The Best Way to Make Room for What You Desire in the New Year

Make space for your New Year desires

At the beginning of January, you dream about and take action toward whatever you want to create in the New Year—your New Year goals. You imagine all your desires fulfilled, but as the months pass, your frustration mounts because your desires remain unfulfilled. The reason is simple: you have not made room for anything new in your life.

Seriously, if you have not created space for your desires, they can’t enter your life. Even if you attract them, they will wait just outside…until you give them a place of their own.

Make Space for Something New

You can equate this idea to the shopping advice you may have heard. Take something out of your closet before you bring home a new piece of clothing. In other words, make space for it.

On a spiritual level, the Jewish mystical tradition, called Kabbalah, explains the world’s creation using the same premise. Before the beginning, what we now call God was everywhere and everything. When the Source of all felt the desire to create something besides itself, it contracted. This created a void—a space—into which it could place something new.

Only when there was space could Source create the universe. And only when you make a void in your life will your desires be fulfilled.

Clear Your Space

Begin making space for something new to enter your life by clearing away old and unnecessary stuff in your physical space. I talk about this in the Living Fully Challenge, and I am currently in the throws of this exercise.

As we prepared to move to New Mexico, my husband and I cleared out things in our home. Anything that we didn’t want, no longer served us, or we no longer needed, we donated, sold, or threw away. So, long before we get to your new home, we will have created a ton of space for our desires to manifest.

Plus, clearing space changes the energy of your home or office. So try it…get rid of just two or three bags of unneeded stuff or one piece of unwanted furniture. Then, see how you feel…and how your space feels.

And watch for the new things that appear as a result!

Clear Your Relationships

Relationships can pose a more challenging life arena to clean up, but doing so often makes the most significant difference in your ability to manifest your desires. Indeed, it can be hard to let go of relationships even if they no longer serve you.

Here’s a simple process to make this clearing task more manageable: Make a list of all the people you regularly interact with. Then circle the relationships that leave you feeling drained, upset, negative, or unhappy. These are the ones you need to clear away. At the very least, limit the amount of time you spend with these people and set boundaries with them.

You want to surround yourself with growth friends and relationships that help you step into your best self. Minimally, the people you spend your time with should make you feel happy.

Notice how free and joyful you feel when you reduce the number of relationships you have with people who drag you down. Then, watch for new people and opportunities to enter your life.

Clear Your Life

Last but not least, it’s imperative to look at your life—all areas of it—and determine what needs to be cleared out. For instance, do you have too many activities or responsibilities? Is your job unfulfilling? Perhaps the place you live is too small, too large or, in a part of the city that doesn’t feel good. Possibly, your eating and exercise habits don’t serve you.

Again, make an accounting of the parts of your life that need a little clearing. Then, make a plan for doing just that. For example, cut down on your activities and responsibilities. Find a more fulfilling job and a new place to live. Ditch those lousy diet and health habits.

Then, begin adding in new things that better serve you and help you live life fully. That’s how you fulfill your desires.

Keep What Serves You

What about the rest? Keep only that which serves your growth.

We are here to evolve. If the things, situations, or people in your life are keeping you stuck or in the past, it’s time to get rid of them. That’s your responsibility to yourself.

What you want to hold onto or add into your life—in the space you create—are those things that stretch you. These might be aspirations, dreams, or visions of the person you want to become or the life you want to live.

Keep anything that helps you feed your soul, achieve your potential, and fulfill your purpose. And if those things don’t exist in your life already, bring them in…or make them the desires you want to fulfill this year.

Keep What Brings You Joy

Last, clear out the things that make you unhappy, so you can make space for the things that bring you joy. Take author Marie Kondo’s advice: for every area of your life—and the items, situations, or relationships in that life arena, ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is “yes,” keep it. If your response is “no,”—or even “I don’t know”— let it go.

The best way to make room for what you desire in the New Year is to clear out the undesirable stuff. Make that your January resolution. Then watch what you attract this year and how many of your desires are fulfilled in the next 12 months.

What are of your life needs to be cleared out? Tell me in a comment below, and please share this post with a friend.
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