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Last Thursday I eagerly settled in to watch Oprah Winfrey host a show about the book and DVD called The Secret. She was hosting a guest panel of five people, including Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series). All of these men and women, who are featured on the DVD, literally were beaming with happiness and excitement about being on the show. (Well, who wouldn’t be excited and happy under those circumstances? Oprah makes the careers of many, and authors in particular salivate at even the idea of being a guest on her show. I know I do. Such an appearance can be the difference between a slow or a best seller. As a writer, I’m keenly aware of Oprah’s influence and power.) However, I, too, was beaming. And as I watched and listened, tears came to my eyes.

(By the way, a similar panel from The Secret appeared on Larry King not once but twice! This was amazing to me as well, but I missed both shows.)

No, the show was not one of those tearjerkers that Oprah is known to air. My tears were of amazement…amazement that the spiritual or metaphysical principles I was taught some odd 20 years ago had finally, finally gone mainstream. Oprah, too, said she had known these principles for many years. And at a Chabad class I’m attending, this week’s class included related information. And I’ve heard teachings within Christianity that speak to these same truths. A channeler on a CD I was listening to in my car last week was discussing similar ideas. And I’ve found the same lessons within Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition. In fact, this secret has been around – and known by many – for eons. (I might mention that those involved with The Secret do agree with this fact and state so plainly.) The secret is not new. It has simply never been widely broadcast – which, I guess, made it a secret – until now.

It is this secret that I’ve been so jazzed about for so long. It is this secret that I’ve incorporated into my Jewishly-oriented writing and teaching. This secret represents the foundation for the work I do as a Kabbalistic conscious creation coach.

So, what is this secret? It’s the combining of thought, feeling and action to manifest our dreams. It’s the experiencing of what we want and the goals we set as if they existed right now in this moment. It’s the way the Universe, science and God bring us the things we desire. It’s the Law of Attraction, an undeniable truth that says that what we think is what we create, what we focus our attention upon expands, what we put out into the world is what we get back, what we feel creates a vibrational pull that attracts like vibrational things into our experience.

Okay, some of you are bound to be saying, “Baloney. I didn’t create that car accident I was in last week. I didn’t create this weight problem. I didn’t create the cancer in my body. I didn’t create a cheating partner. I didn’t want these things.” It’s hard to believe that we could have created such unwanted events, but the fact is that sometimes we do. (This, by the way, is where we have to be very careful not to take on what used to be called “New Age Guilt.” Now it can be called “The Secret Guilt.”) We don’t have to feel badly that we might have caused something bad to happen. We need to realize that not all our thoughts are conscious ones. And it doesn’t matter to the Universal law that one thought is conscious and the other unconscious. It only matter how strongly we think that thought and how often. The strongest most frequent thought wins in this game.

Plus, it’s not just about thoughts. Those thoughts generate feelings. And the feelings, like the thoughts, have an energy. That energy, much like a magnet, attracts things towards it, pulls them in, closer and closer – things with the same energy. So, if you feel angry or depressed all the time, your energy will draw more things into your life with those same basic vibrations.

So, what’s a girl or guy to do? We’re not always aware of our subconscious thoughts…duh, they are subconscious after all. True, but we can be conscious of our feelings. And we can change our feelings by focusing our thoughts on things that make us feel good. Esther Hicks, who channels “Abraham,” says to pet the cat when we feel sad. Do anything that changes your feeling to a more positive one. Go for a bike ride. Meditate. Take a nap – a surefire way to stop thinking negative thoughts for a while!

Yes, it’s hard to feel good when we are stuck in a traffic jam, someone just rear ended our car, our spouse just asked for a divorce, or we just got fired. Yet, we have the choice to feel good.

I remember being told, “No one can make you feel a certain way. You choose to feel that way.” So, choose to feel good anyway. Rebbe Nachman of Bratslov taught that we should be happy at all costs – even if we have to “fake it till we make it.” This was the best way, he said to be close to God, to access Divine energy and flow. And, of course, being in that flow helps us manifest our desires and goals.

