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You probably think of your car as only a means to get from place to place. Wrong. It’s much more. Your car sends you messages about your life and your body. To hear them, you need to learn how to listen to your car.

Just this month my car sent me two messages. The first one was that I wasn’t as aware of my energy usage as I should be. The second was that I needed to increase the amount of pressure I placed on myself to get some projects completed.

I also could have read these messages this way:

  • Make sure you don’t run out of energy.
  • You need to decrease the pressure you place on yourself to finish projects.
  • You need to breathe more deeply.

Read in this way, one message remains similar, but another is quite different.

How did a car send me these messages? A car sends you messages the same way as your body: It fails in some way or has a problem or challenge.

The message about energy usage came in the form of a gas gauge malfunction. Sometimes the gas gauge would indicate that I had more gasoline in the car’s tank than the day before despite the driving I had done. It would stay stuck at half or a quarter tank full. And then suddenly it would drop down to empty!

The message about the pressure came in the form of an alert on my dashboard that the tires or one tire had low pressure. Upon checking, I found one that looked a bit low, so I quickly went to Wheel Works (hoping I didn’t get a flat on the way). When a specialist checked the tires, he found that all four were one pound low on air pressure. When he filled the tires, the alert disappeared.

How did I hear these messages? I paid attention to the problems with my car and didn’t see them only as problems. I saw them as messages for me. I then interpreted them as best I could. And I took my car into the shop!

So, first, you have to listen to your car. To hear the messages from your vehicle, you have to be able to take a big-picture view of your body and your life as well as what’s happening when something goes wrong with your vehicle. Then, you need to trust your inner wisdom or intuition as you interpret the message.

In the case of the gas tank, I looked at how I’d been handling my days. In fact, since last June I’ve been running on high! However, I’ve also increased my sleep, changed some of my eating and work habits, and begun exercising regularly. So I have more energy than I did a year ago. And, this month I’ve got a ton going on and will be away from the office and from home most of the month. So, I need to pay attention to my energy levels to get through the month.

As for the tire pressure issue, I have been pushing really hard to get work done prior to being away from the office. And I know I need to make time to do the revisions on my new book and start on a new book proposal. I feel a lot of pressure right now! Yet, I’d not used my time as well as I could have. I’d slacked off a bit, and I knew that I needed to get focused and more productive fast. I needed to apply some pressure on myself while, at the same time, I needed to keep an eye on how well I was equipped to move forward. I needed the appropriate amount of pressure—not too much, not too little—to ensure I didn’t “go flat” before I reached my goals.

Your interpretation of the messages you get from your car are dependent upon your ability to see yourself and your life objectively.

Watch the video below to hear about the brakes going out in my old minivan if you want another example of how I have listened to the messages from my car.

And leave me a comment below if you’ve received messages from your car. Tell me how you interpreted the message.

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