4 Reasons Why Being Unreasonable is Better than Being Reasonable

be unreasonable“Don’t be unreasonable.” Has anyone ever said that to you? If so, I hope you didn’t listen because being unreasonable is a very, very good trait to possess.

In fact, I can think of at least four reasons to be unreasonable. Before I tell you what they are, though, consider the definitions of reasonable and unreasonable and why one is perceived as a better characteristic than the other.

Why You are Expected to be Reasonable

Reasonable means: having sound judgment; fair and sensible; as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate.

On the other hand, unreasonable means: not guided by or based on good sense; beyond the limits of acceptability or fairness.

It’s pretty obvious why we are told to be reasonable and why we are judged negatively when we choose, instead, to be unreasonable. After all, unreasonable people tend to lack good sense and judgment, right? They do things that are unacceptable or insensible, do they not? They go beyond limits and aren’t always appropriate in situations.

But what if these “judgments” weren’t true?

Indeed, they aren’t.

An unreasonable person’s ability to not be guided by what others think is good sense, acceptable, within limits, fair, or appropriate is an asset. Their unreasonableness signifies a mindset that allows for possibility, creativity, and, dare I say, magic.

4 Reasons to be Unreasonable

Let me explain why you might want to stop being so reasonable.

1. Unreasonable people are more successful than reasonable people.

Like optimists, unreasonable people allow themselves to go all-in for things that don’t seem reasonable. They see possibilities and ignore cold hard facts that seem to prove that something can’t be done. They prefer to focus on even a tiny chance of a different result…and so they get different results.

Like optimists, unreasonable people also don’t get stuck but keep trying until they succeed—consider the Wright Brothers or Thomas Edison. And they don’t take failure personally. Failure is seen as more data to help them get to success…just another experiment that brings them closer to success.

On the other hand, reasonable people tend to be realists and pessimists. They get stuck, take failure personally, see things literally, and don’t recognize possibilities. They only do what is practical, sensible, and within reason. That leaves little room for real success.

2. Unreasonable people are more creative.

Unreasonable people get more ideas, come up with more solutions, discover more answers, and generally are more creative than their more reasonable counterparts. They don’t allow reason to get in the way and aren’t afraid to think and play outside the accepted box.

Inventors and creatives tend to develop new ideas and solutions that others have not yet tried…or were too afraid to try. They focus their attention on why something can be done.

Think of Henry Ford or even Nikola Tesla—they are great examples of people whose unreasonableness helped them succeed.

Reasonable people aren’t open to new solutions and crazy ideas. They think and play inside the accepted box. And they are too busy focusing on why something can’t be done to entertain any other possibilities.

3. Unreasonable people are dreamers who make their visions real.

Unreasonable people are often criticized for having their heads in the clouds. Yet, from that height, they can see the big picture and imagine what “could be.” They dream and visualize and then take action to make their visions real.

Also called “dreamers,” unreasonable people benefit from not feeling stuck in reality. They see beyond the moment to a different reality…a different future. That’s where they discover their ideas and uncover the inspired actions that bring their ideas into the world.

Reasonable people see what’s right in front of them. Stuck in circumstances, they can’t envision anything different or better…so don’t take new action to create anything different. They continue to create what they’ve always created. That’s safe and expected.

4. Unreasonable people create miracles.

Unreasonable people are magic makers. They believe miracles are possible and, therefore, notice them. Their lives are filled with synchronicities, unique opportunities, and surprise manifestations.

To an outsider, it appears as if they make things appear out of thin air. In actuality, they believe or have faith that they will be guided by the Universe…and the Universe responds. Or at least, that’s what they experience.

As you can imagine, reasonable people don’t believe in miracles, so they don’t see or experience them. How could they? As far as they are concerned, they aren’t real—neither is spiritual guidance, synchronicity, or the ability to manifest.

How to be Unreasonable

So, which best describes you—unreasonable or reasonable?

If you are reasonable, it may feel impossible to consider how you might become a bit more unreasonable. It is possible, though.

Start with this exercise. Get a piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the paper, write: What if it was possible to __________. Fill in the blank with something you think is impossible (aka unreasonable to consider) but would really love to do, create, or make happen.

Based on that possibility, complete these sentences (at least seven times each):

I would…
I could…
I’d see…
I’d feel…
It would mean that…
I’d have to stop believing that…
I’d have to start believing that…

Take a few moments to journal about all the possibilities that would arise if ____ was, indeed, possible.

Additionally, here’s another exercise to help you become less reasonable. Make a list of five things you could do or buy that you feel are unreasonable…even a little irresponsible. (I’m not saying to go into debt or do anything truly harmful to yourself!) For example, you could:

  • Purchase that item you’ve been longing for but didn’t feel you should buy.
  • Plan the trip that you’ve dreamed of taking.
  • Eat that dish or dessert that you love but that isn’t on your diet or good for you.
  • Take a walk in the rain or snow.
  • Wear something crazy to your next meeting with a friend (or even a business associate).
  • Die your hair orange.
  • Get a tattoo.
  • Take the day off to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show.

You get the idea!

Now…go be unreasonable. And watch the possibilities and opportunities show up, your creativity and success increase, and the magic happen.

Are you reasonable or unreasonable? And what impact does that have on you and your life? Tell me in a comment below. And share this post with the most reasonable person you know!

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3 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Being Unreasonable is Better than Being Reasonable”

  1. What about those who are unreasonable to keep wars going those who love wars thats the kind unreasonable people i hate theres a differece between being unreasonable and being able to hide your unreasonable trait if i dont agree with something sometimes its better to keep your opinion to yourself, is it not? Than again you might be so unreasonable youll probably act like it so you can actually feel like your unreasonable. This world doesnt make any sense sometimes i feel like im the only one with a conscious in this world of hate.

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