Create Inspired Results: Get Out of Your Bubble

Do you live in a bubble? Most of us do.

We surround and protect ourselves by never moving outside what we know—our bubbles. Nothing enters. We don’t go out. And we avoid experiencing anything that might make us feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Never Leave Home

One way you can stay in your bubble is never to leave home. Literally.

Did you know that a huge number of U.S. citizens have never left the United States? All they know is the United States.

Some Americans have never left their home state. That’s all they know…Texas, Omaha, Michigan, New Jersey.

If all you know is your small environment or community and the people in it, it’s difficult to understand someone those who lives half way around the world—or in the next town—or the conditions they experience.

You Learn and Grow Outside the Bubble  

get out of your bubbleIf you want to understand other people and situations, as well as to grow as a person, get out of your bubble. Get a new perspective from experiencing something and someone new.

You can’t understand people from other countries (or states) or what is going on in their world from the context of your bubble.

And inside your protected space, you can’t become your best self. You can’t grow or learn or experience. And so you stay the same…or stagnate.

You must take action that allows you to discover new, current, and different perspectives and have varied experiences.

How to Get Out of Your Bubble

How do you do get out of your bubble—or expand it? Try these steps, some of which don’t require you to travel at all.

1. Attend Seminars

Place yourself around other people by attending events of all sorts. Learn something new and expose yourself to experts on different subjects so you can be impacted by various ideas and new ways of thinking and seeing the world.

2. Read books

Books provide a window into other people’s lives and provide knowledge on a vast array of topics. You can read biographies and memoirs to learn about lives and situations unlike your own. You can read nonfiction—books on business or politics, wellness and health, and the environment or travel. In this way, you can move outside the known—your Bubble—and expose yourself to something different and useful.

3. Watch educational television

Watch educational shows and documentaries. Remember when Al Gore came out with his documentary on the impact we were having on the environment? His movie exposed a world of people to new environmental information.

What don’t you know? What would you like to know? What would help you understand others in the world in which you live?

Find educational shows and documentaries to watch—and from which to learn. Watch Super Soul Sunday or science and nature channels or even a variety of political news stations (not just one).

4. Go out and meet new people.

Attend Meetups, join associations and to their meetings, go to networking events, or become a member of a mastermind group. Do something that puts you in touch with people who outside your bubble.

Or expands your bubble to include others who have different viewpoints and experiences. Invite them in.

5. Travel.

Getting out of your known environment can be the most powerful, eye-opening and life-changing experience of all—especially if you travel outside your country.

You can travel on a small scale. Drive 150 miles or to the next state over and check it out. Do a bit of sightseeing. Meet some people.

Then travel two states over or across the country.

And then take a trip to another country. Start with Canada or Mexico, if you live in the U.S. You’ll need a passport, which lets you know you are traveling outside your country bubble.

Then expand…go farther outside our bubble. Travel to another continent and across the sea.

See how others live. Become familiar with their perspective. Expand your horizons…

Let your bubble disappear.

Open Your Mind

When you get out of your bubble, you don’t have to change your mind about anything. However, you will have to open your mind to learn or experience anything new.

The bubble keeps your mind closed…only open to what is known and safe.

Be willing to move outside your bubble and meet new people, to learn new things, be exposed to different viewpoints, and go new places. That requires a willingness to move through your fear and insecurity.

Be open to the fact that the world is not as scary as you might have believed or pictured from the vantage point within your bubble.

With an open mind you expand your horizons, your understanding, your education, your experiences, your perspective.

How to Get Along with People Better

Broadening your understanding and knowledge makes you more tolerant. It allows you to help and work with others peacefully and effectively.

It’s difficult to help someone if you don’t understand them. To you, they seem different—and scary. That makes you want to stay in or run back to your bubble.

Come out…meet them. Learn about them. Discover that other people are not that different. You probably have a lot in common.

Take that knowledge away so you can serve them or others more deeply—so you can see the world and your life in a different way.

When you expand your mind, your mindset shifts accordingly. Your new perspectives, experiences, understanding, and compassion for others help you make a bigger impact in your life and the lives of your family and friends, communities, and the world.

You can create change. But to do that, you must come out of your bubble.

What have you learned outside your bubble?

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