The Perpetual and Beneficial Healing Process

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I’ve been healing from a bicycle accident for a month now. It feels like a never-ending process. I still have aches and pains, and my face has not yet healed from being stitched up either. And then there’s the psychic, or emotional, healing that needs to take place.

I was thinking about this latter type of healing today. I find that occasionally I have to heal from events in my past—but I have to do it in the present. Emotional healing, too, can feel like a never-ending process.

It’s not.

Layers of Healing

As you peel away the layers of the things that happen to you in life—a bit like peeling the layers of an onion—you sometimes have to allow yourself to feel the pain again. As you strip away another layer, you cry, yell, bang your fists into a pillow. And you understand a bit more about yourself and what caused the pain in the first place and why.

This type of perpetual healing makes you more aware of your current situations and what needs healing in them. Again, you strip away the layers, and you allow yourself to feel, to understand, and to heal.

In the process, sometimes—often—you experience revelations.

As you gain clarity, you also find yourself with more energy. The old baggage weighs you down—and you don’t know you are carrying it until you become more conscious. When you realize you are carrying a heavy load, you can put it down and leave it behind. You then feel lighter, more energetic, more able to take on life.

This work takes courage. Being you own healer means looking into the festering places of your life, mind, and emotions—your psyche—and cleaning them out. You have to find a prescription that causes transformation. Then you can move forward unencumbered.

Today is the Day for Healing

Every day is another day for healing, finding courage, clarity, and energy. It’s a chance to become more conscious and make positive changes in yourself and your life.

Just yesterday, when I went to a doctor for a new medical problem that cropped up due to my accident, a new emotional wound arose as well. It presented an opportunity for healing—on more than one level.

Do you see the opportunities to courageously heal on many levels and how that brings you new clarity and energy? Tell me about your experiences in a comment below.

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