Do This One Thing To Create Your Desired Future

Your words create

To create your desired future, you must do one thing: speak differently. You must change the words you use when talking about your current and past life experiences and the future you desire.

From a spiritual perspective, words are creative. In metaphysical and mystical circles, you are taught to be careful what you say lest you regret your words.

I’ve often heard people say, “I wish I didn’t have to go to work,” and then get fired. Or they say, “Men/Women always abandon me.” Then, their current partner walks out of the relationship without explanation.

However, science also tells us that words have a frequency and, therefore, energy. Sound vibrates on your eardrums, so you hear someone talking or singing.

Read the Old Testament, which is estimated to have been written between 1445 and 1405 BC, and you’ll find evidence that language can create. After all, this sacred text tells us that God spoke the world into being—“Let there be light,” and there was light.

Humans Speak and Create

Or study the ancient Aramaic language. You’ll discover that the word “abracadabra” means “I create as I speak.”

No wonder magicians use that word as an incantation before pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Obviously, the idea that our words create has been around for at least 3,000 years, when Aramaic first became the language of the Aramaeans.

Thus, it makes sense that humans speak their worlds—or lives—into being. What we say, we experience.

This is partly true because our words reflect our thoughts and beliefs. Our mindset determines the lens through which we see and experience the world. For example, if you think and believe something is hard, it will seem hard. If you believe people are inherently untrustworthy, you will encounter people you deem unworthy of your trust.

Also, we each contain a spark of Divinity—our souls—which provides us with the ability to create. So, just like God or the Divine Creator, when we speak, we create. Our words determine our lives.

And Source responds to your words. When you say, “I want more money,” it hears that you want money and allows you to keep wanting. It might even send a few circumstances to help you continue wanting money.

Instead, say, “I am grateful for my money.” Source will give you more reason to be grateful for your money.

Let’s explore a few phrases worth deleting from your current speech patterns—and a few to add in their places. Do this, and you will create a different life experience and new results.

It’s Hard

Stop saying things are “hard.” Additionally, remove the words “struggle” and “difficult” from your vocabulary.

Instead, tell yourself, “Things are easy,” or “It gets to be easy.” Affirm that you are strong, able, or powerful. Then, notice how things become easier.

You can also substitute the word “challenge” for hard. A challenge helps you grow and learn, so it’s a positive thing. Challenges might be difficult, but they are fulfilling and make you feel alive.

I Can’t

Saying “I can’t” tells your mind you are unable to do something. So, you will be unable to do whatever you need or want.

It doesn’t matter if you believe you can’t earn more money, start a business, find security, attract a soul mate, or improve your health. You won’t be able to do those things.

Instead, tell yourself, “I have the ability to figure it out.” Or adopt the mantra used by The Little Engine That Could—“I think I can.” Even better, tell yourself, “I know I can,” or “I can…and I will.”

It’s Not My Fault

When you say, “It’s not my fault,” you give away your power and deflect responsibility to someone or something else.

Sometimes, that makes you a victim of circumstance or someone’s behavior. Victims are powerless.

Instead, take responsibility! You are always creating or co-creating your life—every aspect of it. You are a creator. You create the good and the bad.

Instead of blaming or making excuses, say, “I take full responsibility.” That puts you firmly back into your power. Then, you can say, “I take responsibility for changing this situation.”

And affirm, “I am a creator. I created that so I can create something different.”

Nothing Ever Changes

As long as you proclaim, “Nothing ever changes,” everything will remain the same—whether you like it or not. Thus, that statement is a recipe for feeling stuck.

In fact, everything constantly changes. The seasons, our bodies, the weather, and even the location of the sun and moon in the sky change constantly. Remember that.

Then, say, “Everything constantly changes.” Also, try, “My past is in the past. I can’t change it. But I can change the present and future.” Affirm, “I can change how I feel, what I do, and who I am being in the present moment. That changes my future.”

I like to say, “Every day and in every way, I am getting better, and my life is changing in positive ways.” That’s what I want to create.

Watch Your Words

I know you can’t literally “watch your words,” but I like to remind myself to pay attention to my speech patterns. I even fall into old bad habits, like saying, “It’s hard for me to lose weight” or “I can’t make a living as a writer.” Those words just make that my reality…my truth.

Your negative ways of speaking are like old stories you’ve been telling that need to be edited…or scrapped and rewritten totally. It’s time to do that if you want to use your words to create your desired future, is it not? I think so.

Do you find yourself using words that create an undesirable future? Please tell me in a comment below, and share this post with someone who might benefit from reading it.

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