Monday Motivation: You Make a Difference

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What you do matters. In fact, you make a huge difference whether you know it or not. Everything you do or say ripples out into the world affecting you, those around you, and potentially others far, far away. You are like a pebble dropped into a pond. Your energy moves energy. Edward Lorenz was a […]

Monday Motivation: What is Possible for You

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“Things” happen to all of us. Yes, bad things happen—even to good people. And good things happen, too. People tend to get stuck focusing on the bad things, though. They forget the good things. That’s why what you do with that “thing” matters. You don’t don’t always need to know why bad things happen. You […]

It’s Time to Ask For Your Feedback

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Courtesy of Stuart Miles| Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing some major planning and reorganizing of my work. This process involves all aspects of my business and my career. It involves some major introspection. I’m making decisions about the direction I will take., which means I’m deciding what changes to make in […]

Monday Motivation: Learn to Fly

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As Mother’s Day came to an end, I found myself thinking about the role of parents. A mother’s (or father’s) job is not to keep the children tethered to the home or dependent upon parents. The task is to raise children who are independent and self-sufficient. This reminds me of birds, who take quite good […]

Finding Your Spiritual Path


Most of us are born into one religious tradition or another. However, your religion of birth may not remain the religious or spiritual path you choose to follow later in life especially if it lacks meaning and spirit. I was reminded of this the other night as I sat in a Kabbalah class listening to […]

Monday Motivation: How to Live a Happy Life

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How often have you complained about a current or ongoing situation or condition? Maybe you’re unhappy about your life, job, relationship, health, or financial situation. You focus on the “problem,” and allow it to make you unhappy. This mindset creates an unhappy life, but what you desire is a happy life. In all likelihood, you […]