Mentoring Young Male Dancers

Want to become a professional male dancer or raise one?

Visit My Son Can Dance. This is the blog devoted to my experiences raising a son with aspirations of becoming a professional male dancer and mentoring young male dancers and their parents.

From purpose, passion and perseverance, inspired professionals flow forth in abundance.

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If you're a dancin' boy or parent, please join my My Son Can Dance Facebook Group for support and encouragement.

The Summer Dance Intensive Handbook

How to Choose the Best Program for Your Child and Help Your Dancer Get the Most Out of the Experience

Thousands of girls and boys attend summer dance intensives every year. Choosing the right one and preparing for it can prove a stressful experience for parents and dancers -- until the creation of this handbook. Prepared by the mother of a male dancer who has "been there and done that," including chaperoning her son in New York City during the prestigious American Ballet Theatre summer ballet intensive, this handbook offers practical advice for parents and dancers so they make the right choice, prepare appropriately, conduct themselves well, stay healthy, and learn as much as possible while enjoying themselves as well. You won't want to choose a summer intensive or send a dancer off for to a program without consulting this handbook first.

The Handbook includes chapters on:

  • How to Choose a Summer Dance Intensive Program
  • How to Register for a Summer Dance Intensive
  • What to Bring to a Summer Dance Intensive
  • How to Prepare for a Summer Dance Intensive
  • How to Stay Healthy and Strong During a Summer Dance Intensive
  • How Dancers Should Conduct Themselves During a Summer Dance Intensive

Bonus! One full chapter on "What to Consider When Attending the ABT Summer Dance Intensive in New York City."

This updated edition includes the author's experiences and her son's experiences as he went on to attend not only regional dance intensives and the ABT ballet intensive but also the School of American Ballet and San Francisco Ballet summer intensive. It also includes a brief discussion of how these programs can lead to year-round residential programs.

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