7 Kabbalistic Steps for Achieving Goals and Keeping Resolutions

conscious creation and kabblahWe all have dreams and desires we would like to manifest—new cars, soul mates, fit and trim bodies, perfect health, rewarding jobs, increased wealth, abundant free time to pursue our interests, but we don’t always do what it takes to create these things in our lives. On December 31st or January 1, we may come up with New Year’s resolutions and goals, but most of us rarely follow through with them. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for our good intentions to fade after only a few weeks or days and for December 31st of the next year to roll around without even one resolution carried out or one goal achieved.

Does this sound familiar?

In large part, accomplishment of New Year’s goals and resolutions depends not only upon your intention but upon how determined you are to manifest what you want in your life. And your level of determination is gauged on how much you really want what you say you want. If you truly desire what you say you want to create, then your determination level rises. If you are attached to the “why,” the purpose or reason for accomplishing that goal or making the change, you are more likely to find success.

Do You Have a Process?

If you possess intention and a strong “why,” you then need is a good manifestation process to help you create what you desire. Couple this process with your determination and intention and you readily take action towards the goals and resolutions you set. In fact, you are more likely to use the process on a regular basis. That means you cannot help but make great strides towards manifestation of your dreams and desires and achievement of your goals and resolutions.

Many manifestation processes exist; most of them work if used on a regular basis. Many people use the Law of Attraction, for example. Interestingly, Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, offers a process for creating what we want that that parallels the Law of Attraction. To know how to use this “technology,”  you first must understand the mystical creation story.

The Kabbalistic Creation Story

According to the Kabbalists, or Jewish mystics, in the beginning God was the only thing that existed, and the Divine Presence existed everywhere. Then God began to feel the desire to create something besides Itself. Because God was everywhere and without end, there was no space for anything other than God to exist. So, God had to pull back, or contract, to create space for something other than Itself. In other words, God created a void within Itself so something new could come into being. Into this void God then sent a beam of Divine energy, or light. This energy went through four phases of creation, which the Kabbalists called “worlds,” that resulted in the physical realm as we know it.

The Kabbalistic Conscious Creation Process

By following this creation process through these same four phases, or worlds, you can consciously create in a similar fashion. Here are the seven steps of the process:

Step #1: Clear a space in your mind.

Even practiced meditators know it is hard to rid our minds of thoughts, but you can visualize creating a space—a void —in your mind. Just as God created a space, this is the basic idea: Make room for something new to enter as you get quite and try to connect with the Divine within and without.

Step #2: Visualize a beam of Divine energy or light entering the space in your mind and beginning to move through the four worlds.

This beam of Divine energy is filled with the inspiration and creative energy. The beam represents your desire or what you want to manifest. It enters the void, or space, you create, and begins the manifestation process.

Step #3: Get clear about what it is you want to create.

The beam of energy moves downward and enters the world of Atzilut, or the World of Being, where you are connected to the Divine. There you feel desire begin to stir and come into focus. This is the place meditators try to reach—a place where they can connect to Source and to their spiritual core. In this world, inspiration and desire are born. This is where you feel the impulse to have or to create something new. This is where you feel the stirring of change. You begin at this stage to know or to feel the desire to create something.

Step #4: Put your desire to create something into words that form clear thoughts upon which you can focus.

Now the beam of energy moves into the second world, Briah, which is the World of Thought. Here, your desire for something new manifests as thought. Your impulse to change turns into a words that express what you desire. You get clear about what you want and express it in words. Spend time focused upon these thoughts. They have a creative energy begin the manifestation process.

Step #5: Combine the thought of what you want with the feeling of having it by imagining it already manifest.

Next, the beam travels into the world of Yetzirah, or the World of Feeling. Just as the Divine energy moved into this world and combined the thought of something new with the feeling of something new, here you combine the thought of what you want with the positive feelings of having what you want. You also begin to sense  what you need to do to help manifest your desire; you see a vision of the next right step to take or of the inspired action required to bring your desire into physical reality.

Step #6: Take action to help create your desire.

Last, the beam of energy enters the physical World of Action, called Assiyah. In this fourth world, God’s desire for something other than Itself manifested as the world we know—the physical plane. At this phase, we lend physical energy to the energy of thought and feeling. We take action to aide manifestation. This is where you take that inspired action or that next right or best step that you sensed in Yetzirah. Now you see clearly what you must do, and you do it. As you take action, you move towards your goals. You help bring our dreams into physical reality. You start achieving your resolutions. As you do, the energy of the previous steps lines up to help you create what you desire.

Step #7: Create what you want with a desire to give to others, to allow yourself to pursue a spiritual path and to draw closer to God.

The Jewish mystics caution that Kabbalah should not be used for our own practical purposes. The ultimate goal of all Kabbalah revolves around connecting with God. Yet, some Jewish mystics taught that we should ask for what we want and need as long as it helps us to share what we receive with others and to pursue a path of spiritual development.

In this last phase, you focus on how to give what you have created, or will create, with others. It’s that simple. You receive for the sake of giving or serving.

Amazingly, when you approach creation of anything you want with a true desire to receive your desires, achieve your goals or follow through on your resolutions so you can give to others, pursue a spiritual path and get closer to God, the things you want manifest more easily and quickly. You remove the blocks you might have to receiving what you desire and open yourself to the Divine flow of abundance. You synchronize yourself with the original energy of creation—and what better time to try and use that energy than at the beginning of a brand new year?

Give this process a try! I created it, use it personally and offer it to some of my coaching clients (especially those enrolled in Inspired Results Coaching). Let me know what results you achieve!

If you would like to learn more about this topic, purchase a copy of my e-book and/or e-workbook, The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation.
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4 thoughts on “7 Kabbalistic Steps for Achieving Goals and Keeping Resolutions”

  1. Thank you for this resource. I would very much like to be part of your circle for the new year and share thoughts reflections along the way. With the light, Basak

  2. While there is certainly nothing wrong with taking inspired action, to say it is a necessary aspect of the process is not something I agree with; *unless* you are most certainly moved towards inspired action.

    The world of Assiyah is the world of effect; experiential reality made manifest as it is sent from the informed mystery to be reflected and echoed in the world of form (the mirror).

    In some cases, the wrong kind of action may work against the seed from bearing the desired fruit; so my own best advice is to ensure that any action taken is indeed that which you *know* (are guided) to take. <3

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