3 Steps for Co-Creating Desires for Your Highest Good

The role of trust in the manifestation process

The manifestation process has three fundamental steps: ask, act, and trust. The last step often feels the hardest because it requires being willing to receive whatever is for your highest good—not necessarily what you asked for.

It’s common to ask for what you want—through prayer, visualization, affirmations, or a vision board—only not to have that desire made manifest. You then might assume the Law of Attraction doesn’t work or you have done something incorrectly, like holding a mismatched vibration to what you want or not taking the “right” action.

But there’s another reason you might not receive what you want. Your desire may not serve your highest good. So, you have to trust that you will eventually receive something better that is in your best interest.

What You Want Isn’t for Your Highest Good

In manifestation, you don’t always get to decide what’s for your highest good. As a human, you tend to think you know what’s best for yourself, and your desires revolve around that belief. However, there may be a distinct difference between what you want and what Source (Creator, God, Universe, Allah, or whatever name you choose) believes is in your best interest.

The soul, the part of you connected to Source, talks to you through desires. However, your ego likes to twist desires into different things…often ones not as good for you as what the soul had in mind.

For example, you might feel a gentle nudge to get a new job. That’s the soul pushing you to fulfill your potential or purpose, especially if such a job offers intrinsic benefits and allows you to contribute your unique gifts.

But maybe you decide the new job has to be one with a specific salary and a corner office. That’s your ego stepping in; this desire is based on external appearances and materialistic benefits.

If you then ask for that job with a big salary and a posh office, you may not get it. Or you might…and discover you are dissatisfied and unhappy in that position.

Thus, you can see how you might think something is for your highest good when it’s not. Humans don’t always know what’s best for us, but Source does.

Manifestation is Co-Creation

If what you desire is not in your best interest, there’s a high likelihood that Source will not co-create it with you. Your soul won’t help direct you toward what you desire either; instead, it will send you intuitive hits and desires that take you in a different direction.

Manifestation is a co-creation process. Your soul has a say—and knows much better than you do what is for your highest good. It offers intuitive hits, gut feelings, and desires to help you understand what to pursue.

Source has input, too—and the ultimate decision-making power. If what you think you want isn’t for your highest good, Source won’t send it your way.

God’s Rejection is Your Protection

So, if your soul and Source deem your desire “not for your highest good,” that desire will be rejected. While you might consider that decision unfair, it’s for your protection.

I first heard the quote, “God’s rejection is your protection,” while watching a side-by-side reel on Gabby Bernstein’s Instagram page. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the person talking, but from what I can tell, the quote has been used by many people.

manifesting for your highest goodThis statement alone points out the importance of trust, the third step in the manifestation process. When you ask for your desire to be fulfilled, you must trust that it will be…and if it’s not, it is not something that would serve your highest good.

You may have heard the saying, “Let go, and let God.” It’s the same idea—ask for what you want and then release control of how or when it shows up…or even if it does.

Your attachment to the outcome—especially expecting that outcome to show up in a certain way and at a specific time—can prevent you from receiving something better. Indeed, a different result may be in store for you. Still, first, you must allow or surrender to a “Higher Authority.”

Allowing and surrendering require trust, not control…at least not human control.

Run for the Bus!

Let’s not forget about the second step—act. As part of the co-creation process, you—the human element of the co-creation team—must take some action.

Many teachers of the Law of Attraction fail to mention this step. For example, the woman in the video with Bernstein used a fabulous metaphor related to the need for action. She said, “You have to pray for the right bus and then run to catch it.”

Of course, if it turns out to be the wrong bus or you miss it, that’s what she called God’s protection. You simply won’t manifest the bus you think you need.

Still, you have to make an affirmation of action—do something to help create your desire. You can’t just expect Source to hand you what want you desire because you want it.

Now, visualizing, creating vision boards, doing affirmations, and praying are all actions that affirm you really want what you say you want. However, there is a direct connection between what you focus on and the action you take toward realizing that desire. A proactive step to create what you want works like an amplifier and affirms your commitment to what you want. It also sets the energy in motion to bring that desire into physical reality. The famous saying “as below so above” refers to this concept.

If you’ve been taught simply to focus on what you want, you may never take any action toward what you desire. But you live in a physical world. You are a spiritual being having a physical or human experience. Thus, you must operate within the laws of the physical universe, where action causes things to happen.

Then, trust..that the nonphysical or spiritual universe is conspiring on your behalf.

So, ask for the bus to arrive, and then run to catch the bus! Run towards your desire. And trust that the right bus will show up on schedule.

Maybe You Need a Taxi…

So, what if you ask for a bus, run to the bus stop, and get there too late? If you miss the bus, trust that it wasn’t the right bus for you.

Have faith that another bus will arrive in a few minutes that is the perfect bus for your highest good. This one can take you to a different—better—destination.

Or maybe you’re not supposed to take a bus. Instead, perhaps you’re supposed to take a boat or a taxi. Keep your eyes peeled for your perfect “mode of transportation.”

This or Something Better…

Since you don’t always know what’s for your highest good, you must be open to receiving something different than what you specifically asked for. If you aren’t sure how to be open to that, try a simple statement in conclusion to your prayers or visualizations. For instance:

This or something better is now coming to me in the perfect way and at the perfect time for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.”

With that statement, you give up control and allow Source to bring you what is in your best interest in Divine timing. You surrender to Source by admitting you don’t know what perfect timing is or what is for your highest good (or those who will be impacted by the manifestation of your desire), but you trust that Source does.

It can feel hard to release your desire and trust that what is best for you will show up. What’s more challenging, though, is to try to control the manifestation process.

You can relax when you ask for what you want and then release your desire to Source. Then, let Source figure out how to bring it to you.

You can feel confident what you want is coming to you when you take actions aligned with creating your desire. Act, then know “it is done,” and focus your attention elsewhere. Rinse and repeat.

And you will raise your vibration when you are at peace, allowing Source to bring you whatever is best for you at the perfect time. Your trust in this fact alone speeds up the manifestation process.

Ultimately, when you relax and release your desire to Source, take actions to co-create what you want but don’t stress about the outcome, and trust that Source is working on your behalf, you raise your vibration. This makes it easier to work with Source and manifest whatever is for your highest good.

So remember: ask, ask, and trust if you want to manifest your desires.

Do you use this three-step formula to manifest your desires? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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