You are a creator, so why aren't you creating what you want? 

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Nina Amir,
The Inspiration to Creation Coach, Certified High Performance Coach, Intuitive Coach, LOA Coach, and bestselling author.

Maybe you already realize that you are a powerful creator, but you can't figure out why you create so much of what you don't want in your life rather than what you do want.

And the things you know you really want . . . the ones you are inspired to create and that feel "on purpose" for you . . . they remain on the back burner while you take care of the pots boiling over on the front burners, right?

Inspiration doesn't seem to be enough to get you to creation, does it?

I'll let you in on a little secret: Inspiration is not enough.

Neither is passion or purpose, even though you need both to feel inspired.

So how do you get from the light bulb moment—when inspiration hits—to the actual creation of that idea? How do you move from inspiration to creation?


You get out of your own way.

The fact that you are reading this means you probably are well aware that your thoughts, mindsets, beliefs, and habits are blocking your efforts to be a creator. You may not realize, however, that who you are being has to change.

Right now, you are not being a creator.

Creation takes more than spiritual growth, but most "manifestation" systems focus on this alone. To become a powerful creator, you also need to focus on personal growth. The combination of these two—personal and spiritual growth—move you closer to your dreams faster than you imagine possible.

If you want to create something on the outside—in your life, career, or environment—you have to create on the inside, first. You have to create a new identity replete with new thoughts, mindsets, beliefs, habits, and ways of relating to and showing up in the world.

If nothing changes . . . if you don't change, imagine what you will have created in 3, 6, or 12 months. Will you have created anything at all?

But if something changes...if you change...what then? Imagine what becomes possible in 3, 6, or 12 months? What amazing thing might you have created?

It's time to make some changes, is it not?

Start creating what you want.

To access your creative power, you must intentionally choose to BE the person who can DO the things necessary to HAVE what you want.

Then . . . and only then . . .  can you create the "things" AND the life you want.

So, who do you need to BE to Do the things necessary to HAVE what you want to create?

You might already be thinking: My old way of being in this world no longer serves me.

And that conclusion is correct.

If you are to achieve your potential, fulfill your purpose, make a difference, and create the life you were meant to live . . . in this lifetime . . . you need to become the type of person who has clarity, follows inner guidance, contributes, and takes bold action, right?

Your soul calls to you: "Now! Now is the time!"

It's crucial at this moment to remember who you are.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You possess a spark of Divinity that gives you a creative ability.

You are an enormously powerful creator.

You are meant to create and, in the process, make a difference. You possess unique gifts to contribute, and you came into this lifetime to do something extraordinary.

Remember that.

And listen to your soul.

Take inspired action to fulfill your purpose.

Inspiration is the result of purpose and passion coming together like a flint and steel. It's the spark that lights the tinder, but, to become a fire, it must be fanned into a flame by motivation.

Inspiration can be fleeting—like a spark disappearing into the night sky. Motivation is often hard to muster and sustain. It requires stamina and fuel. And without it, inspiration becomes a wisp of smoke disappearing into the ethers...forgotten.

Inspiration is possibility, and, when acted on by motivation, it becomes reality. Why? Because motivation pushes you to take bold action on your inspiration. In the process, you develop the ability to achieve your dream and fulfill your purpose.

Do you know what you want to create? What is it you really, really, really want to create? (If you don't know, personal and spiritual growth programs help you find clarity.)

Books, paintings, ballets, or songs?
Better relationships with your family?
The time to enjoy friends and hobbies?
A career that uses your gifts?
More happiness?
A transformative movement, coaching program, or cause?
A life that feeds your soul?

Does your idea arise from a clear sense of purpose and passion? If so, great! If not, you need clarity on both what you want to create and why. (Again, this is found from immersion in personal and spiritual growth programs.)

Next, you need to do the internal work that allows you to achieve your potential. Each step you take toward being a powerful creator is one step closer to inspired creation. (How do you do the internal work? You guessed it . . . by growing personally and spiritually.)

