Giving in Tough Economic Times

give something during the holidays--even a hugThe holiday season can be difficult for many reasons. Maybe you like to give but are experiencing tough economic times. It can feel quite frustrating to be unable to shower those you love with gifts or to offer charitable donations to the groups you care about. Yet, there are ways to give no matter you current economic situation.

I know people who think of themselves as a “charity cases” in need of donations rather than in a place to offer charitable donations to others in need. I admit that I’ve felt the need to hang on to every dollar because I believed I might need it.  Such mindsets  cause you to fail to reach into your pocket for a dollar or  spare change when you see a person begging on the street corner. Their outstretched hand causes you to think you could be on that same corner next week. You turn away clutching your wallet and thinking, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Focus on Lack Causes More Lack

This type of consciousness—lack consciousness—causes more lack. When you focus upon not having enough, inevitably you have less and less. The fear that you might become poor or lose even more money than you have already just makes you all the more afraid and that also causes you to feel and create more lack in your life.

Only in your focus on having enough do you open to receiving more of whatever you need—money, love, companionship, attention, or joy. And only in giving do you open to receiving. Indeed, by giving you tap into the flow that includes receiving; they exist on the same spectrum.

You can Give Without Money

Many ways to give exist in addition to sharing financially. And when you give in any manner, you increase your prosperity consciousness and your sense of having more than enough. Any type of giving helps you open  to receiving more in any form, and it allows you to give to others in a multitude of ways.

Consider giving in small ways, even if you can’t give in large ways. Here are some ideas:

  1. Give your “spare” change. Never spend your change on yourself; instead give this money away. A friend told me his father believed all his spare coins were meant to be tzeddakah, or for charity.
  2. Offer a smile or a word of encouragement to someone every day. Sometimes this means so much more than money. And it makes both you and the recipient feel better.
  3. Remember that you may have more than someone else, so give a little more than you think you can. Instead of simply saying you can’t “afford” to give, acknowledge that you do have money in the bank or in your pocket and share with someone who has none.
  4. Don’t question why someone needs money. If they ask, simply give. Even if all you give is 10 cents, give something.
  5. Give away the old things you don’t need. Your discards may be someone else’s treasure.
  6. Give of your time. That may be more valuable than any money.
  7. Give of yourself. That’s a true gift and will go further and last longer than anything else you can offer. If you want to make a difference, give of yourself.
  8. Give of your expertise. If you know something that helps others, give them the knowledge they seek.
  9. Give a free hug or offer someone you know a loving gesture.
  10. Lend a listening ear.

Can you suggest other ways to give that don’t entail spending money? Leave me a comment below.

photo credit: Street matt via photopin cc

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