Monday Inspiration: Make Decisions

make decisionsWhat do I want to wear today?

It is an innocent enough question and one most of us struggle with every morning with uninterrupted frequency.

In the two to five minutes it takes to actually make that decision, you squander valuable emotional, physical, and intellectual bandwidth.

It may not feel like that, but that’s the reality.

And that’s not even a small decision; it’s a miniscule one.

When it comes to decisions of greater significance, most people roll the options around in their head for hours or days at a time, futilely pondering which of the potential options is the right one.

In fact, they spend so much time thinking about the decision they never actually make one. Have you ever been there and done that?

Whatever was so worthy of a weekends’ contemplation gets pushed to the back burner by Monday, and completely forgotten come the following Friday. It gets lost—like so many brilliant ideas and fantastic opportunities—to indecision.

Indecision, which is a decision not to decide, does not serve you. It’s not okay.

As Tony Robbins, likes to say, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shape.” If you are not making any decisions, your not moving any closer to fulfilling your potential or living what could be your destiny.

Make Decisions Better

Starting today, get better at making decisions. (Don’t worry so much about making better decisions…just decide.)

Specifically, do the following three things to start being more effective and impactful in your decision making.

Stop Making Small Decisions

Life is littered with small decisions, and it’s your job to reduce the number of them.

What to make for dinner…

What to do at the gym…

What CD to listen to in the car…

These are decisions that don’t need to be made by you on a daily basis. Replace those decisions with routines.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, make a salad for dinner…

Every Saturday and Sunday, go run on the treadmill for 30 minutes at the gym…

Always listen to the Stuff You Should Know Podcast when you’re driving in the car to and from work…

Reduce your opportunity for insignificant choice and free up your mental bandwidth.

Learn to Love Uncertainty

Stop worrying about making the right decision.

Look, it is literally impossible to predict whether or not a decision will end up being the “right” one, so there’s no point in stressing over making the correct choice…

Just make a choice!

Will it be scary to just “let go” and trust the decision flow? Yes, at first, it will be terrifying.

But after a while, you’ll not only get used to the idea of making a decision, you’ll learn to love it.

You will discover your life is all the better for it. Each day will be less stressful and more carefree than the last.

You might even learn to love making decision.

Master the Power of Three

Admittedly, this is an idea borrowed from Tony Robbin’s but that means you know it’s good…

Break every moment or hour of your day into three pieces, each with a specific question to ask.

  • What do I want to focus on?
  • What does the moment mean to me?
  • What should I do?

If you’re out with a group of friends at lunch, ask yourself what you want to focus on—the people? The conversation? The food? The ambiance of the restaurant?

One of the options will naturally resonate with you—go with that one.

From there, what does this moment mean to me?

If you’ve decided to focus on the people at your lunch, reflect on what they mean to you and what their presence means to you. What do their words mean to you?

Finally, with focus and meaning defined, decide on an action. For example:

I’m going to devote my full attention to the conversation at this table. I don’t care what I order to eat, how good the service is, or what I have to do later in the afternoon—right now, in this moment, I am here fully focused on these individuals and what they have to say.

Deciding on an action is the most important element in this equation.

If you’re not willing to take action, nothing changes. Life continues uninterrupted on a flat plane with no room for an upward trend.

And life is too short to live like that.

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Aren’t you tired of not knowing what decision to make in any given situation?

There are so many decision to make every day. Do you struggle to gain clarity on each one so you courageously can make a decision and move forward with confidence…rather than fear that you made the wrong decision?

decideAnd do you often decide not to decide? Indecision runs your life.

That’s no way to create the life or future you desire.

Make 2017 the year you make decisions and direct your destiny.

Give me just one hour of your time…please….I’ll show you how to do that.

I promise you’ll come away with some new success tools and strategies and feel as if you’ve got someone in your corner.

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It’s your time…to achieve your potential and live fully.

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