And when you get an inspired result . . . when you create something . . . you fulfill your purpose. Maybe you realize this, but your soul seeded that idea in your head and guided you to take inspired action and bring it into the world specifically to help you fulfill your purpose.


Take consistent steps to achieve your potential and fulfill your purpose. Become a powerful creator.

The Inspired Creator Community is where creators gather.

If you are like me, you're happiest and most excited when you are around like-minded and growth-oriented people. Oh . . . those conversations! Ah . . .the feeling of being with your soul family!

Community is so important to your ability to thrive, is it not? 

If you want to be a creator, then you need to connect with other creators. These people are the ones who "get" you and support your efforts to find deeper meaning in your life and reach for your dreams.

That's one of the reasons I created the Inspired Creator Community. I want to be surrounded by my soul family and spend time discussing topics close to my heart, like human potential, metaphysics, habit formation, ancient wisdom, intuition, spiritual guidance, creative thought, personal development, and purpose.

If you've been longing for such a soul family, if you thrive on these types of conversations, I'd like to invite you to join me and your soul family in the Inspired Creator Community.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to eliminate your inner obstacles and tap into your powerful ability to create.
  • You have a deep inner calling to show up big, contribute meaningfully, or make a difference.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You want to create transformation in yourself and the world.
  • You understand that you are a creator, but you can’t seem to manifest anything.
  • You are interested in ancient wisdom, spiritual tools, intuition, and metaphysical concepts.
  • You want to step into your best self.
  • You want to access your creative power.
  • You want to fulfill your soul purpose.
  • You want to transform your empty life into one that is meaning-full, purpose-full, and spirit-full.
  • You want to use your words to create.
  • You want to tap into your passion and purpose, and get inspired results.

You want to develop your ability to go from inspiration to creation.
You want to become an inspired creator.


Combine your purpose and passion. Become inspired. Let your soul guide you to the next inspired action.
Take it, and achieve inspired results.

Here's what you receive as an
Inspired Creator Community member

Personal Growth

Certified High Performance Coaching: Personal development leads to personal growth, which allows you to achieve your potential—personally, spiritually, and professionally. No matter what you want to accomplish in life, the biggest obstacles you have to overcome are your habits and mindsets. Change your behaviors and thoughts, and you get out of your own way.

The Inspired Creator Community offers you a world-class personal development program. Certified High Performance Coaching is a science-backed, results-oriented, proven curriculum that focuses on empowering questions, development of supportive habits, creation of a success mindset, and use of specific outcome-based tools to help you explore all the ways you can consistently reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. When you increase your level of performance, you feel more confident, joyous, and enthusiastic, as well as more purposeful and fulfilled.

Those who participate in Certified High Performance Coaching—including Olympic athletes, politicians, Fortune 50 CEOs, musicians (like Usher and his team), and celebrities and influencers (like Oprah and her team)—predictably achieve higher levels of:

  • happiness
  • confidence
  • education
  • excellence
  • life satisfaction
  • interpersonal relationships
  • work quality
  • career impact
  • income
  • contribution

The High Performance Institute—the same organization that gave me the designation of Certified High Performance Coach® (CHPC) in 2015—tracked 37,603 sessions delivered by Certified High Performance Coaches in 173 countries. The study revealed that the average client satisfaction rating for Certified High Performance Coaching was 9.6 out of 10—the highest score ever recorded for any multi-month coaching program.

Members of the Inspired Creator Community gain access to all 48 Certified High Performance Coaching sessions currently available--Core, Charge, Declarations, and Leadership. (On 9/13/21, members begin the Declarations sessions.)

Spiritual Growth

Inspired Results Coaching/Training: If you are a seeker—someone focused on increasing your spiritual expression, understanding, and connecting to the Divine Universal Energy—you need personal growth as well as spiritual growth. Your habits and mindsets are the only things stopping you from feeling divinely guided, accessing new spiritual realms, tapping into your intution, and expressing the spiritual part of yourself that is housed in your physical body.

