Post-Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Post

I thought we should have a post Thanksgiving Day gratitude post to continue the energy of thanksgiving a bit longer. So, here are three little “gifts” to help you keep feeling grateful a bit longer.

I recently read something interesting. In Hebrew, the word for “turkey” is “hodu” and is etymologically related to the word for “thanks,” which is “hoda.” So, Yom Hodu (Turkey Day) has a double entendre meaning “day of thanks” as well. Interesting! (Thanks Rabbi David Zaslow for this bit of Hebrew/Jewish trivia!)

Additionally, here are two really superb gratitude-related videos for you to watch. The first is from Deepak Chopra and includes a guided meditation. He talks about gratitude as a way to get in touch with your soul.


This second video is an inspirational film by Jesus Nebot in the streets of LA asking the homeless what they are grateful for. It reminds us that we all have something to be Thankful for no matter our circumstances.


Why not try feeling grateful every day…for something. Everyone can do so.

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