Why You Need to Pay Attention to Spiritual Guidance

Don't ignore spiritual guidance

Spiritual guidance comes in many forms. It could be an intuitive hit, a soft whisper in your ear, the word on a license plate, an oracle card you pull, a song on the radio, or a nagging feeling you should do something. No matter how it arrives, you need to pay attention to spiritual guidance. If you don’t, you may regret ignoring these critical messages.

I used to teach about what I called “the cosmic hailstone.” You may know that hailstones begin as raindrops and often fall to earth as tiny balls of ice after updrafts push them into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, where they freeze. However, hailstones can be carried up and down within a storm, accumulating layers of ice and growing in size before eventually falling to the ground. And if this happens enough times, the hailstones that drop to the earth can be large enough to damage cars.

When you ignore important spiritual guidance, it’s like sending a small hailstone back into the atmosphere. Basically, you are throwing that guidance back at your guides. (Your guides could be ancestors, astral beings, your Higher Self or soul, angels, or even God/Source.) And the next time they let it drop, it will be larger.

Don’t Ignore Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance can begin as a subtle, almost imperceptible message. Ignore that; the next time, it’s a bit louder and easier to notice. Pay no heed again, and the guidance becomes even louder and in-your-face. If you still choose to pay no attention…nor to act on the information you are being given…you will likely find yourself in an unwanted situation. Of course, you can still ignore the message, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Let me give you an example from my recent life experiences.

My Recent Cosmic Hailstone

For quite a while, I’ve been receiving spiritual guidance indicating that I need to focus on what really matters to me—my writing. And I’ve felt a frequent nudge to practice what I preach about living a life that feeds my soul. Writing would be part of a soul-aligned life, but so would spacious days with time spent doing more of the things I love.

I ignored these messages. I heard them loud and clear, but I did nothing different.

Then, I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I attributed this to a different message, but it was soon followed by three weeks of a sprained back and a month of Shingles (on the same shoulder).

A few months after fully recuperating from these ailments, I tripped and fell at my dog’s agility class—with no ill effects. Just over a week later, I got my foot caught in a leash hanging on my front door and fell again, this time breaking three bones in my ankle.

You could call this a fluke or freak accident, and it was. But I also believe it was a much louder and more insistent message to me to make some changes…THE changes I had intuitively been guided to make but had resisted.

That fall and broken ankle was a HUGE cosmic hailstone. I might have avoided having it hit me hard enough to do serious damage had I paid attention to the spiritual guidance I received and been courageous enough to act on it.

Pay Attention and Act on Spiritual Guidance

So, what spiritual guidance have you been ignoring? What intuitive hits have you chosen to ignore?

It’s time to pay attention to spiritual guidance, is it not?

Not only that, it’s time to act on it.

And therein lies the real issue. It’s all well and good to receive and even acknowledge receipt of spiritual guidance. It’s quite another to act on it.

Acting on spiritual guidance takes courage…something I obviously haven’t had enough of until now. And you receive the messages so you can choose to follow that guidance.

Acting on Spiritual Guidance Brings Change

When you follow your spiritual guidance system, you change. Your actions change. And then your life changes.

I’ve seen this happen with my clients and other people I’ve encountered. I’ve even seen it in my own life, but not recently.

No wonder… I was ignoring spiritual guidance.

But not anymore.

As I sit here with my ankle in a cast and propped on a pillow, I’m seriously considering my options for changing myself and my life. I’m deciding how to spend my time and do my life’s work. I’m re-evaluating everything…and planning how to move forward in a soul-aligned manner.

How to Avoid the Cosmic Hailstone

You have an opportunity right now to listen to your spiritual guidance and make soul-aligned changes in yourself and your life. As a result, you’ll likely avoid being hit by a cosmic hailstone…at least a huge one. Plus, you’ll find your life changing in miraculous ways.

I trust 100% that if I am courageous enough to make the changes I’ve been guided to make, my life will be transformed for the better…and so will I. And I can’t wait to have that experience.

Do you take action on the spiritual guidance you receive? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need to Pay Attention to Spiritual Guidance”

  1. Dear Nina! Thanks for this lovely and useful insight. I love heavy weather…and this afternoon when large hailstones pelted down on the corrugated iron flat roof (and my six dogs shitting themselves), I ran outside, grabbed a handful of stones and got back inside, smiling and relishing the heavenly, energised drink. Just prior to that an “idea came to mind” on how to promote my work as sculpting artist … and that is why I THANK you for this 🙂

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