When you get out of your own way, you can apply what you learn about spiritual practice and expression effectively. You can use your Higher Self, Intution and spiritual GPS to navigate through life. You can achieve your true human potential and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

I’ve distilled what I’ve learned from 30 years of spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical study and a variety of spiritual certifications into the Inspired Results Coaching program, which is only available to Inspired Creator Community members.

I have a different perspective about what is required to create what you want—whether that is better relationships, a connection with the Divine, more money, a new career, or a fully lived life. And I have seen these principles and methods help my clients use their spiritual GPS to transform their empty lives into meaning-full, purpose-full, and spirit-full ones.

The Inspired Creator Community offers you the distillation of my knowledge, experience, and insights, as well as those of some of the top spiritual growth experts. Inspired Results Coaching features a variety of frameworks and processes related to spiritual growth. In the Inspired Creator Community, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into:

  • The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation Framework
  • The Inspired Results Equation
  • The Sacred Story Process
  • Tapping
  • Ritual Creation
  • Morning Routines
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Breathwork
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Human Design
  • Spiritual tools
  • And much, much more...

In addition to the information I offer, Inspired Creator Community members will be privy to interviews I conduct with other spiritual experts.

If you feel you are at a crossroads but don’t know which way to turn, it's time to gain the clarity, energy, and courage necessary to make a decision and take inspired action.

Right now, you may not see how to become the creator of a life filled with meaning, purpose, and soul connection. Yet, you feel certain that it's time to find yourself and your path. 

Discover how to use your purpose and spiritual guidance as a GPS to direct you to your destination.

Join the Inspired Creator Community (ICC) and give yourself access to the essential tools necessary to achieve your potential, fulfill your purpose, and create your desires.


Follow a creation map. Tap into your soul purpose. Be the person who can heed that calling.
Combine thought and feeling as you visualize your soul's desire. Take aligned and inspired action.

It’s time to create.

Of course, you could continue on as you have—same old grind, keeping things status quo, doing meaningless tasks, and living up to other people’s expectations. You could keep on creating what you don't want rather than what you do want. You could continue watching the pots on the front burners while leaving the your life's work burning on a back burner.

If you do so, what will your life look like a year or more from now? What will have changed? What regrets will you have?

That life might feel easier right now. But consider that your current life is likely to feel more uncomfortable and increase your unhappiness as time goes on because it’s not enough.

Your soul longs for something more . . .

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue getting the same empty results you’ve gotten in the past. Plus, you’ll live with the sense that you could have been more and done more. You’ll never feel as if you achieved your potential or fulfilled your purpose—nothing will be enough or fill the emptiness. You’ll feel as if you failed.

And you’ll be stuck living an empty life…a life lacking in meaning and purpose, misaligned with your best self, disconnected from Divine Guidance, lacking the opportunity to make a difference, feeling powerless, and without the ability to thrive in a profound, soulful way.

But that doesn’t have to be you or your life.

Instead, imagine waking up every day energized and with eyes sparkling as you anticipate what you will create. Feel the comfort and satisfaction you receive as you go through your day feeling spiritually guided and taking  bold, inspired actions. See yourself passionate and motivated as you leave the busy work behind and focus on doing your life's work—using your knowledge, skills, and gifts to make a difference in your unique way. Visualize the deep, joyous, and loving relationships you have with your family and friends. Imagine yourself feeling vibrant and energetic, living with ease and grace. And see yourself ending the day, aligned, happy, and fulfilled, living the life of your dreams, and thriving on all levels.

That could be your life…really, it could.

It's time to create that life, is it not?

Start creating now.

Become a Member of the Inspired Creator Community (ICC).

Why work with me?

I'm Nina Amir, and I’m in a unique position to offer you both a personal and spiritual growth program focused on creation. Let me tell you why.

I’m a transformational intuitive coach. 

