In the Beginning There was Time

Shabbat ends ends and the week begins. It seems like time starts again.

We finish reading the Torah and we begin again with the first portion, the first words of Genesis: “In the beginning.” These thee words been translated many ways, but scholars seem to argue that the words tells us something about the creation not only of the world but of time. Some say, time must have existed before God created the world. Others say time began as the world was created…as creation began.

No matter, it seems each year as we begin rereading the Torah from the beginning again, as we read those three words again, time speeds up just a bit more. The hands on the clock move a bit faster each day. The days on the calendar pass just a bit more quickly. The months go by like days. And before I know it, we are reading the last portion of the Torah and beginning again.

Does a way exist for us to go back in time to a time when we had more time? That’s what I’d like to know. I surely don’t have enough of it any more. I don’t have time to sit in my tent waiting for visitors or to wander anywhere for 40 years let alone 40 minutes (not even on a walk).

If in the beginning there was time, I’d truly like to go back to the beginning.

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