My class at Chabad today we were taught not to let circumstances get us down. Be happy anyway. “Don’t worry, be happy,” as the song goes… We were taught that our thoughts, indeed, have the ability to change outcomes. By being joyous, the book and teacher said, we attract good things. We become a magnet for the positive by radiating positive energy. Plus, we don’t stay stuck in the negative circumstances. We pull ourselves out, don’t allow ourselves to wallow in the bad things in our life, when we become joyful no matter what.

And remember, that sometimes bad things happen for a reason. Some things are out of our hands. On some level there is a Divine Plan. We have free choice about many things and maybe not about others. We do have free choice about our thoughts and our feelings, so choose positive ones so you create more positive outcomes.

And sometimes there is a lesson in the hard circumstances that befall us. Sometimes we couldn’t have gotten to where we are now if it hadn’t been for the trials and tribulations we went through before hand. So accepting the events of our lives and continuing to move forward represents a positive action.

I want to qualify this by saying that I, too, sometimes struggle when bad things happen to me…like when I accrued about $10,000 in debt over the last 2 months due to sudden “bad” things that happened (my car’s transmission went bad, we had to repair two cars damaged by a tree falling in a storm, and our dog got cancer and had to be put to sleep). I won’t say I wasn’t upset, that I wasn’t angry. But I tried, as quickly as possible, to remember that things happen for a reason. Or maybe, as my teacher Rabbi David Cooper says some things just happen….no reason. They just happen. Actually my friend, who is an astrologer, told me that the “!#?* had hit the fan” just because the stars were aligned in such a way that things were happening to cause financial isues in my life. Nothing to do about it.

Sometimes it helps me to remember that life is like a trust exercise. You have to just let youself fall backwards and trust that you will be caught. Sometimes it’s a faith exercise. You have to fall forwards and simply have faith that things will turn out all right, that the direction in which you are moving is the right one, one that will cushion you as you land. You have to have faith that despite what is going on, if you just keep moving towards your goal you will, indeed arrive.

And as for the Kabbalah of The Secret, that’s a subject for another day…and of one of my booklets! So, I’ll discuss that another time.

In closing I will mention, however, that the same friend who did my astrological reading, told me she hated The Secret. She didn’t like the fact that it
was so selfishly goal oriented. It was too much about getting what you want and not enough about creating world peace and such. Well, maybe I’m shallow and selfish since I did like the DVD, and I constantly try to practice the tools it puts forth. However, I firmly believe that most of us have to get to a place where we believe our own “stuff” is handled, and sometimes that mains getting what we want or creating a more financially stable situation or the like. When we feel secure within ourselves and within our lives, it becomes easier to look outside of that small realm and try to create things elsewhere. I also believe that when we all learn how to be happy…a major goal of those who teach The Secret…the world will become a happier place. If we are all vibrating in a positive way, we will create a more positive world.

If you want to get a copy of the DVD The Secret, check out the link in my resource section.

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2 thoughts on “The Secret – Not So Secret”

  1. Great thoughts Nina. I’m reading a similar article, slighlty different slant in YogaPlus (Yoga+Joyful Living) Magazine this month on what the laws of karma do and don’t control. very similar to what you’re describing, there is karma that we create through our choices/actions that is acrrued/stored, theree is karma that is part of our destiny, there is karma that doesn’t allow us to initiate actions, some of which can modify or even nulify our destiny, there is personal karma generated by our thougthts, speech and actions, there is group karma that affects us personally (a good example: most americans who didn’t vote for the current president but are affected by his politics), and there is karma caused by the forces of nature such as natural disastors. in the end, it says practicing yoga (or specifically meditation) can really help short circuit the bad karma. The famous gurus quoted, Pantanjali, in the YogaSutras tells us that “painful events which are destined to occur can, however, be averted” and I believe it is by the power of staying postive. if that means being personally happy and doing your yoga or the things that make you happy and a little less focused on community giving or world peace (gosh sometimes its difficult for an average person to make it through a workday let alone think globally) I think that’s ok! because in the end, your positive energy that you’re creating from staying happy, is only contributing to “group karma” which is a good thing, right? Great thoughts!

  2. Nina, could you blog about the texts you studied at Chabad – or post them to the Aleph list? I am seeking some direct quotes on
    this topic…

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