Monday Inspiration: Change Your Mind About Change

change provides varietyMost people don’t like change, but we all know it’s a constant—a fact of life. Since we can’t alter anything about change, we have to change our minds about change.

Typically, we think of change is hard, uncomfortable, and unwanted. It’s time to switch these beliefs. See change as exciting, easy, joyous, exciting, passion-filled, and life improving.

Certainty vs. Uncertainty

We all possess the need for certainty. It’s a human need. Change tends to bring with it uncertainty, so it makes us uncomfortable.

We also possess the human need for uncertainty. And we toggle between wanting the excitement of the new and unknown and the security of the comfortable and known.

Think about it, though; certainty makes life boring. We thrive on variety. On one level, we like things to change.

What Part of You Loves Variety?

To change your mind about change, get in touch with the part of you that enjoys variety—a new restaurant, television show, or pair of shoes. Connect with the part of you that likes to wonder, “What will happen next?”

In this state, you can’t wait to discover changes. (That’s why we like televisions series. Each one ends with a cliffhanger, and we are left waiting to see what develops in the next episode.) You aren’t thinking, “Oh no! What will happen next?” Instead, you say, “I can’t wait to see what will happen next—what’s going to change or happen.”

On a daily—or hourly—basis, you want the type of mindset that has you saying, “I can’t wait to see the changes coming!” That’s when you approach change with excitement rather than dread.

How to Change Your Mind About Change

Here are three ways to change your mind about change:

  1. Practice small changes daily. Approach your mental attitude about change as if it’s a muscle you have to develop. To change your mind about change, practice changing. Change something—even if it’s just your shoes, what you eat for breakfast, where you take your daily walk, or when you go to bed. Change something this week—and do it with excitement, enthusiasm, passion, joy, and a sense of wonder at the Domino effect created by the change.
  2. Approach unwanted or uncontrollable change with a positive attitude. If change has entered your life—like it or not—find a way to see the change as a good thing. For example, you might affirm, “Things always happen for my highest good.” Or say, “Change is easy. Change is good.”
  3. Approach change with excitement. You have the ability to choose how to respond to changes in your life. Choose to feel excited.

Change enhances life. So remember that when you meet your need for variety and insecurity in your life, you’ll live more fully on every level.

How does changing your mindset affect your ability to create change?

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