Monday Inspiration: Heal Old Relationships

Unhealed relationships make nasty open wounds. Stitch them, staple them, do whatever you have to do…just find a way to close them. Yes, you’ll be left with a scar—that’s OK—better to have the scar then to have the open wound. Open emotional wounds are dangerous. They make you vulnerable to infections of negativity, and negativity …

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Without your mom, you wouldn't exist.

Moms Rock…Even When They Don’t

Moms rock even when they don’t. Without them, none of us would be here. And that’s something to celebrate. It’s also a fact you can feel grateful about. You may not have a great relationship with your mother. Don’t let that stop you from honoring your mom on Mother’s Day—even if she has passed on. …

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Turning Anger into Forgiveness

Did you know that anger just covers your hurt? That’s right. So, when you feel angry, you really feel hurt, which means you usually need to forgive someone for something. Once you forgive, your anger will dissipate…and you’ll change–not only from feeling angry to feeling more peaceful but into someone a bit different. Your heart …

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