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Nina Amir, 16-time Amazon bestselling hybrid author, Author Coach, and Certified High Performance Coach®

Do you want to become a successful nonfiction writer or author?

Do you want to write books, articles, essays, and blog posts that make a difference in the lives of your readers?

Do you want to get paid to share your ideas with the world?

Do you want to build a business around your book or blog?

And do you also want to find one program—not 10 individual programs—to help you accomplish those goals?

No worries!

The Nonfiction Writers’ University will give you the education you need to succeed as a nonfiction writer—no matter what type of writing you want to do.

And your investment today is only $1* — Sound good?

(After your one-month trial ends, the cost to remain a member and continue taking advantage of everything the Nonfiction Writers’ University has to offer is only $47 per month. Imagine what you’d pay if you had to purchase programs from numerous experts to get this same education…it would cost you thousands of dollars!)

I know…finding the answer to all your questions and the training for all the ways you’d like to write nonfiction can feel overwhelming. After all, you can produce so many types of work—essays, books, blog posts, articles, and even content for businesses. You might even want to build a business around your book or a blog.

Even if you only want to become a nonfiction author, there’s so much to learn and do. You have to know how to write a book that will sell, publish your work, build author platform, and promote your book after launch.

Where do you learn to do all these things?

Where do you turn for trusted advice about how to succeed as a nonfiction writer?

The Nonfiction Writers’ University.

Forget about finding multiple teachers or coaches to receive a complete nonfiction writing education or learn how to succeed as a nonfiction writer.

You only need to join one educational program…and you can do that today FOR JUST $1 (for the first month).*


I know what it's like.

You spend hours, days, weeks searching the Internet for answers to all the questions you have...

Should you self-publish or go the traditional route? When should you start blogging? How do you build an audience? Do you need an editor for your manuscript? What's an author platform?! How do you structure an article, send a query to a magazine, conduct an interview, or start writing professionally?

OMG. It’s enough to make you stick to writing only in your journal.

That's why I started the Nonfiction Writers' University—so writers like you can get the answers you need, with the coaching, support and community to help you achieve your writing goals.

And you receive training not just from me—and Author Coach, Certified High Performance Coach®, a 16-time Amazon bestselling author of 21 books, and a hybrid author who has published traditionally and in a variety of self-published formats—but from experts in every type and aspect of nonfiction writing and publishing.

The Nonfiction Writers’ University house an immense archive of information—more than five years’ worth of educational events, assignments and challenges, and coaching sessions—and new content is added monthly. However, it’s foundation curriculum lies in my Author Training 101 through 104 program.

Here’s what’s included in this all-encompassing and comprehensive program:

Author Training 101: Craft Books that Sell
Transform yourself from aspiring or published author to successful author by completing a business plan for your book and career. Learn to write marketable books with a higher likelihood of selling. Plus, explore the ways to publish—self, traditional, and hybrid—and how to use mind mapping for all types of book-related projects. This module is based on The Author Training Manual and includes a book proposal template and sample proposals. ($297 value)

Author Training 102: Write Your Bestselling Book Fast!
Learn how to get a long (or short) book written faster than you thought possible. To become a successful writer, you need to learn how to churn out books quickly—one every year or two at the very least! This module includes nonfiction book templates, workbooks, interviews, resources, and a workbook. Additionally, you receive a month’s worth of tips to help you become a high-performance writer. ($297 value)

Author Training 103: Develop Your Platform and Promotion Plan
Successful authorship requires a plan to build author platform and promote your book sooner rather than later. Learn how to create an author brand—and why you need one, blog to build platform and promote your books, build visibility and authority online, and attract a community of engaged fans and followers ready to purchase your book upon release. ($297 value)

Author Training 104: Build a Business Around Your Books
Most authors do not make a living from book sales alone, and nonfiction writers are uniquely suited to monetize their books in a variety of ways. Discover the ways you can build a business around your books (and your blog), including as a coach or consultant, by selling online courses, by becoming a speaker, and offering teleseminars and webinars. You can write your book with a monetization strategy in mind or turn an existing book into multiple streams of income. ($297 value)

This entire program sells for $997. You receive it as part of our Nonfiction Writers’ University memberships and get access immediately when you join for the $1 trial month.

But that’s not all you receive as a Nonfiction Writers’ University member. Take a look at what else becomes available to you immediately...

