The Inspired Leader Challenge

You may already realize that there are lots of types of leaders, but have you considered that everyone is a leader...even you?

Mother and fathers, authors, pastors, classroom parents, public speakers, bloggers, teachers, school board members, volunteers at shelters, Boy or Girl Scout leaders ...and so many other types of people are leaders.

Right now, the world needs you to step up and into a leadership role. Look around... We need leaders more than ever!

Currently, you might only be leading your family, church committee, writers' group, or a few employees, but you are serving as a leader.

It's time to lead more intentionally...more consciously, is it not? It's time to allow your inspiration to lead you toward the special way only you can lead.

I know you feel the calling.

Possibly, you'd like to become an online influencer or thought leader. Perhaps you'd like to become an author and lead your readers. Maybe you'd like to make a difference in the world in your unique way by starting and leading a movement or cause.

Plain and simple, you were born to lead—even if, for you, leadership simply means showing your children the way to fulfill their potential, encouraging others to take better care of the earth, or moving those you meet toward a happier perspective on life.

Imagine that nothing stops you from really making a positive and meaningful difference...

If anything was possible, what type of leader would you be? How and what would you lead? Who would you lead? What legacy would you leave? What difference would you make?

Let your inspiration guide you. Allow your soul to lead you forward...

Then, step into Inspired Leadership. Become an Inspired Leader.

You can begin this transformational journey by joining my 3-day Inspired Leader Challenge.

Here are the challenge details:

  • February 28 from 10-11 am Mountain Standard Time (including 30 minutes of Q&A)
  • March 1 from 10-11 am Mountain Standard Time (including 30 minutes of Q&A)
  • March 2 from 9-10 am Mountain Standard Time (including 30 minutes of Q&A)
    Convert to your zone here.

Challenge Schedule

Day 1 - Your Inspired Leader Role

Discover your definition of leadership, how you already lead, and why the world neads you to consciously and intentionally step into a leadership role now.

Day 2 - Your Inspired Leader Vision

Envision what, how, and who you'd like to lead. Allow your passion, inspiration, and soul to guide you toward your unique way to make a positive and meaningful difference.

Day 3 - Your Inspired Leader Impact

Determine how you can take even a small, personal cause or movement and scale it so you have a greater impact.

If you are ready to become an Inspired Leader register below for the 3-day Inspired Leader Challenge.

Wondering about your next steps?

1. Watch for an email with Zoom login information. Only those who register for the event can attend on Zoom and get their questions answered by me LIVE.

2. Put the challenge dates on your calendar so you can attend live.

3. Join my new Facebook group—Transform NOW! The challenge will be streamed live to this group so you can watch it later, if you can’t attend live. Plus, I go live in this group a few times each month with personal and spiritual growth tips and tools that really work…AND live Inspired Results coaching. (Yes, really...all free!) If you have a strong desire to grow and change, and the strategies you’ve used in the past haven’t work or stuck for very long, this group is for you!

I hope to see you live during the challenge.

Until then, go Achieve More Inspired Results!

Free Video: How to Live a Life that Feeds Your Soul

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