Monday Inspiration: Giving and Receiving

Inspirational toolsDid you know that receiving what you want has a lot to do with what you give to others?

If you want something, the best place to start is to figure out how you can give…anything…but, in particular, something related to what you want.

That may seem counterintuitive, but giving and receiving exist at two ends of the same spectrum. You have to do both to manifest what you desire.

The Cycle

Our life is a constant cycle of giving, receiving, giving, and receiving again.

Take money, for example.

I personally have struggled with feeling like I need money for me—feeling like I don’t want to share it because I need it.

I give money regularly to those asking at street corners and to charity or organizations helping during disasters, but not large amounts.

But I had a breakthrough with that lack mentality this year.

I realized that the whole purpose of wanting money is to be able to share it—to do good with it.

In my own family, I have kids with college loans. I have family members with financial struggles. There are people and organizations I would love to support financially in a big way…if I could.

When I began focusing on giving (rather than on an inability to give because I didn’t have enough), things changed.

I have been able to give to those people who really need that money, and I’ve done it willingly without thought of my own needs. And it has not caused lack in my life.

In fact, when I give, the money I need flows in…one way or another.

I have come to realize that we all want to give. We don’t want money just to have money or for survival. We want to have money so that we can act in a philanthropic manner and help others.

How Can You Give?

learn to giveLet’s go beyond money, though, because giving and receiving are part of every area of life.

I challenge you to think about how you can give. Find a way to give.

You may feel like you are one of those people who needs financial help. You may think you have nothing to give, but it’s not all about money or material things.

You can give in many, many ways that cost you little but energy.

Search your soul, and watch the people around you. Any gift  you have to offer, whether tangible or not, will put you in that cycle of giving and receiving.

Give your time, attention, and love. Give a poem, a picture, a free dinner, a flower you find by the side of the road.

The Caveat

Focusing on giving, and the getting will come.

But there is one caveat: You can’t give to get. You have to give unconditionally.

When you are in the flow of giving, the getting happens naturally.

As you start to give more, let me know about the incredible blessings that you receive.

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