Monday Inspiration: Get Moving

Inspirational video and prompt

If you are like most Americans, you sit a good bit of the day. However, getting up and moving at least once per hour is the best thing you can do for your health, mind and  productivity. You may think you don’t have time for a break, but you will be more creative, effective, and […]

There is No Secret: It’s Just Kabbalah

The Secret is Kabbalah

In 2006, when I first watched the film The Secret, I had to smile. I wasn’t amused because the principles taught in the movie were unbelievable, stupid, or funny. I smiled because the film made it seems as if these concepts were new and mysterious. In fact, I had known about them for years. Not […]

Monday Inspiration: Dwell on Delight

Inspirational video and prompt

What do you choose to dwell upon? Where you place your thoughts determines not only how you feel but what you create in your life. Therefore, it’s important to dwell upon things that make you happy and that create what you desire. So this week, try dwelling upon what delights you. On Saturday, I found […]

The Secret Reasons You Don’t Manifest Your Desires

The secret to manifesting your dreams and desires

I bet you have dreams you’d like to see come true and desires you’d like to have fulfilled. In fact, it’s natural to want things—a new job, more money, a romantic relationship, perfect health, a red sports car—and to receive what we want. So, why aren’t your desires fulfilled? Why don’t your dreams come true? […]

Monday Inspiration: Do Your Dream

Inspirational video and prompt

Most of us have more reasons why we can’t do things than why we can. And that’s why, more often than not, we don’t do the things we say we want to do. We don’t pursue our dreams. If you really want to do something—swim with the dolphins, become a life coach, go to Aruba, […]

Monday Inspiration: Cultivate Gratitude

Inspirational video and prompt

How often do you stop, look—really see, and feel the wonder of all that exists in this world? How often do you feel grateful for all that you have and experience? Every single day—in fact, every single moment—represents a miraculous event. If you don’t appreciate it for all it is (It’s EVERYTHING and ALL THERE […]