What You Focus On Expands

One of the first metaphysical or spiritual lessons I learned came down to five words: What you focus on expands. This lesson represents the crux of what now people call the Law Attraction, deliberate creation and conscious creation. I write about it often, and I’ve even published a booklet and e-book on the topic, called The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation. It’s a simple premise really–place your attention on something, and you will attract more of it.

There’s really more to it than that, though. Not only do we create energy around the things we place our attention upon, thereby drawing more of those things into our lives, we also tend to “do” more in the areas in which we focus our attention. In other words, we actually end up placing more of our own energy and action in that area, which generates more energy as well. The more energy we place in any one area of our lives–be it in the form of our thoughts, actions, words, or emotions (all of which are necessary to consciously and deliberately create our desires an manifest our dreams)–the more energy we generate. And this not only makes us focus more attention on this area, it also helps us attract what we desire.

That said, even when we aren’t wanting to “create” something per se, we can see how our focus or attention on something affects the energy around it and what it “attracts.” This past month my focus, action and energy on many fronts has been on another blog other than this one. In November I write a daily blog called Write Nonfiction in November. Organizing the guest bloggers, writing the introductions and my own posts, formatting and editing posts, promoting the blog, and generally manging the whole project takes up a huge amount of my time and attention. For this reason, I didn’t do a lot of writing in As the Spirit Moves Me during November, and when I did, my attention wasn’t as focused on the blog. I was distracted. My attention was scattered.

Because my attention was not in one place–not focused like a laser beam, and because I wrote and posted less blog posts, my readership on this blog fell off considerably. I could easily see the correlation between how much I write–how much I focus my attention on this blog and put my energy (also in the form of action–writing–and emotion) into it–and how many people read this blog by simply looking at my statistics. Each time I put my energy into the blog, readership went up.

This provides a great example of how the lesson works. What you focus on really does expand…always. This is especially true when you place your attention and energy on your work-related projects, your art or any project in which you believe. Your energy will draw others to your work.

In the same way, you can manifest other things you desire by focusing your attention and energy upon these dreams and goals. Be sure, however, that you focus attention, action and emotions on what you desire as well. Although each one of these elements will begin the manifestation process in and of itself, you need all three to get the energy moving in a really powerful manner.

Think about the areas in your life you are NOT focusing upon. From what have you become distracted? You’ll easily see what you are manifesting there. You probably are creating very little or nothing. In my life, for the last 8 or 9 years I have spent almost no time trying to develop close friends. I haven’t gone out and participated in activities where I might have met “like-minded” people. I haven’t made time to be with the few acquaintances I whom I might have nurtured into friends. Thus, I have almost no good friends. However, when I lived in Atlanta, I spent a lot of time doing things that allowed me to develop really good, strong friendships. Today, some of those women are still my best friends.

What you focus on expands. This represents the most important lesson you ever will learn. If you want to manifest your dreams, achieve your goals, create your desires, put this lesson to use in your life. Focus on what you want–not on what you don’t want. You surely will see–and create–more of it.

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