About the Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) Challenge

The Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) Challenge offers you a personal challenge to start and complete a work of nonfiction in 30 days during November. This can be an article, an essay, a book, a book proposal, a white paper, or a manifesto.

The WNFIN Challenge also is known as National Nonfiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo) because it follows in the footsteps of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a contest that challenges fiction writers to write 50,000 words in 30 days during November. Read about the history of WNFIN here.

Anyone can participate in the WNFIN Challenge for free by joining the WNFIN Facebook page and engaging with other participants or commenting on WNFIN-related threads. All Write Nonfiction NOW! blog posts—including those published in November—are shared on that page, which means participants need not go anywhere else to receive education, community, and accountability for the challenge.

In recent years, WNFIN events have been added to the mix, such as virtual writing days and coaching sessions. Also, video interviews with experts and coaching programs have rounded out the offerings. Some of these have been free, others require a small investment, and some have been offered only to Nonfiction Writers’ University members.

For more information on how to participate, click here

This year—2018, you again can choose to participate in two WNFIN coaching programs:

Both programs are offered free to members of the Nonfiction Writers' University Masters program (NFWU) and at a 50% discount to Nonfiction Writers’ University members.

However, anyone can join these programs for a small investment.

  • Learn more and register for the WNFIN Prep Program here.
  • Learn more and register for the WNFIN Coaching Program here.

Additionally, you can save money by opting to purchase both programs. Click on either link above for details! 

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