I'm one of approximately 800 Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world. I’m considered a senior coach for this world-class personal growth program, since I was certified in 2015.

Plus, I’m a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, trained Voice Dialogue facilitator, certified rebirther, and ordained minister.

I minored in psychology in college.

I'm a seeker who has studied spirituality, mysticism, intuition, Kabbalah, and metaphysics. I also have developed spiritual frameworks, eBooks, and coaching and training programs related to these topics.

And words are my superpower. I have a degree in magazine journalism, am a nonfiction book editor, run three blogs, and published 21 books. I am well aware of the creative power of words--spoken and written, and I bring this focus to my coaching as well to my writing.

There’s more…an entire story…about how I created a full life sure to leave me without regrets. Read more about me here.

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Nina Amir — Inspiration to Creation Coach

All that info about me is less important, though, than the results you’ll achieve as a member of the Inspired Creator Community. The personal and spiritual growth programs you gain access to will give you the habits and mindsets needed to succeed in every life arena—personally, spiritually, and professionally, which includes as a writer and author.

The Inspired Creator Community is one of the few programs that combines personal growth—Certified High Performance Coaching—and spiritual growth—Inspired Results Coaching—in one program.

This unique combination of coaching programs offers a powerful transformational tool that allows you to become a creator.

Become an Inspired Creator.

Program Details

The Inspired Creator Community is an ongoing monthly membership program.

As an Inspired Creator Community member, every month, you receive 4 live sessions and 1 (recorded) training plus related handouts. The live sessions are recorded, so you can watch the replays.

  • 2 LIVE personal growth coaching sessions—Certified High Performance Coaching—with related handouts.
  • 1 spiritual growth training—Inspired Results Training—with a corresponding handout.
  • 1 LIVE Group Inspired Results Coaching session—during which you can get your personal and spiritual growth coaching questions answered and participate in discussions.
  • [For writers and entrepreneurs] 1 LIVE Group Author Coaching Session—during which you can get your writing, blogging, audience building, and publishing questions answered and participate in discussions; plus receive a monthly resource guide.

Certified High Performance Coaching sessions are held bi-weekly on the first and third Monday of the month from 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time.* (Check your time zone here.)

The monthly Inspired Results Training is released on the second Monday of the month at 6 a.m. Pacific Time.* (Check your time zone here.)

Inspired Results Coaching sessions take place on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 12 p.m. Pacific Time.* (Check your time zone here.)

[For writers and entrepreneurs] Author Coaching sessions take place on the second Wednesday of the month at 12 p.m. Pacific Time.* (Check your time zone here.)

*Subject to change. 

Become a powerful Creator.

If you hired me as your one-on-one Certified High Performance Coach®, two sessions per month would require a $1,000 investment.

If you hired me for private Inspired Results training and coaching, one session per month would require a $350 investment.

And if you hired me for private Law of Attraction Coaching, one session per month would require a $350 investment

That means your private, one-on-one personal and spiritual program could cost $1,700 per month—without the Inspired Results Training, the bonus eBooks, and programs.

But as a Member of the Inspired Creator Community, you invest a fraction of that amount—just $197 per month and receive all of this every month.


Connecting to Earth Meditation Audio Download — Rachel Pfotenhauer harnesses the Earth's energy to provide emotional and physical healing. She is an energetic healer, counselor, psychic, Theta and BodyIntuitive practitioner, and Earth Channel. This 24-minute meditation, normally included in a larger healing package, is designed to help you connect to Earth's energy. As you do so, you will heal and release fear as well as grow a deep relationship with her. (Value $20)

Affirmations for Prosperity Audio Download — If you want to boost your ability to create prosperity, these two MP3, created by master manifestor Burge Lyons-Smith, will do the trick! The first recording offers you a short explanation of how to create prosperity and the second offers more than 10 minutes of affirmations to help reprogram your mind so you develop a prosperous mindset and more easily attract money and abundance into your life. Additionally, you will receive a four-video course--one per day--to help you create more abundance in your life. The first 2 videos are introductions and the last 2 are instructional, so get pen and paper ready! (Value $150)

