Alignment Leads You Down the Path to Achievement

personal alignment will help you achieve your goals

I bet, like me, you strive for achievement. You want to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. But this can feel like a struggle if you aren’t in alignment.

Alignment leads to achievement. If you aren’t achieving, you aren’t aligned.

What Does it Mean to Be Aligned?

What do I mean by aligned?

Standard definitions tell us that alignment involves lining up. Indeed, when you are aligned, you are lined up with your best self. You are living fully, feeling courageous, enthusiastic, energetic, and prepared for what comes next. You express joy, confidence, and presence.

As a result of alignment, you succeed in all situations.

How Do You Become Aligned?

Alignment comes from consistently being on purpose and functioning at your best.

If you know your intention in any given situation or at any given time, and you act in a manner that helps you fulfill your intention, you move into alignment. You align your behaviors, decisions, words, and actions with your purpose.

Additionally, when you express yourself authentically, you become aligned with your true nature. For some people, this also involves a spiritual intention of connecting with God or a Universal Force. When feeling that connection, you have a sense of alignment with something bigger than you—a Divine Flow—and with the essence of who you are.

Achievement Flows Out of Alignment

Many teachers from wisdom traditions say that when you are aligned, you tap into a universal flow of energy. And that’s when miracles occur, or you find it easier to manifest what you desire.

However, if you have optimized your energy, focus, and presence, you also get into a flow state. High performers know that the more they can master their mind, body, and purpose, the more consistently and quickly they can accomplish their goals.

Five Personal Alignment Tips

If you don’t feel aligned…and, therefore, don’t see yourself achieving your goals, here are five personal alignment tips you can try.

  1. Be authentic. In a journal, answer this question: If I expressed my authentic self, what would I do or say? How would I dress, speak, behave, and generally show up in the world? How would I spend my time?
  2. Step into the best version of yourself. Also, in a journal, describe yourself going through an entire day as your “best self.” When you are done, notice the differences between your description and how you typically go through the day.
  3. Take charge or your body. If you don’t have the energy to work toward your goals, you are not aligned with the person you need to be to achieve them. That means you need to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, sleep enough, drink enough water, and do something (like meditation) to help yourself de-stress.
  4. Take charge of your mind. If you find yourself constantly distracted, living in the past, or focused on the negative in every situation, it’s time to master your mind. Consider using visualization to focus on a positive future, writing or saying affirmations, and eliminating outside distractions—like cell phones and social media—so you can focus on what’s important to you with confidence and clarity.
  5. Stay on purpose. Every day, set your intention for the day. Do the same for every hour of every day. Then, frequently ask yourself if what you are doing is on purpose. Your intention could be to show up authentically, complete a work project, or be more present. At the end of the day, rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest score) to determine how purposeful you’ve been.

Finally, keep track of how well you aligned you are. You can rank yourself (again with a scale of 1 to 10) each day, week, and month. By tracking alignment, you can improve on it—especially if you notice what knocks you out of alignment.

Alignment Keeps You Function at Your Best

I often have to go to the chiropractor because my spine gets misaligned. When it’s out of alignment, I don’t operate at my best. I might be in pain, unable to experience a full range of motion, have a headache, or feel less able to focus. If I got to the chiropractor for an adjustment, he realigns the vertebrae, which allows my spine and nervous system to function as they should.

Being in alignment is much the same. If you become misaligned for any reason, you will notice a difference. Your efforts will feel more difficult and yield less-than-optimal results. If you are in alignment, though, you’ll notice that whatever you do feels easier and you achieve whatever you set out to do.

What are your thoughts on alignment? And do you see a correlation between alignment and achievement? Tell me in a comment below.

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