Monday Inspiration: Heal Your Body with Your Thoughts

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Have you ever gotten a cold, the flu, or a persistent physical problem, like tendonitis or migraines? Have you had an accident, needed surgery, or developed a serious illness? And did you wonder, “Why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”

The answer could lie in your genetics, immune system health, or physical strength. You could chalk it up to bad luck, such as being seated on an airplane next to someone coughing and sneezing or tripping while walking down some stairs. But the reason you experienced a health or physical issue of any type also could—and probably does— lie in your thoughts.

Even though though this may seem like a woo-woo concept, many doctors acknowledge the mind-body connection. Books like Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body have helped this idea become more understandable mainstream and allow you to discover  the “why” behind your physical issues.

I’m not saying that exposure to germs, for example, doesn’t have an impact on your health. However, if your mind is trained on thoughts that “allow” those germs into your experience, then they will, indeed, make you sick. Or if there is a reason for you to experience sickness, such as to explore an issue in your life, you may experience an illness or accident.

I had a bike accident. I could have blamed it on my own stupidity. Instead, I looked at my injuries—broken and cracked teeth, road rash on my face, jaw issues, and bruises and scrapes in a variety of places—and uncovered how they related to my thoughts at the time of the accident. I was struggling with indecision and showing myself to the world in a new way. I made sense that I had broken a tooth, which represents the ability to decide, and injured my face, which represents what you show the world. I also was holding onto some emotional pain, and the facial injuries caused me to see the pain—and provided me with a way to try and show that pain to other.

My recent bout with a virus gave me reason to pause and ask myself why I was coughing, had laryngitis and suffered congestion. All of these symptoms related to a need to be heard and to speak my truth. Yes, a virus “caused” the illness, but my mind was focused on fears about a new program I had created getting seen and achieving my goals for the New Year. And I had some things I really needed to say, but I feared I wouldn’t get heard. No wonder I had no voice and coughed continuously!

My thoughts affected my experiences and my physical issues.

Today, take an accounting of your physical issues. Then explore the underlying thoughts that help create them. Use Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body if you need help.

Keep this in mind: Don’t blame yourself for bad health or physical issues. This exercise has nothing to do with pointing a finger at or placing blame on yourself. It has everything to do with understanding how your thoughts affect your reality—including your physical reality—and taking responsibility for any part your mind plays in your health and well being.

Have you experienced the mind-body connection? Tell me about it in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: Heal Your Body with Your Thoughts”

  1. Vikki Davis-Ellis

    Though I believe healing is improved and exhilarated by positive thought, I question the theory of negative thinling causes physical problems.

    After being in a serious car accident (hit by a drunk and thrown into on coming traffic) I suffered a broken pelvic bone, spurs on my back, my mouth partially cut off. I remember thinking, God is with me to go thru this. afterwards, I attended a bible study reading a book by a Jewish author titled “Why Bad Things Happen To Good People.” is thought was
    that Bad thing happen to everyone. And there is a God to comfort is and lead us to healing.

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