As a NFWU member, you get access to:

  • A monthly group coaching session (Office Hours) with Nina Amir, during which you’ll be able to get your questions answered or issues addressed. ($200+ value each)
  • A private Facebook page where you can ask questions and connect with other members. ($47 value per month)
  • The Author Training 101-104 course ($988 if purchased separately)
  • The FULL archive—7 years—of coaching calls, events, and assignments ($300 per month value)
  • A ton of bonuses, including:
    • The Easy-Schmeasy Book Proposal Template ($15 value)
    • How to Blog a Book Audio course ($24.99 value)
    • The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Writing & Publishing Articles ($2.99 value)
    • The Write Nonfiction Now Guide to Writing a Book in 30 Days ($2.99 value)
    • The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to Creativity & Flow ($2.99 value)
    • The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to Building Author Platform ($2.99 value)
    • The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to a Writing Habit ($2.99 value)
    • Demystifying the Nonfiction Book Proposal eBook ($2.99 value)
    • Authorpreneur eBook ($2.99 value)
    • A library of training videos
    • And more…

    That's $308 of value monthly JUST in new programming...for only $47 per month.
    Add in the Author Training 101-104 program, archives, and bonuses, that’s more than $25,000 in additional value immediately available when you invest $1* now.
    (And only $47 per month after your 30-day trial ends.)

If you've ever wanted to invest in Author Coaching but couldn't afford the investment, the Nonfiction Writers' University provides the affordable solution you seek.

No commitment...

For your $1* investment, you'll have complete access to my very best course—Author Training 101 through 104—PLUS all of the NFWU content past, present, and future for 30 days.

* After the initial $1 30-day trial, membership renews automatically at $47.00 each month but can be cancelled simply and at any time (membership will remain active and you will continue to have access to the NFWU content until the end of the billing period in which you cancel). You can cancel easily from your membership profile on the "Your Account" page. No refunds will be issued after the end of your trial period. Please ensure that if you wish to cancel, you do so in sufficient time before the end of your trial. So long as membership is cancelled before the end of the trial or billing period, you won't be billed beyond the billing period or month in which you cancel.

Are you ready to become a successful nonfiction writer?

Join NFWU today for just $1* - cancel anytime!

What members are saying...

I can't tell you how much you've done or thank you enough for moving me forward with my book-writing process. I have learned so much that I know is not available to most writers and benefited both in my inner approach to my writing and the number of skills I've accumulated during my time in the NFWU and working with you. I'm much more confident that my book proposal will sell to a publisher now as well. And it's all because of my work with you.

-- Peggy Day

barbara-parishI am a nonfiction writer with questions about writing and publishing. In my search for answers I follow Nina Amir, author, coach, speaker, and blogger. I joined Nina's online Nonfiction Writers University, which connected me to a wealth of reference material, Nina's webinars, and coaching calls. For me, Nina is like my personal safety net, I can travel my writing path knowing that Nina will keep me focused and informed.  Nina has a sincere dedication to assisting writers by poking the thought process of each student, waking their desire and courage to step forward into Author Status.

-- Barbara Parish, Artist, Teacher, Writer
Women Artist of the West, Signature Member

carroll-bishopI was a beginning writer, a newbie, looking for direction in the ways of the world for writers. I was introduced to Nina Amir, founder and teacher/coach of Nonfiction Writer’s University. I joined and have grown tremendously from the valuable and expert assistance I received from Nina.

Because of my membership in the NFWU, I am encouraged and gaining abilities that will help me be a successful author.

-- Carroll Bishop, M.Ed.
Co-Founder Sombra de Sus Alas/Shadow of His Wings

eric_thomasAs writers, we don't always understand that it takes more than just writing to achieve success. You need more, a lot more. Nina Amir and her Nonfiction Writers' University are the
more you need. The monthly group coaching call with her is invaluable and my favorite.

My NFWU membership has increased my productivity, improved my focus, and put me on the path to success. If you're serious about becoming an author, make the investment in yourself, and take advantage of this incredible resource.

-- Eric Thomas

Are you still wondering if you should join the Nonfiction Writers’ University?

Here are five additional really good reasons to join today...

Reason #1: To pursue a career as a nonfiction writer

Reason #2: To take your nonfiction writing career to the next-level

Reason #3: To successfully publish a nonfiction book

Reason #4: To make the jump from fiction to nonfiction writing

Reason #5: To ensure your needs are met

Here’s the thing: Nonfiction writers are special...

Most writing-related websites, support groups, conferences, and events focus primarily on FICTION…

But NONFICTION writers have different needs, concerns, and goals than their fiction writing counterparts.

Maybe you want to:

  • build a business around your writing
  • be viewed as an industry thought-leader or authority
  • use writing as a platform to launch a speaking, consulting, or coaching career
  • learn to write articles or essays for publications
  • blog your way to expert status and authorship (or a book)
  • earn your living from your writing
  • write a book that will sell - and do it fast

The Nonfiction Writers University addresses these and other nonfiction-focused needs. While some of the members write fiction as well as nonfiction, we focus on one thing and one thing only: successful nonfiction writing and authorship.

It’s time you invested in your career...and dream, is it not? You...and your writing...are worth it.

