Monday Inspiration: Stay On Purpose

don't lose focusIn the wake of the recent US Presidential Election, you might feel challenged to focus on work or anything at all. You just can’t seem to stay on task…or on purpose. Your mind keeps wandering or fixating on this one event and its ramifications.

Your focus challenge might derive from jubilation or dismay, but either feeling matters little.

What is important is that right now you feel unfocused and off purpose. You have a sense of I can’t do what I need to be doing or want to be doing right now.

And that’s a problem—a big one.

You cannot allow outside influences, be they people, situations, or events, to distract you from your higher purpose.

I’m not necessarily saying your purpose is a mandate from God or some divine power. I do believe it is mandated by your soul.

And now is the time to stay on purpose. Now is the time to share your unique gifts with the world. Now is the time to fulfill your soul’s purpose for you.

But you can’t do that if you are unfocused or if your attention is on things unrelated to your purpose.

Why You Need to Stay on Purpose

You may not think so, but, in fact, you can make a positive impact on the society in which you live. There’s something you can do…

But only if you stay on purpose.

Whether that “thing” is writing a book, starting a company, or spending quality-time with your children, it is your means of bringing light to the world. It’s your way of making a difference and sharing your unique gift.

Despite any recent local, national, or local events, nothing has changed in your day-to-day life.

Literally, nothing. Not yet.

Now, things may change down the road. (After all, change is inevitable.) But right now you can’t do much about that, so why give those potential changes any of your precious energy and focus?

Maybe your thing is to take action to ensure the changes you desire come to pass. Even then, you need to stay focused!

That’s why you need to dedicate your energy and focus to ensuring you fulfill your purpose—especially if that purpose is one that will affect the greater good of all.

You have the freedom—in spite of the swirling change in which we live—to do something special, something beautiful, something impactful. You can take action on your agenda—one that might also help others or the situations you feel might arise down the pike.

Start a blog or write for your local newspaper. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Help someone find a job at your company. Ask how you can support your local government or national representative. Reach out to those who feel marginalized, powerless, or afraid.

There are so many ways to bring light to the world.

But you can’t do that if you are unfocused. You can’t do that if your attention is not on fulfilling your purpose.

What is Your Purpose?

Remember what I recently wrote about purpose. It’s not necessarily about doing anything other than becoming your best self and a pure expression of Source Energy.

If you feel as if you don’t know your purpose, how can you be on purpose? No worries. Just work on being the best you possible. Be the light you feel the world needs.

Work on yourself. Enroll in a spiritual or personal development course. Commit to raising other people’s energy and mood.

But stay focused on this goal. Stay on purpose.

And realize your unique gifts are just that. They are not your soul purpose. They may, however, be how you express that purpose.

So also focus on your gifts—and giving them freely.

Put On Blinders

To stay on purpose, you have to wear blinders—at least for a short time.

Insulate yourself from everything that’s happening beyond your immediate life, and focus on your purpose. Manage your attention to the nth-degree, so you do your work (whatever it may be) and leave your mark.

If that means unplugging your modem, deleting the Facebook app on your phone, and turning off the TV, then do it…at least for a good bit of every day.

Do whatever it takes to create a bubble inside which you can only sit and work or find a way to serve. Be on purpose…your purpose.

To accomplish this, you have two jobs to do today and every day going forward.

Job #1

If you don’t know what your thing (gift) or purpose is already, sit down and think about how you’re going to leave a positive impact on your world. What is the thing you will do to put your purpose into action? How will you share your gifts?

Job #2

Create a game or action plan that specifically lists how you can go about enacting your purpose every day. For instance, “I will dedicate every Sunday afternoon from 1 PM to 4 PM to writing my book.” Or “I will spend every Friday volunteering at my congressman’s office.”

And what’s your plan for staying on purpose and not becoming unfocused and distracted again?

And don’t just do the two jobs above, commit to them with every fiber of your being.

Know your purpose and share your gifts it at all costs.

Take Off Your Blinders

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating that you stop paying attention to what is going on in the world. Not at all.

But you can have more impact in your life, the life of those around you, and in the world by curtailing the number of outside influences you allow in.

Take your blinders off once a day and find out what’s new. Watch the news. Listen to the radio. Stay informed.

Then put those blinders back on a focus on what you want to accomplish and how you can make a difference. Take action to ensure you fulfill your purpose and share your gifts, your light.

Remember—inspired results are the result of inspired action, and inspired action is the byproduct of passion and purpose. So stay on purpose every moment of every day.

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