like most Americans, I have seen getting older as something undesirable. You can probably relate. After all, who wants grey hair, wrinkles, varicose veins, or joint issues, right? (You may have some other aging symptoms to put on the list.) What we forget, however, is that as we age, we get wiser. […]

Monday Inspiration: Live Your Dream

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The thoughts you focus upon determine your experiences every moment of every day. If you place your attention on fear, you live with the experience of worry and anxiety daily. You have a choice, though: Live your dream or live your fear. Which do you choose? I suggest you focus on your: dream answers solutions […]

Monday Inspiration: Daily Rituals

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I hear the same thing from so many sources: Create daily rituals or routines. Doing so leads to higher performance and goal achievement. What do daily rituals look like? Maybe you get up early enough to exercise, meditate and journal. Or you read the bible and pray before you start your day. Possibly you do […]

Find Liberation from Household Chores and Cooking

priestess in a sacred space

I’ve started making plans for my Passover seder. As I do, I sense myself contracting, feeling enslaved, as I think about the preparations I need to make for this Jewish holiday, which happens to celebrate freedom. Yet, many women feel enslaved by housework and cooking all year long. They could feel liberated instead. Despite the […]