Create Inspired Results: Decide to Act Boldly

take bold actionWinston Churchill said, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” Are you making decisions to move forward boldly or reacting to your fear by doing nothing?

Most of the time, you probably react in fear to things that aren’t a threat at all. You have fears about being rejected, about people not liking you, that things won’t work out the way you want, that you’ll die. You—like most people— fear things that haven’t happened yet. They are future potentialities.

Despite the fact that these situations may never come to pass, your reaction is to feel afraid. You don’t think logically but rather react unconsciously and emotionally.

Make a Decision

A response is different. It’s a decision about how to respond to a situation. It’s a conscious choice about how to act, think, or feel about something.

Instead of reacting with fear, you decide to be courageous. In fact, courage is the decision to move forward despite fear, to stop feeling fear and feel something else—courage. You make a choice that, despite what you think might happen, what someone might say, any situation, or potential future, you take affirmative action. You don’t stay crippled by your feelings.

Release Yourself from Jail

Tony Robbins like to say that we can change our lives in an instant by making a decision and then taking “massive action.” Your reaction, fear, holds you back. It stops you in your tracks.

Fear jails you. Once you feel this emotion, it seems as if you any forward movement must be made with a ball and chain around your ankle. You’re stuck and can’t move forward quickly.

When you decide to be courageous, you unlock the door to the cell and release the ball and chain. You move forward boldly, and that’s when the magic happens.

Inaction vs. Action

Fear is a reaction that puts you into inaction and courage is a decision that puts you into action. That’s the big differentiator.

When you find yourself presented with a situation that brings up fear, what could you do to decide to be courageous instead? Decide to take action.

You have a choice: react with fear or be courageous. Decide to do something. Move forward in a positive way.

Maybe you’re afraid to write your book. Every day, sit down and write anyway.

If you are afraid to get into a new relationship, join a dating service. Go on dates anyway.

If you are afraid to leave your job, start a job search anyway.

You get the idea.

Every time you feel you’re not moving forward, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Inevitably, you’ll find your thoughts trained on something that is causing you to feel fearful.

Acknowledge that. Tell yourself, “Am I reacting with fear and, therefore, I’m not taking action.“Then ask, ”What action can I take?”

Or ask yourself, “Is there a way for me to take action, make a decision, and move boldly forward?” Whatever the answer, take action!

Do you react with fear or make decision to act courageously?

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