Create Inspired Results Challenge

Results. They can seem illusive, right?

Yet, you get results all the time even if you don’t realize it or recognize them. Plus, sometimes you create unwanted results and don’t acknowledge they are, indeed, results.

You’d like to know how to get the results you desire, would you not?

You might want business, relationship, financial, or health results. Perhaps you would like to see results from your meditation practice, your use of a planner, or your positive thinking. Or you want to achieve results from the cost-cutting strategies you’ve implemented, the counseling you and your significant other have started, or your new diet or exercise plan.

You might not think you want “results” in every situation, but whether you realize it or not, that’s what you want. All of us, all the time, seek results, and these come in many forms—better sleep, less stress, more income, feeling loved, improved communication, weight loss, a tasty meal, or time off.

With enough focus, work, and consistency, you are highly likely to get results. However, you can achieve “inspired results.” And when you know how to do that, you will produce results more quickly, and the time and effort you exert won’t feel like work.

I’ve been talking about and teaching people how to get inspired results for years. My own experience and that of my clients’ has proven repeatedly that a simple formula—the Inspired Results Formula—produces results quickly.

In the past, I’ve only taught this formula to the members of my Inspired Creator Community. But next week, I’ll be sharing it publicly and at no cost during my 5-day Create Inspired Results Challenge.

If you’d like to get results…inspired results…join the challenge. Learn how to create the results you desire…the ones that will move you toward achievement of your goals and dreams.

Here are the challenge details:

  • August 23-26 from 10-11 am Pacific Time (including 30 minutes of Q&A)
  • August 27 – from 10-11:30 am Pacific Time (including 60 minutes of Q&A)

Challenge Schedule

Day 1 - Purpose

Discover what is it, how to find it, and why it’s important.

Day 2 - Passion

Find out how to uncover it, feel it, and put it to use.

Day 3 - Inspiration

Get the steps to spark inspiration at will.

Day 4 - Inspired Action

Learn when to act on your inspiration and why inspired action is the most powerful action you can take.

Day 5 - Inspired Results

Put the formula to use to get results that matter and create what you desire.

Those results you covet…you can create them. You just need to put a simple formula to use. Then, you will create results…inspired results…consistently.

If you are ready to become a powerful creator—an inspired creator—who gets powerful results, click the link below to register for the 5-day Create Inspired Results Challenge.

Wondering about your next steps?

1. Watch for an email with Zoom login information. Only those who register for the event can attend on Zoom and get their questions answered by me LIVE.

2. Put the challenge dates on your calendar so you can attend live.

3. Join my new Facebook group—Transform NOW! The challenge will be streamed live to this group so you can watch it later, if you can’t attend live. Plus, I will be going live in this group one or twice per month with personal and spiritual growth tips and tools that really work…yes, really. If you have a strong desire to grow and change and the strategies you’ve used in the past haven’t work or stuck for very long, this group is for you!

I hope to see you live during the challenge.

Until then, go Achieve More Inspired Results!

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