A Quick Guide to Creating What You Want

how to create what you wantSince I was in my early 30s, I’ve been obsessed with how humans create. I believe we are creative beings. Yet, more often than not, we feel incapable of creating even the smallest of our desires.

Despite everything I know about conscious creation, I, too, struggle to create the life I desire. I have trouble manifesting what I want.

Still, I know, deep down inside, that we are creators. We—you and I—can make our desires real. And I continue to feel passionate about the topic of conscious creation.

Created in the Image of the Grand Creator

I believe we are created in the image of the Grand Creator. Most religions and spiritual or wisdom traditions agree that God, or whatever you call Source Energy (Allah, Adonai, Buddha, Goddess…), created the world as we know it. Thus, God was the first and ultimate creator.

While I do not think our physical form reflects God’s form, I do believe the teaching that we are created in God’s image holds truth. Since the only thing I can know about God is that God is creative, I must be a creator, too.

That means you also are a creative being.

Creating the Unwanted

As my interest in creation increased, I looked for information that would exlain how we create. I read all the New Age books. I followed spiritual gurus. I studied the Law of Attraction (long before The Secret was published). Despite what I learned, I still had trouble manifesting.

I watched others around me get frustrated and lose hope in their own ability to deliberately manifest their desires. These desires could be as simple as a new job or car, a more substantial income, better health, or a loving relationship.

Even today, I sometimes wonder, “Why is it that my life is not the way I want it to be? If I’m a creator, why am I not creating something better or different? Why am I creating more of what I * don’t want* than what I do want?”

But I don’t lose faith in my creative ability, because I know the answer to my questions.

Creating All the Time

In fact, we are creating all the time. However, we create what we don’t want, because our thoughts and words are focused on precisely that…what we * don’t* want.

Recall the last seven days or so… How often did you voice your unhappiness about something? How many times did you think, “I wish I had…” or “I want more of…” Did you focus on what you dislike about your current situation or on the potential future you want to experience?

Speaking for myself, I can admit—with some embarrassment—that I think and talk about what I don’t want…more often than what I do want. And I have felt frustrated, depressed, and discouraged by not manifesting my desires.

These thoughts and feelings do not help me create anything I want. Instead, I create more of what I don’t want. Why? Because I continually affirm that “I want (something I don’t have)” or “I wish for (something I don’t have)” or “I am (something I don’t want to be).” Therefore, I create that.

It Starts with Thought

No matter how many books I’ve read or teachers I’ve sought out, I have always been taught the same thing: We create our reality. That means we create everything in that reality as well, including our experiences. How? With our thoughts.

Consider this: All day every day you think…about everything. You obsess about things that happened or that you are afraid will happen. You think about yourself, significant other, kids, money situation, job, and health and what you don’t want. Yes, you also think about the things you want or will do, a happy experience you had, complements you received, and the person you want to become or life you want to live.

But the human mind tends to dwell on the negative more than the positive. It’s no wonder that we create so much that we think of as “unwanted.”

Then Comes Word and Feeling

However, there is more to creation than thought.

Thoughts are precursors to words. We express thoughts in words. And when we speak them, their vibration goes out into the world and effects creation.

Of course, like an affirmation, you can speak in an attempt to change your thoughts; this does work for many, especially if you use the words “I am” at the beginning of the affirmation. Even more powerful is the statement “I am so grateful…” followed by what you want.

Gratitude is a feeling, and some say you have to combine thought and feeling to manifest. Thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings give off a vibration.

The world we live in is a vibratory place. Energy begets similar energy.

Notice how your friends bad mood tends to “rub off” on you. Notice how your anger affects your children or co-workers. In much the same way, your feelings go out into the world and cause a reaction.

Thus, your feelings are creative and lend much power to your thoughts. But you can reverse the process and generate feelings that correspond with aspirational or positive thoughts of what you desire. You can shift your negative feelings, like sadness or discouragement, to positive ones, like happiness or hopefulness, by doing something that makes you feel good. This action could be petting a cat, going for a walk, or watching an inspirational movie.

Take Action

You can’t just sit around and think and speak—or even feel—what you want. You have to put action behind it. The Kabbalists with whom I’ve spoken have told me that, when it comes to creation, “action is where the action is.” Indeed, I’ve rarely if ever seen someone create something out of nothing by just thinking or speaking about their desire—or feeling as if it were already manifest. Our behavior—our actions—are necessary for creation to happen.

What actions are you taking too manifest you’re desires? Sometimes, I look at my life and see myself taking a lot of action, other times…not so much.

Today, I reached out to two people. My thought: They might be able to help me, we could collaborate in some way, or the outcome will help me gain clarity on my next moves. My words: I would love to hear your perspective, get your feedback, discover if there is a way to work together. My feeling: Anticipation and hopefulness. My action: Writing the emails and hitting send.

You can’t just expect things to come to you. Yes, you are like a magnet. Remember, though, that magnets repel and attract. Consciously attract what you want with your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

Choose Your Reality

In every moment, you have choice. Your choices include what you think, say, and do. It’s those choices that create your reality.

Take responsibility for creating the reality that you want. You can make huge strides toward doing so by being your best self in every moment. Make a choice about who you want to be. Then, be that person—think, speak, feel, and act as your Highest Self. That’s when you will begin to see your desires more easily made real.

Remember who you are—a Divine Creator. That’s still who you are. Now, set out to create not only your the reality you want to experience but the world in which you’d like to live.

Are you creating what you want? Tell me in a comment below. And if you are interested in this topic, please take this 3-minute survey.

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2 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Creating What You Want”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I believe the most powerful way to create anything in our lives is really our intention behind wanting to create what we desire.

    When we have a desire to create for the good of others first as well as for ourselves then we have the key to manifest what we choose to experience.

    It’s about oneness at the end of the day and if our intention falls within that ie our intention is to create for the collective good of others then I believe we have the power of the creator behind us.

    That I believe is the purpose of the law of attraction to begin with.

    Thank you

    1. Darren,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I agree, and from a Kabbalistic perspective, it’s about sharing unconditionally. If you create with that intention, you manifest more easily. Not saying a car will show up out of thin air, but you get what I mean!

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