The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation eBook and workbook (PDF) — travel through the four Kabbalistic worlds of creation to help you manifest your desires while also learning how to become a receiver and a giver, thereby developing a connection with the Ultimate Creator and tapping into the Divine flow. Designed with short, easy-to-understand chapters, this booklet and accompanying workbook include tips, tools and meditations for creating what you want and need on the physical and spiritual planes. (Value $9)

Navigating the Narrow Bridge eBook (PDF) —6.3 million American have some specific fear. If you feel immobilized by fear, this book offers tools for moving freely, confidently and joyously through life and towards your goals and desires. Discover 7 steps drawn from metaphysical and spiritual principles and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman to help you move from where you are to where you want to be despite your fear. Learn to live with faith, courage and the joy that comes from see the miracle of life itself. The goal of this short book is to help you move freely, confidently and joyously through life and towards your fullest potential. (Value $1)

Planting Seeds of Change…and Watching them Grow eBook (PDF)— Only one out of five people who make a resolution or set a goal will actually reach their goal or create the change they desire. It takes awareness, time and attention to refocus our energy, learn new habits and create a fertile environment where our dreams can be planted and nurtured so they grow and come into full bloom. Learn how to actively engage in the organic process of change. Usually change happens much like a seed growing into a plant — slowly, over time, with lots of care and attention. In an easy, four-step process, this booklet teaches you how to pull the weeds that can take over your dream garden and make it hard for the seeds you plant to flourish, how to provide fertile ground for you to plant the seed of change you desire and how to nurture the seedlings into ripe fruit you can experience fully — and enjoy! (Value $3)

Fighting Fair Video Mini-Course

  • Do you feel like you and your partner are arguing all of the time?
  • Is one of you yelling or storming off before you can even wrap your head around what you are fighting about?
  • Are you tired of feeling bad and drained because of poor communication in your marriage?

This 6-video mini-course, Fighting Fair, will set you up with strategies you can use right now to keep your disagreements from becoming all-out battles. Discover how to manage conflict and fight fairly, so you can focus on solutions to the problems right in front of you and get back to being supportive, loving, and happy. Learn how to move from being opponents to truly being partners. Together, Dr. Robert Wilford and Sarah Ferman, LMFT, creators of Couples Success, bring 20+ years working as psychotherapists to their work with couples, and their strategies are proven to get results fast! (Value $97)

The Living Fully Challenge — a 12-month home-study course (delivered monthly) to help you live a full life. You’ve only got one life - invest in living it … to the fullest extent possible. (Value $120)

Leveraging Uncertainty: How To Grow When You Don't Know - A Crash Course with Karen Stone, MSW, LCC—We all experience uncertainty at one point or another in our lives. Some of us experience it more than once…sometimes more often than we’d care to admit. Karen Stone is the queen of uncertainty or what she calls the “Don’t Knows” and teaches, trains, and coaches others on how to leverage uncertainty. During this two-part mini-course, you will learn that uncertainty doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It can be an exciting opportunity for growth. Jam-packed with useful advice and information, this interview will teach you:

  • How to identify a Don’t-Know experience
  • The difference between a Don’t Know experience, being in transition, and change
  • Several tips for tackling the Don’t Knows
  • How the Don’t Knows relate to the Law of Attraction
  • How to approach uncertainty as an exciting adventure

(Value: $97)

Value = $791

PLUS . . . Bonuses for transformational writers:

