Monday Inspiration: What is High Performance?

Inspirational video and prompt

A week ago I received a High Performance Coach certification from the High Performance Institute. I received my training from highest paid high-performance coach today, bestselling author Brendon Bouchard. I wanted this certification for myself—so I could learn how to increase my performance levels—as well as for my clients—so I could help them fulfill their […]

Do What’s Hard

tackle the tough stuff

I recently wrote a post that recommend you do what you find easy. Sometimes, however, you have to do what’s hard. Tackle Tough Tasks First Tackling something tough could mean doing your hardest tasks first—before you do anything else. Many people find this approach works well. It makes them more productive. I know that if […]

Monday Motivation: What Type of Life are You Living?

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Do you wake up feeling alive, excited, passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about life? If not, you need to change something. I just returned from five days with Brendon Bouchard, bestselling author and high performance coach. I became a certified High Performance Coach.  While in the training, I was reminded to think about how I live […]

Focus on Your Strengths

Focus on your strengths

For most of my life, I felt the need to bolster my weaknesses. After all, that’s what you are told to do, right? Work on strengthen the areas of you life or work in which you are not as proficient or adept. Then I was at a conference and heard a speaker tell me to […]

Monday Motivation: Don’t Let Life Get In the Way

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The year is almost half over. In just two weeks, June will end and you’ll have six months left—six months to complete whatever goals you set back in January. Here’s my question for you: What have you let get in the way of achieving your goals? Yes, I said “let” get in the way. Every […]

Are Accidents Ever Just Accidents?

why do accidents happen

A week ago, I fell off my bike while riding down a steep hill. I went right over the handlebars, and the bike followed me. It’s the worst accident I’ve had…ever. I’ve torn a ligament in my knee twice. I’ve fallen of horses numerous times. But this was the first time I’ve gotten up from […]