Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Shut up ! I don't wish to hear.

Don’t believe everything you hear, unless, that is, you want to make what you hear a reality in your life. I remembered this principle yesterday as I lay sprawled across the road. “Self-fulfilling prophesy,” I grumbled as I thought of the young man in the bike store who had taught me how to use the […]

Monday Inspiration: What If?

Inspirational video and prompt

Do you dare to dream? To achieve anything in life…to accomplish any goal or to manifest any dream…you must be willing to imagine yourself doing, achieving, having… How do you begin? Just answer one question: What if? When you visualize the answer or allow your thoughts to revolve around the possibilities, magic happens. Your mind […]

Do You Have Ideas?

do you have lots of ideas?

Once upon a time, I had no ideas. Or so I thought. Now, I overflow with ideas every day. How about you? Do you have ideas? It’s wonderful to have ideas, especially ones that inspire you and that line up with your purpose and your passion—and your business. But what if you don’t have ideas? […]

Monday Inspiration: Let In Mother Nature’s Love

Inspirational video and prompt

In my last post, I wrote about how you can feel God’s love any day, but especially on Valentine’s Day if you are lonely or alone. If you are not a spiritual person, however, that idea, and the meditation I provided, may not have filled the void for you. Here’s another way: Feel Mother Nature’s […]

Experience Divine Love When You Aren’t In Love

god's love in coud

For many people, Valentine’s Day and the period leading up to it represent a lonely time. The holiday can be a sad day filled with grief over lost love or disappointment over the lack of a romantic partner. You don’t have to suffer if you aren’t in love on Valentine’s Day or if you don’t […]

Monday Inspiration: How to Make the Most of Your Life

Inspirational video and prompt

Death may not seem an inspiring thought. However, if we focus our life on fulfilling our potential and purpose by the time our life is over, we see that each day offers a unique opportunity. And we go through ilfe with a unique consciousness that causes us to make the most of each moment. This […]