  • The FULL - 7 years - Nonfiction Writers' University archive ($26,000+ value)
  • Author Training 101-104 ($588 Value)
  • The Easy-Schmeasy Book Proposal Template ($15 value)
  • How to Build Engaged Platforms and Communities — workbook, audio, and transcript ($67 value)
  • Using the Internet to Build Your Platform One Article at a Time eBook ($10 value)
  • What's an Author's Platform and How do You Build One? Special Report ($9.95 value)
  • How to Blog a Book Audio course ($24.99 value)
  • How to Write a Short Book FAST! Home Study Course ($49 value)
  • High Performance Writer Home Study Course ($59 value)
  • 10 eBooks:
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Writing & Publishing Articles ($2.99 value)
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Writing a Book in 30 Days ($2.99 value)
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Creativity & Flow ($2.99 value)
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Building Author Platform ($2.99)
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Virtual Book Tours ($2.99 value)
    The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to a Writing Habit ($2.99 value)
    Demystifying the Nonfiction Book Proposal ($2.99 value)
    Authorpreneur: How to Build a Business Around Your book ($2.99 value)
    Blogging Basics for Authors ($2.99 value)
    How to Create - and Achieve - Your Goals: A Guide to Making This Your Most Productive Year Ever! ($2.99 value)

Bonus Total Value: $27,644


Nina Amir’s Inspired Creator Community stands out from its competitors. The program offers the rigorous performance coaching typically offered to corporate business leaders along with resources and information tailored to the needs of creative entrepreneurs and authors. Nina deepens this instruction by sharing the lessons of her own spiritual journey, and encouraging you to pursue yours.

The serious, committed creators Nina brought together expanded my thinking. Her coaching on being authentically visible led me to co-create a mind-body writing course with a friend of 40 years. I heartily recommend Nina Amir’s group programs and individual coaching.

— Barbara Ruth Saunders, Writer and Writing Coach

"Nina is a clear structured skillful teacher who does an effective job in:

a) helping you identify obstacles - thoughts, behaviors, emotions, habits, mindsets - thwarting your full flowering.

b) providing solution-based videos, worksheets, group calls, individual laser coaching, and audio/video recordings.

Are you the ‘you' you want to be? A salient question for me, I had to say 'no' before working with Nina. That’s changed; I am the person I want to be now. If your answer is ‘no', check out the Inspired Creator Community.”

— Katherine Morris

"During the pandemic, I found myself with two options: binging Netflix or getting down to work and writing. I couldn’t seem to focus and motivate myself to write. Nina and her Inspired Creator Community program helped me understand why I wanted to write and gave me the tools and guidance to do it. I am more passionate about writing today than I ever have been.”

— Christos Kaitatzis

I am so glad I joined Nina Amir's Inspired Creator Community (ICC). In just a few short weeks, it has helped me take action on goals that have languished for years. I now understand what I need to do and am actually moving forward. Very exciting!

The spiritual part of ICC has re-ignited my purpose and inspired me to take bold action to light the path for others who long to express their inspired worldview. This awareness has empowered me to move forward on a project (writing a book proposal) that previously scared the **** out of me.

The way ICC is put together serves me well, and Nina is an excellent guide and mentor. She lets us know that she is dealing with the same kind of issues in her own life.

— Jerry Levin, Sylvania, OH

What makes the Inspired Creator Community unique and powerful is the spiritual growth aspect coupled with personal growth. I really enjoyed having weekly coaching sessions and conversations that helped me see exactly where I was with my own growth process. Talking through things with Nina and the other members helped me see my true self more clearly. Not to mention that it was fun! I hardly ever get to have those types of conversations with others, so talking through the spiritual growth topics was super helpful and a great time to boot. I'd say the value is truly in those deeper conversations; there aren't a whole lot of places where those deep conversations are taking place. And I think the more we have them, the better the world can truly be. When I joined, I was looking for a space to go deeper and not only did I get that, but I got inspired to create more spaces like this as well! This program has been a truly energizing way to spend my time.

— Natisha Willis, Imposter Syndrome Release Coach,

Join the Inspired Creator Community today!

Cost: $197 per month

You can cancel your Inspired Creator Community membership at any time to stop further monthly payments. Refunds are not given after payment processes; you may attend live sessions and access the archive until the end of your membership term.

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