How would your life change if you could realize your dream of becoming a successful nonfiction writer and author? Imagine the difference such a transformation would make in your personal and professional life…

Would it increase your number of clients or income? Would it make you a sought-after thought leader and speaker, thus giving you opportunities to speak at conferences and on stages around the world? Would it help you contribute in the way you desire? Would it help you impact the lives of a certain group of people? Would it help you leave a legacy of service?

Imagine writing consistently, building an audience of avid fans, publishing your work, and making a positive and meaningful difference with your words...

See yourself holding magazines that feature your articles or your book...the one you've been dreaming of writing and publishing for years. Visualize reading the emails, blog comments, and reviews telling you what a difference your work has made in people's lives. Think about getting out of bed each morning knowing you get to write today...and you have the tools and strategies necessary to get your work in readers' hands.

See the people you care about and respect congratulating you on your accomplishments as a writer. Envision knowing you had fulfilled your purpose...and moved closer to achieving your potential.

What's that worth to you? Everything, right?

If you’re ready to make sure your nonfiction writing career takes off, your writing has an impact on readers, and you become a successful nonfiction writer and author, join me in The Nonfiction Writers’ University.

When you become a member, you gain access to 60+ interviews with such experts as:


Gwen Hernandez

Scrivener Expert and Author of Scrivener for Dummies


Carla King

Self-Publishing Expert and Author of Self-Pub Bootcamp


Frances Caballo

Social Media Expert and Author of Social Media Just for Writers


Jane Friedman

Digital and Print Publishing Expert and Former Publisher of Writer’s Digest Books


Kristen Joy

Publishing Expert and Author of the Author’s Quick Guide Series


D’vorah Lansky

The Book Marketing Wizard


Roger Parker

Book Coach and Author of Design to Sell


Scott Smith

Creator of The Daily Boost Podcast and Motivation to Move

Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein

PowerPoint Expert and Author of Slide Design for Nondesigners

jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson

Speaking Expert and Author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

Linda Joy myers

Linda Joy Myers

Founder, Nat. Assoc. of Memoir Writers, Author, The Power of Memoir


Gordon Warnock

Literary Agent (Fuse Literary)

sandra beckwith

Sandra Beckwith

Book Marketing Expert

lou bortone

Lou Bortone

Video Marketing Expert

terry whalin

Terry Whalin

Author and Acquisitions Editor at Morgan James Publishing

peter bowerman

Peter Bowerman

Author (The Well-Fed Writer) and Professional Writer

Mary Jaksch

Mary Jaksch

Editorial director at and


Penny C. Sansevieri

Founder and CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., bestselling author, book marketing and media relations expert

mccroppedRaw 200 px only

Mark Coker

Founder of Smashwords, contributing columnist for Publishers Weekly, host of SMART AUTHOR podcast


Patty Lennon

Intuitive biz coach, author, founder of Crowdfund with Ease™ and Mom Gets A Life®

A Personal Invitation from Nina Amir...

DSC_3462-300x199My name is Nina Amir, and I’m a nonfiction writer and author. I’ve had articles published in more than 50 publications, and edited a small library’s-worth of nonfiction books (some of which have gone on to sell copies in the hundreds of thousands).

I’m also the author of 21 self-published books, including the Write Nonfiction NOW! series of guides, and three traditionally published books, How to Blog a Book (which was an Amazon bestseller for 3+ years), The Author Training Manual, and Creative Visualization for Writers (both of which were also Amazon bestsellers). In fact, I’ve produced 19 Amazon bestsellers and had six of my books on the same Top 100 list (Authorship) at the same time.

As a writer and reader, my passion is in nonfiction. I believe everyone in the world, including you, has something to teach and share in the written form. I believe, as a writer, you can make a positive and meaningful difference in readers’ lives…with your words.

I believe the world needs more nonfiction authors and that there are readers out there waiting…impatiently for you to publish your work so they can consume it and be impacted by it.

The Nonfiction Writer’s University is about you—the tools, resources, and commitment you need to share your message with the world.

And, it’s about me. I’m a nonfiction writer, too.

I look forward to seeing you in the Nonfiction Writers’ University and to helping you Achieve More Inspired Results, .


Are you ready to become a successful nonfiction writer?

Join NFWU today for just $1* - cancel anytime!

* After the initial $1 30-day trial, membership renews automatically at $47.00 each month but can be cancelled simply and at any time (membership will remain active and you will continue to have access to the NFWU content until the end of the billing period in which you cancel). You can cancel easily from your membership profile on the "Your Account" page. No refunds will be issued after the end of your trial period. Please ensure that if you wish to cancel, you do so in sufficient time before the end of your trial. So long as membership is cancelled before the end of the trial or billing period, you won't be billed beyond the billing period or month in which you cancel.

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