Monday Inspiration: Be of Service

serve othersThe world in which we live is rife with challenge.

And that challenge—be it personal, local, national, or international—can cause anxiety.

It can leave us fearful, unsure, and stressed.

Am I good enough to make it?

What if I fail?

Will I be judged?

Is this going to work?

Can I have an impact?

Will I be okay?

But these concerns are not worthy of our time nor our energy. They are worries of the selfish self, a self we neither want to acknowledge nor encourage.

Instead, when worry and insecurity start to raise their ugly heads, ask yourself, How can I help? How can I be of service?

Move Your Focus to Service

Granted shifting gears in this manner is easier said than done, but it is far from impossible.

To start, think about the issues of the world at-large, from big international crises—like the conflict in Syria—to small localized concerns—like a new municipal tax your city is instituting.

As you pour through these issues, notice which ones resonate with you. Which issues truly strike a chord?

Lock onto them and focus—keep them in the front of your mind.

Can Your Knowledge or Skill Help You Serve?

When you have three or four of these “chord-striking” issues in mind, starting thinking about ways in which you can play a role and have an impact.

What knowledge do you have to offer that could be of help in solving these issues?

Don’t limit yourself by thinking of knowledge in the traditional academic sense—some of the most impactful knowledge in the world is derived from life’s experiences.

Do you have any unique talents, skills, or abilities that could be used to influence the issues you’re passionate about?

Again, think abstractly—having a charismatic personality is an incredibly valuable skill, as is the ability to bring a smile to a complete stranger’s face. Skills come in all shapes and sizes; they’re not limited to the tangible.

Can You Resources Help You Serve?

How about resources? Do you have any resources you can contribute to your issue?

Again, go beyond the narrow resource definitions of time, money, and material wealth.

Do you have an impressive Twitter or Instagram following? That’s an incredibly powerful resource.

Is the local mayor a close friend? That’s a priceless resource.

The more liberally you’re willing to think of the terms like “resource,” “knowledge,” and “skill,” the more effective you’ll be in addressing the issues that matter most to you. And the more successful you’ll be at being of service.

Serve Outside the Box

Stop thinking in boxes. Stop thinking in limitations. Stop thinking in the uncomfortable confines of worry and “what if.”

Start thinking in the active language of service.

What can I do today—no matter how small—to make a difference?

What can I do right now to be of help and be of service?

You don’t need to be a Barack Obama or Bill Gates to change the world. You only need to be you.

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