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Nina Amir is an entertaining, witty, informative, and educational speaker suitable for any corporate or organizational event. She draws on her background in psychology, human potential, high performance, self-improvement, spirituality, metaphysics, and personal growth, as well as in the world of publishing and blogging, to motivate her audiences to Achieve More Inspired Results. She helps those who hear her speak find their purpose, their passion and their inspiration—the source of their creativity and drive—so they create lives that feed their souls.

Some of the publishing-related topics she speak about include:

  • how to be an author of change
  • changing your status from aspiring to published author
  • how to write a short book fast
  • boosting business with a book, a blog or both
  • how to blog a book or book a blog
  • how to blog your way to a book deal
  • how to get an author attitude
  • how to write books that sell

She also speaks on a variety of topics related to self-improvement, human potential, personal growth, spiritual growth, and high performance, including:

  • finding your soul purpose
  • combining your passion and purpose so you achieve inspired results
  • moving through fear
  • becoming an author of change in your life and the world
  • moving from inspiration to creation
  • living a life that feeds your soul
  • living without regret
  • removing the only obstacle between you and success
  • the power of thought and word

Nina can cater a talk or workshop to your organization's needs. She offers both short talks (30 minutes-1.5 hours) and workshops of varying lengths.

To find out where I'm speaking or have spoken, click here.

See my speaker's one-sheet here.

To book a speaking engagement, call 408-353-1943 or email Nina at nina@ninaamir.com

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