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Let's tap into spiritual guidance together.
I'd be honored to assist you in receiving the messages and information you seek.

Sometimes it seems difficult to receive...let alone understand...spiritual guidance. Often we stand in our own way and block the messags or the wisdom coming through. Or we just feel too close to the circumstances of our lives to gain perspective on what we are meant to learn or do next.

That's when an intuitive reading is helpful.

A reading allows someone else to tap into your energy and guidance system and give you clear and objective feedback. Then, you can decide how to use that information.

Some intuitives, psychics, or mediums only provide the spiritual messages they receive for you. I do that, AND I offer you my services as a transformational coach. That means that I help you unpack the messages you receive during the session and get out of your human way so you can take action on them.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. The only reason you need or want an intuitive reading is because your human self stands in the way of receiving and acting on the spiritual guidance you receive. And you feel called to receive, understand, and act on such guidance.

I typically use a number of tools during readings, including Tarot or oracle cards, pendulum, Akashic information, and intuition. I also ask powerful questions to coach you to a deeper understanding and reach deeper levels of spiritual guidance.

The combination of reading and coaching allows you to receive AND understand AND act on the guidance your soul and guides want to give you.

Why Choose Me?

There are lots of "readers" to choose from, so why choose me? I offer my ability to read people, receive intuitive messages, and coach your human self in a way that allows you to act on the guidance you receive.

Along with my study of psychology and personal growth, I also am a student of metaphysics and Kabbalah. I’ve taken what I learned about conscious creation, or deliberate creation—often called the Law of Attraction, and created my own unique take on human potential and the art of manifesting dreams and desires. In my transformational coaching work with clients, I also apply my certifications in High Performance Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, and rebirthing to help you overcome limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and unsupportive behaviors.

I’m a strong believer in the creative ability of our thoughts, especially when used consciously in conjunction with feelings, words, and actions. Therefore, my work is based upon these teachings. Using my own unique technologies, such as my Kabbalistic Conscious Creation Framework and my Sacred Text process, I work with individual clients or groups to uncover why they are here, what stops them from becoming their best selves, how to tap into their innate creativity, and how to live to their highest potential as they manifest their most inspired lives.

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As an intuitive, transformational coach, my work focuses on helping you step into the unique, powerful, Creator you came here in this lifetime to be. It's not about relying on me but stepping into your own ability to access spiritual guidance and boldly act upon it.

I've been doing intuitive readings and Tarot reading since 1986. I used to offer them at large events, like the Whole Life Expo. Then, my life took a different path, and for many years I didn't tell anyone about this gift. But in 2023, I felt guided to begin doing readings again.

You can learn more about me here.

If you are ready to explore spiritual messages from your guides or Higher Self, I'd love to help you receive and decipher them.
Just click on the button below to get started.

Intuitive Reading: $77

1 60-minute Session (plus recording)

I recently had an incredible session with Nina. She is truly a gifted intuitive tarot card reader. Her ability to tap into my energy and provide insightful guidance left me amazed.

From the moment we started the session, it was clear that she possessed a deep understanding of the tarot cards and their meanings.

Nina’s interpretations were spot-on, and her guidance felt incredibly relevant to my life's journey. Not only did she provide clarity and guidance, but she also offered a warm and welcoming environment, making the experience even more enjoyable.

I highly recommend Nina's services to anyone seeking profound insights and a friendly, intuitive approach. Thank you for the wonderful session!

Kim Yancey

I recently had an amazing experience with an intuitive reading/coaching session with Nina. The insights provided were profound and insightful, guiding me through personal goals/challenges with clarity and compassion.

I didn’t know what to expect and was greatly surprised how Nina’s  intuitive reading ability to tune into my energy and provide meaningful guidance was truly remarkable. I left the session feeling empowered, inspired, and with a renewed sense of direction.

I highly recommend this intuitive reader for anyone seeking clarity and guidance on their life path.

Renee Hensley

I sat with Nina for an intuitive card reading. Her presence is so calming, I instantly felt at ease.

The cards she pulled for me, and the questions she posed, were beautifully aligned with where I am and what I needed to know.

I laughed, I cried, I got present to some tender truths and I’ll definitely see her again.

Kyle Hollingsworth

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