Monday Inspiration: Manage Your Energy

Manage your energy

Everything is energy, and the energy you bring to everything affects your results. The question is, what energy do you bring to whatever you do?

Most people don’t know.

If you don’t know what type of energy you bring to situations and relationships, you won’t have a way to manage your results.

To gain some clarity on your energy and the direction in which it flows, pay attention to your thoughts.

Your Thoughts Determine Your Energy

Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. That means that wherever you focus your attention on, your energy travels in that direction, too. It moves toward that condition, event, situation, or person—and amplifies it.

So, if you think about what you don’t want, your energy moves toward that and amplifies it—makes it greater, bigger, or more intense. You attract more of what you don’t want. And you don’t take action towards the things you do. And you feel lousy. Your energy decreases and becomes damaging.

On the other hand, if you think about what you do want, your energy travels in that direction, which increases the likelihood that you will impact that in positive ways. You will take action and attract what you desire. You’ll feel great, and your energy will be helpful rather than hurtful.

Where are Your Thoughts?

Here’s the problem: Most of us go through our days unconscious. We have no idea what we are thinking.

Yes, you are aware of your thoughts. How could you not be? You think constantly. But you aren’t conscious of the fact that you have trained your thoughts on something negative rather than positive.

Plus, you think thousands of thoughts each day. Typically, those thoughts are about what you don’t want. On any given day, you worry things occurring in your life, dissect what happened yesterday, stress about what could happen tomorrow. All the while, your energy flows toward the object of your attention.

That’s why it’s so important to become conscious of your thoughts. When you direct your thoughts, you also direct your energy.

Follow Your Emotions

To become conscious of what goes on in your mind and flow your energy in a desired direction become more aware of your emotions. Your emotions are reactions to your thoughts. You think something first, and then you begin to feel something. Your energy synchs up with your feelings.

If you are angry, sad, or stressed, ask yourself, “What am I thinking about?”

Once you know the content of your thoughts, you can think about something different—something you want. Then watch your emotions and energy change for the better.

Become Aware

Let’s say you are working at your desk and receive an email. In that email, your boss points out that a project you worked on had problems. You immediately get upset. You think your boss has blamed you; the problems are your fault.

Now your mind goes wild! You think, “This is going to mean more work for me…maybe my boss doesn’t like my work at all…maybe I’m going to get fired.”

The more your thoughts whirl around these negative possible future outcomes, the more you feel insecure, stressed, and upset.

And your energy level plummets. Not only that, the energy you emit becomes negative.

Now comes the switch!

At that moment, you realize you are anxious. So you ask yourself, “Where are my thoughts?” You realize your thoughts are on someone being angry at you, getting fired, additional work, and not feeling good enough.

Choose Your Thoughts

With that new awareness of your thoughts, you can choose to think—and feel—something different. “Okay,” you tell yourself. “I’m going to think about doing my job well and my boss telling me how happy he is with my next project.”

Notice how you feel. Close your eyes, and you imagine that scenario. You will find that you feel better. After all, somebody acknowledged you; that fact increases your confidence level. Your body responds to the visualization, the change in thoughts, and generates different emotions—ones that make you feel good.

Now your energy begins to rise. And you give off a stronger, more positive vibe.

Change Your Energy

You not only feel different, your energy is different, too. You’ve taken your thoughts away from one thing, placed them on another, and your energy flowed toward the new thoughts.

You’ve changed your physical state, and that is energy, too. You are now emitting a different frequency…one that is positive and high rather than negative and low.

You are probably carrying yourself differently—taller and straighter. And people respond to you differently. They feel your positive energy.

Change Your Energetic State, Change Your Results

It’s a proven fact that when you can change your physical state, when you change your mental state. And your physical state dictates the energy you put out into the world—and the results you achieve.

If you feel negative emotions coming on, even if you think you don’t have time to explore your thoughts, take a deep breath. Spend about 30 seconds—half a minute—thinking about something that makes you feel better. Imagine it, and feel it.

Send energy in the direction of what you want. You’ll discover that you can change your results along with your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

Generate Good Energy

If visualization doesn’t work for you or you struggle to change your thoughts, try moving your body. Get your blood flowing.

Take a run, attend a yoga class, or go for a walk. You even can change your energy by doing some jumping jacks or deep breathing.

Bring good energy to everything you, and watch what you create.

Do you flow your energy daily?

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