3 Reasons Why You Need to be a Visionary

visionaries can visualize their own futuresYou may not think of yourself as a visionary. However, you can be one. In fact, I bet you are one already. And your ability to see your future makes a massive difference in the results you achieve.

Most of the highest performers I know are visionaries. They use visualization as one of the tools to become their best selves and achieve personal and professional success. And they actively and deliberately see into the future—the future they desire.

Creative Visualization Makes You a Visionary

One of the first metaphysical books I ever read was Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. I immediately resonated with her message. She says you can create what you want in life by actively imagining what it is like to have that desire. A few years later, I learned about the Law of Attraction, and I saw the similarity in the teachings. (My book, Creative Visualization for Writers incorporates some of these teachings as well.)

As time went on, I wasn’t surprised to find many of my mentors and the people I respected, like Oprah, Brendon Burchard, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, referring to the importance of visualization. Most recently I’ve heard Brendon Burchard and Ethan Willis mention the need to visualize if you want to increase your level of success as well. This “woo-woo” practice wasn’t so out there after all.

Successful People Visualize

The majority of successful people use visualization as a tool for success and high performance. They spend time daily imagining their goals achieved, success attained, and desires made manifest. And they envision their future as they want it to be. When they then manifest that future, they become visionaries.

You may not even realize you’re visualizing on a regular basis. You might be sitting at your desks or couch and gazing out the window as your mind’s eye focuses on an idea or desire. You see that idea or desire brought to fruition.

As you imagine having what you want, your mind naturally backtracks to the steps involved in bringing that idea into the world. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, write a book, or creating the next popular app, you begin to get clear on what you did to get there. Like a visionary, you see yourself taking your next-best steps—and accomplishing your goals.

Visualization Works

Think of athletes. They, too, use visualization to help them reach their goals. Why? It works.

An Olympic swimmer, for instance, imagines herself on the platform ready to dive into the pool. Then she visualizes herself entering the water, stroking powerfully across the pool, touching the wall, turning perfectly, swimming toward the race completion—feeling tired and pushing through to generate a final burst of energy and touch the wall first. And she visualizes how she feels when she gets the gold medal.

Did you know that the body doesn’t even know the difference between the athlete’s vision and an actual swim practice? It doesn’t. The body fires off muscles and neurons in the same way whether the swimmer is in the water or sitting in a chair imaging herself swimming.

And the same goes for whatever you visualize. Your body responds to the vision, which helps you then go out into the world and make it real.

Become a Visionary in Your Life

You may think of visionaries as people who see into and predict the future. They imagine innovations, trends, and even downturns in markets. But you and I are visionaries, too. We can see into and predict—create—our futures.

The highest performers in the world know that if they can visualize having what they want, they can bring those dreams into reality. Yes, some might call this using the Law of Attraction. I call it becoming a visionary in your life.

Choose Your Vision

So what would your dream job, body, relationship, accomplishment, day, year, life, or home look and feel? Spend the next 30 minutes journaling about it.

As part of your journaling exercise, make a list of what you would have to do or what would need to happen to bring that vision to life.

Next, spend 5 to 30 minutes visualizing your dream come true. Participate in “active dreaming” and be a visionary…see into your future!

Don’t forget to put yourself into that dream, though. See yourself living the dream and allow yourself to experience what that would be like. Feel it as if it is real in this moment—just as the swimmer includes two she feels when she visualizes what it is like to swim the race.

Do that, and you’ve become a visionary by seeing—and creating—your future.

Are you a visionary in your own life? Tell me in a comment below.

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