Create Inspired Results: Become a Receiver

I hear lots of talk about the importance of giving or being a giver. However, it’s equally essential to be a good receiver.

If you close your hand into a fist, you have no way to accept the gifts offered or the abundance available to you.

If you’ve ever studied the Law of Attraction or deliberate creation, you’ve heard a lot about receiving but not as much about giving. However, giving and receiving exist on opposite ends of the same spectrum.

Giving to Get is a No-No

I prefer to think of them on a continuum. Giving and receiving operate in a circle of energy. When you give, energy flows around the circle to the point at which you receive…so you can give again…receive more…give again…and so on.

To create the ability and opportunities to receive, you have to be a giver. But you never want to give to get. That’s a no-no. And it’s not the way the universal energies works.

Your intention when giving must be pure. You want to give. Period.

Give unconditionally. And then focus on receiving—creating your desires—with the intention of sharing what you get with others. This mindset makes it possible to receive.

Receiving Can Feel Hard

Practice receiving, and notice when you close yourself off from receiving—when you don’t allow in what you desire.

Learn to be a receiverYou might find that it’s easier to give. Notice how it feels to give… Easy? Hard? Natural? Unnatural?

Then pay attention to what happens when you receive. Do you allow whatever comes your way in or do you shut it out? Does it feel uncomfortable or comfortable? Simple or difficult?

For many of us, receiving is much harder than giving.

Are You Open to Receiving?

Think about this: When you receive a compliment, do you deflect it? I have a habit of doing this. Somebody says, “Wow, that’s a nice sweater, ” and I say, “Oh, it’s super old” or, “I got it on sale.” I don’t allow in or acknowledge the compliment by saying, “Thank you.”

When somebody says to you, “I think you look great today” or, “You did a super job with that speech,” or “You did a fabulous job,” receive the compliment. Feel and express your gratitude for that gift.

To practice receiving, say “thank you” often. The energy of gratitude is a gift you give; therefore, it helps you receive. Why? When you thank someone, you give them a gift of appreciation. Your appreciation makes them feel good and appreciated in return for their compliment.
Imagine this, someone offers you a ride, to pay the bill or friendship. Instead of deflecting these gifts—“I don’t take charity.” “I insist on paying my share.” “I’m okay on my own.”—You say, “Thanks. That would be awesome.”

The Gift of Opportunity

Also, notice the opportunities given to you. Do you allow these in or turn them away? Is your response something like, “That job not the right choice for me,” “That event will cost too much and take up too much of my time,” or “That person isn’t worth my time.” Or do you say, “Wow! What an incredible position. Thanks!” “I’d love to go to that event and I’ll the time and money to get there,” or “It’s nice to meet you. I’d love to sit down and get to know you better.”

Maybe the door-closing conversation happens in your head. You tell yourself: “I don’t have time,” “That’s too hard,” or “I’m not good enough.”

And the opportunities go away…only to be accepted by someone with the ability to receive.

Become a Container

Don’t deflect opportunities with your words or mindset. Instead, practice receiving or letting them in. Learn to be a good receiver.

The universe wants you to be a container for all the good it has to offer, but you have to be able to receive and hold that goodness. That means you must practice receiving.

The Kabbalists say God or Source is the Giver, and we’re the receivers. Whatever desire we have, Source sends it to us, but we don’t always allow ourselves to receive it.

Keep an Open Mind

Sometimes what you desire doesn’t show up looking like you think it will. For this reason, you also have to develop the ability to see unique opportunities as desires fulfilled—even if they look a bit different than we expect.

Keep an open mind. Don’t reject what comes your way.

Remember: You must have clarity about what you want to receive. And then open…to whatever flows your way.

And don’t forget to be a giver! Function on the continuum of giving and receiving.

Every time you receive, shift back into the energy of giving. Think about how you can share what you desire with others. As you develop your desire, do so with the intention of giving.

Now how you get into the flow of giving and receiving. Once in the flow, your receptacle opens so it can fill.

Are you a good receiver?

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