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Do you know why writers start...but don’t finish...
most write-a-book-in-a-month challenges? They quit.


Nina Amir, 12-time bestselling author, Author and Blog Coach, and Certified High Performance Coach.

That’s right . . . they give up.

Now, if you ask one of these writers for their explanation, they typically don’t use those exact words. (After all, no one likes to think of themself as a quitter.)

Instead, they say:

“I didn’t have time.”
“Life got in the way.”
“I had commitments and responsibilities.”
“I had writers’ block.”
“I got too far behind.”
“I shouldn’t have ever started…”
“I had too many distractions.”

Let’s be honest… These are excuses used to cover up the fact that these writers got partially through the 30-day writing event and then, for whatever “reason,” quit.

You don’t want to make excuses.

No…you want to START and FINISH the Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) Challenge. You’re looking forward to typing “The End” and feeling the thrill of accomplishment.

I bet you can see and feel that book in your hands…the book you started on November 1 and finished before December 1.

You want to take the challenge and meet it successfully.

And you can do just that. All you need are the mindsets, habits, and strategies used by those who complete a 30-day writing challenge like WNFIN.

If you’re wondering how’ll you’ll acquire them—and get them fast enough to help you start…and finish…the WNFIN Challenge strong, I’ve got just the thing for you!


You can listen to nine recorded sessions with successfully published authors who offer you their best tips and strategies for writing a book fast.

But these are not just authors…they also are Certified High Performance Coaches. That means they know how to focus, follow through, be uber productive, avoid distractions, and write boldly and enthusiastically NO MATTER WHAT.

They know how to get to “done.”

That could be you, too…if you attend the WNFIN Summit.

Learn from some of the highest performing writers…

Jillian Robinson, Author, Certified High Performance Coach
Wayne Pernell, Author, Certified High Performance Coach
Cory Fawcett, Author, Certified High Performance Coach, General Surgeon, Financial Expert
Kevin Dubrosky, Author, Certified High Performance Coach
Michael Alf, Author, Certified High Performance Coach, Internet Expert
Emily Letran, Author, Certified High Performance Coach, Dentist, CEO
Gary Wilbers, Author, Certified High Performance Coach
Brendon Lundberg, Author, Certified High Performance Coach, President & CEO, Chronic Pain Expert
Nina Amir, Author, Certified High Performance Coach, Author and Blog Coach

And, guess what? Even though the Summit was recorded last year,  you can still listen to the interviews!

Take your time listening to the WNFIN Summit sessions—
and revisit them any time you like. You will have Lifetime Access.

Lifetime access to the WNFIN Summit recordings allows you to listen at your leisure…over and over again.

I can assure you that each WNFIN Summit session is chock full of powerful secrets to writing success…ones you can use any time to ensure you start and finish your nonfiction projects—not just during the WNFIN Challenge.

Click the button below to gain lifetime access to the valuable tips and strategies for writing success.

I know you want to succeed at the WNFIN Challenge…or at any attempt you make to write a book quickly. You want to achieve your dream of becoming a prolific and published nonfiction writer.

And you can achieve that dream…

Grab your Lifetime Pass to the WNFIN Summit now!

NFWU Masters Members receive the Lifetime access as a bonus with membership!

Learn from some of the highest performing writers… Then go out and CRUSH IT during the WNFIN Challenge or any time you want to write a book (or an article, essay, or blog post) quickly.

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