How to Connect with What You Really Know

your ability to know--your knowingWe all have an internal “knowing.” You might call this intuition or gut instinct. Maybe you see it as messages from your Higher Self, God, guides, ancestors, or angels. The knowledge could come from any of these sources, but it’s not necessary to understand from where the information originates and how it arrives in your consciousness. It is essential to acknowledge that you receive these messages—that you have an innate ability to know.

Sometimes it feels scary to acknowledge this type of inner knowing. You may not believe it’s real or true. After all, you have no substance to back it up. It’s just a feeling…

Evidence for Your Knowing Exists

You probably do have evidence, though—evidence you have ignored, like the pain in your stomach, the impatient or contempuous attitude of your spouse, or your procrastination at work. Maybe you’re afraid to acknowledge what you know. You might feel strange admitting that you have a knowing you can’t explain. Or you don’t want to know that particular thing because it could lead to something unwanted.

For example, you might know your marriage is not working. You likely feel it every day and live with that knowing. But you ignore what you know. You don’t admit it to yourself because you are afraid to verify that your spouse no longer loves you. And you are scared of getting divorced and all the ramifications of that action.

Maybe you have a knowing about your job or career. You possess an internal sense that the position is not leading to your ultimate career goal. You know the job is not what you want, but you don’t acknowledge that fact because it feels difficult and scary to find a new job. And you have no guarantee of finding something better—or that pays enough. You also might ignore your knowing that your boss is unhappy with your work.

Or you have a feeling that something is wrong with your health. I’m not talking about hypochondria but a real sense that something isn’t right or that you are sick. You may even have an understanding of what is wrong and why you’re experiencing the symptoms. But you ignore all this knowing because being sick is scary. You don’t want a doctor to confirm what you know.

You Create Your Worst Fears

Here’s the funny thing about all of this: If you think you know something and try to ignore it, you just think about what you know more often. And, because your thoughts are trained on that thought, you create it—even if you don’t want it.

The universal energy brings it to you…in spades. That’s called the Law of Attraction.

It’s best to acknowledge what you know and deal with it head-on. Then you can also focus on the desired results based on the information.

Acknowledge what You Know

The key is to acknowledge what you know. The more often that you recognize what you know, the more often the little voice in your head or that bodily sensation that is trying to tell you something will speak to you. Your acknowledgment of what you know reinforces that you want the information. You then receive more messages and information.

Recently, I went to a naturopath for an indigestion issue. I’d been struggling with this health issue for several months, and really didn’t feel the need to go to a gastroenterologist, who would want to put a scope down my throat. I had a strong knowing about the issue…

I told the doctor, “I have this sense that this issue is related to stress and an issue I’m having with a relationship. It cropped up in a situation that involved stress and that person and didn’t go away—probably because I need to look at the stress in my life and my relationship.”

Naturopaths are mind, body, spirit-oriented, and she confirmed my knowing. She said, “If you feel that you know that is the cause, it likely is.”

Just acknowledging what I sensed and getting her feedback helped reduce my symptoms almost immediately.

Maybe you’ve had a job and sensed that maybe your boss planned to fire you…but you ignored that message. Then, you acted super surprised when the pink slip arrived, or you were called into his office. In truth, you knew it was coming…but wouldn’t admit it to yourself. Getting fired just confirmed the validity of your knowing.

Get Confirmation about Your Knowing

Sometimes that’s what you need—confirmation that what you think you know is true. You doubt your ability to know.

Recently I received a call from a close family member. She complained to me about the people with whom she works. “I don’t know why they were such jerks today,” she shared. “I did ___ and said ___, and then they all ignored me all day.” She wanted my feedback on the situation.

“Maybe you need to look at how you behaved, what you said, or the energy you brought to the encounter,” I said. Maybe it’s about you…not them.

“Oh, no, no, no. That wasn’t it. I handled it well. It’s just them.”

The more times I tried to help her look at the situation, the less she wanted to. Till I said, “Well then, I really don’t know how to help you.” This was her was a sign that maybe she needed to recalibrate her attitude.

After a brief pause, she said, “You’re right. I knew you were right. I knew that what you were saying was true…that it wasn’t really about them. It was about me and how I spoke and acted. I just didn’t want to admit it. I need to go apologize.”

She knew deep down inside what was wrong but didn’t want to admit it. Doing so necessitates doing something difficult and admitting she could have handled the situation better.

If you are blaming everyone or everything else, that’s a sign that the issue is likely inside you. You probably already know that…but you don’t want to admit it.

It’s the same for instance with your health. When you start talking about it being this or that, you know from where the problem stems. Admit it, and take the appropriate action.

Learn to Trust What You Know

So, how do you begin to trust what you know? Again, acknowledge that you know.

Get out a journal and write down three things that you know. I’m not talking about what you learned in high school or college. I don’t mean knowing it’s better to drink more water and eat more leafy greens.

I do mean your inner sense of knowing that might often whisper to you that you need to lose weight, you need a more fulfilling job, you would benefit from meditating, or something is not quite right with some part of your body—and you really should go to the doctor. The process of acknowledging what you know gives your unconscious mind or Higher Self the message that you have heard or noticed the message. That increases the flow of new messages.

Think about it. If you continuously speak to a friend who doesn’t listen or acknowledge what you are saying—or take action on your sage counsel—you’d eventually stop talking to that person. Right? The same goes for the messages coming your way from your Higher Self, God, spiritual guides, or intuition.

After you write down your three “knowings,” decide to take action on them. Choose one thing you will do this week to act on what you know. That action reinforces that you trust what you know and opens the floodgates to more messages flowing your way.

For the next five to seven days, record in your journal every inner knowing you notice. Use the same process above—write it down and decide to take action.

Additionally, find ways to prove that what you know is correct. Investigate! If that means going to a doctor, making an appointment with a therapist, hiring a coach, or talking with a friend or your boss, do it! Confirmation reinforces the confidence you have in your knowing and helps you stay aligned and connected—and take congruent actions.

Pay attention to what you know. Take action. Investigate. And tell me in a comment below what changes you experience in your life as a result.

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  1. I found this post very inspirational and very honest. Thank you Nina for posting something that deep down we all know is true.

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