Do You Allow Insurance to Increase Your Fear of Risks?

if you have a net--insurance--it's time to jumpDo you own insurance? You know…car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, long-term care insurance.

Insurance is a good thing. It gives you a warm, secure feelings, right? If something bad happens, you’re covered. It will be okay. You’ve prepared.

But here’s the thing about insurance: It places your focus on what you don’t want rather than on what you do want. When you purchase insurance, you focus on something bad happening…to your car, home, or health.

Do You Like Insurance?

I’m not advocating that you stop purchasing insurance. I have lots of insurance, and I’m glad I have it.

However, if you tend to focus on what you don’t want…and to try to protect yourself from the inevitable bad thing happening, you won’t ever take risks. And risks are necessary if you want to move forward in life personally or professionally.

Ask yourself this question: Do I like insurance?

What’s your answer? If you said, yes, then you are the type of person that wants to feel safe and secure.

That’s okay, but it won’t help you move toward your goals. It’s hard to get results when you stay in a situation that provides certainty.

Get Comfortable with Risk

For those who want or seek certainty and security, risk seems scary. Risk means there is a possibility of a negative result. Of course, there’s also a chance of a positive result. But your focus is probably on the negative future potentiality.

So you feel frightened, and you seek insurance. In this case, insurance is some form of safety net to catch you if things don’t turn out as you desire—if something bad happens.

There’s nothing wrong with having insurance in this case either. But once the insurance is in place, you must take the risk—at least if you want something to change.

The Problem with Insurance

Here’s the problem with insurance: Most people put insurance in place and then do everything possible not to ever need it.

To create positive change in your life—to grow, improve, learn, experience—and achieve the inspired results you desire, buy insurance, if you feel the need. Then allow yourself to take a risk.

Jump…knowing you’ve put a net in place to catch you if you fall.

Do you like insurance…and do you take risks?

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