How to Set—and Achieve—Your Goals

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Over the years, a debate has arisen about whether or not goal setting works. I’m a firm believer in using goals to help me achieve the success I desire. So are some of the people I admire and whose advice I follow, such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, and Michael Hyatt. I’ve successfully used goal setting with my clients as well.

That said, you have to know how to set and use goals if you want to achieve them. Use goals incorrectly, and you might find they hinder, rather than, help you.

Here are my two primary tips to help you set—and achieve—your goals.

Make a Short List of Goals You Want to Achieve

First, try not to overwhelm yourself. Too many goals will leave you unable to accomplish any of them.

Write down three major goals you want to accomplish this year and three minor goals you’d like to achieve. You can include personal and professional goals on your list, or you can make a list of three professional goals and three personal goals.

7 Tips for Setting Goals You Will Achieve

Second, use these seven tips to achieve your  goals:

  1. How to Create Achievable Goals(2)Create goals that feel like a stretch, but not too large of a stretch that it feels impossible to achieve. The idea of accomplishing some really large goal can seem positive, but if you fail, you’ll be less likely to attempt any goal, let alone a related one, again. Set yourself up for success. Your goals should be attainable and realistic—but still a bit beyond your current skill or comfort level.
  2. Line up your goals up with your passions. Remember, you create your goals; you should be passionate about these since they constitute your career and life. Develop goals around the work and activities that inspire you.
  3. Create goals that are built upon your sense of purpose. Don’t let your goals revolve only around accumulation of things or getting more—making more money, getting more clients, or selling more products. All of this might help you succeed, but you will find it easier to achieve your goals if you tie them into your values and your sense of purpose or mission. That is why sometimes you will see SMART goals with the “realistic” changed to “relevant”; both words make a huge difference to actually achieving your goal since it must be both realistic and relevant. Consider what has been called “Your big why”—your sense of purpose, mission or calling. The purpose behind the goal will drive you to accomplish it every time.
  4. Keep in mind the difference between your intentions and your goals. An intention has a huge amount of power once set. It is the direction you want—intend—to take or the action you intend to pursue. Hopefully you do so with passion and purpose, lending even more positive energy to that intention. If you intend to become a bestselling author, for example, because this fits with your values and a sense of purpose, you will find yourself creating goals easily and effortlessly that are always “on purpose” with your intention. You’ll also accomplish these with less difficulty.
  5. Avoid the negative sink hole of focusing on what you don’t have right now. This produces negative emotions that make it difficult for you to move toward achievement of your goals. Be grateful for what you do have and for every baby step you make toward your goal. If achieving your goal requires what you don’t have, that acquisition becomes a step toward your goal you must achieve.
  6. Be kind to yourself. Accept where you are now as you look toward the future. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are traveling at your own speed toward your own destination.
  7. Be accountable to someone. This can make a huge difference to whether or not you achieve your goals. For this reason, sometimes the “realistic” in SMART goals is changed to “reportable.” [Consider sharing your goals in a comment below.]

This year don’t set resolutions. It’s no fun to “resolve” to do anything. Set personal and professional goals that excite you because they align with your sense of purpose and passion and push you to fulfill your potential. That’s the SMART way to create and manifest all the things you want in your life and career.

Do you have a tip to share that has helped you achieve your goals? If so, leave me a comment below.

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