Monday Inspiration: Indulge in Simple Pleasures

Inspirational video and prompt

Do you ever experience stress or overwhelm? I’m sure you do. To relieve your stress, allow yourself a simple pleasure. Life often hands us more than we think we can handle, but we handle it anyway. And then we feel negative emotions, and our body responds by producing harmful hormones, increasing our blood pressure, and […]

Finding the Strength to Do What is Necessary

needing strength and fortitude

When I had my bike accident two and a half months ago, many people said they couldn’t believe how much strength I had—physically, mentally, and emotionally. When my mother fell and broke her hip last week, everyone said the same thing. I realized then where I learned how to “soldier on” through adversity. The day […]

Monday Inspiration: You Can Go Home Again

Inspirational video and prompt

Going home is humbling. It reminds you of your beginnings—of where you came from, who you were, and how and why you became who you are today. It doesn’t matter if it was happy or troubled, your childhood influenced who you are today. And a trip back to your home can spark amazing memories and […]

Can You Really Change?

Does your soul or essence change?

Can you change? Or are the changes you make superficial given that the essence of who you are remains the same throughout your lifetime? Tough questions. My family hotly debated them while I was away on vacation recently, and the discussion has remained on my mind. What is Your Essence? Each of us likely has […]

Turn Required Activities Into Inspired Activities

Get inspired by your work

Too often you feel like you must do something or you should do something. That’s why you don’t do anything at all. If you want to get more done and achieve the results you desire in your life and work, take inspired action not required action. Raise Your Energy with Passion When you feel like […]

Monday Inspiration: See and Experience Something Different

Inspirational video and prompt

Are you in a rut? Do you always do the same things, go to the same places, and eat the same foods? How’s that working for you? Does it keep you excited about life, inspired, and full of new ideas? I doubt it. I’m no different than you—a creature of habit. I like to go […]