Do You Believe There are No Accidents or Coincidences?

no coincidences or accidents

Early in my spiritual (albeit woo-woo) education, I was taught that accidents don’t exist. More than one teacher or author stressed this fact saying, “There are no accidents,” or “There are no coincidences.”

If I asked for an explanation, the reply was always the same: “Everything is happening as it is supposed to. There’s a reason for everything.”

On an intellectual level, I understood.

The “good” and “bad” or “positive” and “negative” things I experienced were not random. They happened to teach me, guide me towards, or make me aware of something as well as to push me to grow.

Or I attracted these things into my life. My thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions drew them toward me. I could see how cause and effect came into play.

From a larger perspective, I also understood that my soul called people, experiences, events, and circumstances into my experience to help me expand, do my life’s work, and reach my potential.

Nothing in my life was random. I understood this.

However, on a deep emotional level, I did not know this…until recently.

There are No Accidents

At the end of a recent hypnosis session, my hypnotist mentioned that, while I was deep in a subconscious state, she became aware of a shadow passing back and forth across her office window. She had a sense that this shadow was a shaman and teacher with whom she apprentices. I also know of him and his teachings. We both realized he was not physically present at her location but rather there energetically or “in spirit.”

Curious, she reached out to his wife and asked if, indeed, he had been present in some form during my session. The answer was, “Yes.”

Later, my ego became invested in knowing why he had been there during my session. I kept wondering, “Was he present at the session for my benefit or only for the hypnotist’s benefit? Or was it for both our benefit?”

So, I also reached out to his wife. “Why did he choose to be there…at that specific session…my session?” I asked.

The answer that came back was short and to the point. “There are no accidents.”

This was followed by, “There is more to perceive than the mind can conceive.”

Everything is Deliberate and Intentional

I got it…finally.

If there are no accidents, then this person “showing up” during my session was deliberate. Whether he was there for the hypnotist or me didn’t really matter—and I benefited either way.

Yes, my ego was appeased. I felt just a tad important…like the shaman had noticed me.

More importantly, I knew with total conviction that nothing in this life is coincidental. Everything is deliberate and happening for a reason.

I don’t have to understand the reason. Nor do I  have to understand how this shaman was there at the window when physically he was far away.

I only need to know that his presence there that day was no accident.

Change in Perspective

Knowing there are no accidents changes your view of what has happened or is happening in your life. It alters your perception of life’s events and circumstances. For me, it makes every experience feel divinely guided and aligned for my highest good.

For example, my first spiritual teacher and book editing client approached me about a week ago. He wanted to know if I would be interested in editing another book of his.

He said I had responded to a Facebook post asking for an editor. I do not recall ever doing that since I rarely edit books anymore, and the type of book he has written is not really in my wheelhouse.

I have fond recollections of him, though, and I’ve been focused on increasing my level of spiritual awareness. Additionally, I’ve recently become interested in the Akashic Records; he wrote a book on this topic, and I once attended a class he taught on the subject.

I could reason that him showing up in my life again at this time is a random event.” But now I know better!

The reconnection with this man is no accident or coincidence. It is a divinely guided and aligned event meant for my highest good.

Reasons Don’t Matter

I can try to deduce the reasons, but they really don’t matter.  That said, I know my mind—my ego—is invested in understanding the reason.

For instance, it says there’s a correspondence between this man asking me to edit his book and my desire to learn more about becoming spiritually actualized. He has always been a model of someone who is that already, and I will gain access to his wisdom as I edit his book.

I’m interested in learning to read the Akashic Records, and he can teach me. In fact, I asked if he would answer questions about this topic for me. He agreed.

I edited his first book without pay. Now, he is paying me well to edit this book. In fact, he didn’t flinch when I told him my rates. This work feels like a completion of something left incomplete years ago.

I’ve been looking for a way to increase my income. Editing was not on my radar. His is the second book—both in a genre that is not my area of expertise—to come my way. Both authors insisted I was the right person for the job, so I agreed to the work. As a result, I am considering offering editing services again.

Do I know if any of these reasons are why he showed up in my life again? No.

What I do know is that this man showed up for a reason. There are no accidents.

If I am meant to know the reason, it will become clear over time. In the meantime, I accept that this relationship and work is in some way aligned for my highest good at this moment.

A Divinely Conspiracy

When things happen in your life, understand that they are Divinely orchestrated. Is this fate? You could call it that; I don’t.

I call it a Divine conspiracy. Everything that happens is Creator/Source/God/Universe conspiring on my behalf.

No matter what happens, I am being asked to learn, grow, transform, and expand. I am being directed and guided toward the things that serve me and support the fulfillment of my purpose in this lifetime.

I see that everything in my life is happening for me, not to me. Nothing is random.

So, why did the shaman show up during my hypnosis session? I may never know for sure. However, that one event helped me finally get this one spiritual lesson: There are no accidents.

If you realize that there are no accidents—nothing is a coincidence—how does that change your perspective on life? Tell me in a comment. And please share this post with a friend who might find it inspiring and enlightening.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Believe There are No Accidents or Coincidences?”

  1. I for one do agree and believe that there are no such things as accidents. People, places and things are put into our life, at a precise moment, for a reason: To learn something, to help someone, someone to help us, for friendships/romantic relationships, either temporary or permanent and the list goes on and on. Everything that has happened in my life, be it positive or negative, I believe, was already in my life blueprint and was meant to happen at the precise time it occurred. I am very spiritual, and I believe in God, as well as the Universe. All things are connected and created to be as one force, working together for one purpose: Cycle of Life. Creation. Eternity. Birth. Death. Existence. I am 57 years old, and have actually started believing in this, whole-heartedly, around the age of 50. I questioned, researched, researched some more, still researching ….lol .. getting answers, wanting more answers, and have finally accepted that I will never get ALL my answers to all my questions. And that is ok, because as long as I am researching and asking I am learning.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I’ve been studying and learning and questioning for about 35 years…since my mid-20s. Questions are good…always…forever.

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