How to Use Your Words to Create What You Want

manifest with your wordsLanguage is everything when you are trying to create what you want in life. If you grew up in a religious household, maybe you were taught “In the beginning was the word.” In the world of metaphysics and New Age, you likely were told to watch what you say because words are powerful creative tools.

It’s true. And that’s why today I want to talk about your words. In particular, I want to talk about how you speak and how it affects what you manifest in your life.

Pay attention to your language—how you say things. Of course, what you say stems from where you place your focus. So attention and speech go hand in hand.

Talk About What You Want

Typically, we are told to focus on and speak about what we want. It’s excellent advice, especially if it stops you from the habit of focusing on and talking about what you don’t want.

After all, the more you focus on and speak about what you don’t want, the more energy you put into whatever you don’t want. For instance, you may tell your friends often how you don’t want more bills, you don’t want to get the flu, you don’t want your husband to act that way, and you don’t want more problematic clients.

That puts your words to use creating more bills, the flu, your husband behaving that way…again, and a slew of crazy-making clients.

When you speak about what you do want, you focus both attention and language on what you want to create and bring into your life. You allow your words—with all their creative force—to help you manifest what you want.

Don’t Talk About What You Want

Let’s take this a step further. When you focus on what you want, which, again, is way better than focusing on what you don’t want, you continue to focus on lack. And lack is precisely what you don’t want to create!

Think about it… When you say, “I want to find my right livelihood—a job or career that suits my personality, passions, and skill set,” you are still focused on what you don’t have. Yes, the lack of right livelihood is not the focus of that statement, but behind the scene in your unconscious mind, your mind is registering I don’t yet have my right livelihood.”

If you say, “I want to earn $150,000 this year,” somewhere in your thoughts (which are made up of words), you are thinking or saying to yourself, “I don’t have an income of $150,000.”

You wouldn’t want these things if you already had them! You would bust out a new desire and focus on creating that.

Talk About What You are Creating

It’s a conundrum, right? So how do you use your focus and language to create what you want? Focus on what you are creating or have created.

I’m a fan of affirmations, but if you tell yourself, “I now earn $150,000 per year,” and you’ve been earning $25,000 per year, your mind has a hard time grabbing hold. It says, “No, you don’t. And, by the way, I’m not stupid. Tell me something true.”

Plus, these types of affirmations can make some people feel worse about their situation or themselves. After all, such a declaration, while positive and potentially powerful, reminds you that you don’t have what you want—you haven’t changed or done what’s necessary to manifest it.

But if you affirm, “I am now creating an income of $150,000 per year,” you mind responds differently. It says, “Okay, let’s do that! How are we going to do that? Let’s create some opportunities to do that and take action on them.” Your mind starts working on finding solutions to the problem as well as attracting to you ways to achieve this goal.

Use Your Words to Create What You Want

Speaking in this manner energizes you and increases your level of confidence. You begin to believe and behave in a way that reinforces the fact that you are, indeed, creating what you want.

Now you aren’t stuck in wanting. You are fully engaged in creating what you want.

That puts you, your attention, and your words in manifestation mode. And that’s a better place to be if you want to manifest anything.

Does your language support the creation of what you want?

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