All writers need a little support. As I've worked on gathering the best expert sources for Write Nonfiction in November, and as I've networked with other writers and writing-related professionals at conferences, I've begun gathering together a list of the best resources for writers. I list them here to provide a bit of extra support for those who need it. I hope you find these resources as helpful as have I.

Please check the Write Nonfiction in November website as well for resources. There a few listed there that may not have made this list.

If the resource has an asterisk (*) after it or says "Please tell him/her I sent you," this means I have either an affiliate account with the company or some sort of referral agreement. I would, however, not send you to any company or person I do not use or trust.

How to Find an Agent or Publisher

Directory of Literary Agents

Plug and Use Proposal

Get a Six Figure Book Advance* (Link goes to a webinar sign up for Speak in Sound Bites: 5 Surefire Strategies to Get More Clients,Customers, and Sales, and Become a Media Darling)

Nina's Easy Schmeasy Book Proposal Template (A word document with notations made in track changes; to use, save as a new doc, add your content, and delete track changes.)

How to Become an Expert and Build Platform

Build your author's platform by letting the media know you're an expert in your subject area!

Sign up for ExpertClick* by clicking on this code: and SAVE $100.

WordPress Websites

Linda Lee (Please tell her I sent you.)

Email Marketing

How to Publish Your Book

Book Design Templates

Quickly and easily create beautiful books and eBooks, without all of those newbie mistakes, right in MS Word. Click here to find out more

Self-Publishing Info

Carla King at

eBook Distribution 


Write and Publish with Fast Pencil*

National Writer's Union

American Society of Journalists and Authors

National Association of Memoir Writers

Writer's Marketplace: Authorlink - A Random House Affiliate Site

Guide to Magazine Guidelines

Big Guide to Guidelines

Writers Digest Magazine

101 Writer's Sites  

American Book Publishing (link does not work)

Get Known Now (link does not work)

Book Publicity

Free Video: How to Live a Life that Feeds Your Soul

Free Soul-Alignment Session

Do you:

  • know you can be or do more?
  • dream of living a more fulfilling life?
  • wish you could feel more spiritually connected?
  • want to make a bigger difference?

Let's chat about how to get you from where you are to where you want to go.


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