Stop Searching for a Way to Get Spiritually Connected

remember your spiritual connection--you are always connectedI’ve heard these same words come out of my mouth: “I want to feel more connected…you know…on a spiritual level.” Maybe you’ve said them, too, as you express your desire to feel a strong connection with whatever name you call God—Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Adonai, the Universe, Creator, or Source.

Religious traditions often teach that we need to strive to find that connection because, as mere mortals, we don’t naturally have it. We have to work at it…cleave, pray, perform commandments, and more. And that leaves us believing that we are, indeed, disconnected from the Source of everything.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. You aren’t disconnected, and neither am I. We never have been and never will be.

We are always connected—even if we don’t feel connected.

The Reminder

I was sitting with a woman who was providing me with a healing session. She would recite affirmations to me, and ask me what thoughts or emotions came up for me with each sentence.

“I am connected to the Creator,” she said.

Tears immediately rolled down my cheeks. “I don’t feel that,” I said. “I want to feel it…”

“But you know that you are connected, right?”

“Yes, I know it intellectually, but I just don’t feel it. I want to feel it every day…and have access to that connection.”

“You do have access to it all the time,” she replied.

She was right.

I realized then that needed to daily remind myself that I am connected—even if I don’t feel connected—to Source.

How We Forget

The Jewish tradition teaches that just before birth an angel visits the baby and kisses it just below the nose and above the upper lip. In the process, the angel removes all memory of the connection between the little soul and its Creator or why it came into an earthly body. The child enters the world with a tiny indentation above its lip and no recollection of the everlasting bond between itself and Source or its purpose in the physical world.

Other traditions have similar stories. And, so, we spend our whole lives trying to remember that connection. And yet, it’s always there.

Many spiritual and mystical traditions talk about the need for us to recall who we really are: spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our spirit or soul is the link to Source.

The message is always the same: You have to remember where you came from…Source. You are part of and connected to the Creator. Housed within our human bodies is a spark of divinity…that burns ever brighter the more we remember our connection to its Source.

How to Remember Your Connection

So, how do you remember your connection and feel it? Focuse daily on the fact that you are connected. Train your thoughts on the connection.

If that doesn’t help you feel the connection, sit quietly and visualize the connection. Imagine Divine energy flowing in and out of your body. Maybe you see it entering from the top of your head and circulating through your body and then up and out again in a constant flow.

Maybe for you, the image is of the light entering through your chest or heart area. It might look like a golden cord spinning out of your heart or solar plexus and then up, up, up…

Or imagine yourself surrounded by Divine energy…and you are it, and it is you. It’s as if you melt into the light. Feel your soul as part of that energy…part of something bigger.

Align Your Energy

I believe everything consists of energy, and, since we were created in the “image” of God, it’s all Source energy. Everything is part and parcel of the Creator. Therefore, if you want to feel your connection to the Creator, align your energy with the Divine frequency.

To align your energy with Source, you have to drop doubt, fear, unhappiness, and anger. Instead, consciously generate love, joy, hope, faith, acceptance, gratitude, and awe. In this way, you raise your energy to the point where you are more able to feel the connection.

You may not feel connected at all times—sadly, neither do I. You might have the feeling for a moment and then lose it. It’s okay! Just remember the connection is there all the time…no matter what you do or think. Remind yourself, “I am connected.” Believe it, and you will feel it.

How do remember and feel your connection with the Creator? Tell me in a comment below.

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