Why It’s Essential To Create – Not Manifest – Your Desires

you are a creator not a manifestor

You are a creator, not a manifestor. That’s why it’s easier to create—not manifest—your desires.

The term “manifestor” describes someone who manifests what they want. Technically, that’s correct terminology since they have brought something new into the world—“made it manifest.” So, adopting that identity makes sense.

However, being a manifestor focuses on the end result—the creation. As such, it bypasses your most powerful identity—creator. In fact, you already possess this identity and all the abilities that go with it. When you acknowledge that you are a creator, you are more likely to create…manifest…what matters to you most.

Manifestation Isn’t a Secret

The subject of manifestation has seen a resurgence in the last year. After the release of the book The Secret in 2006, the Law of Attraction, conscious creation, and manifestation became part of the Zeitgeist of the time. Then, the buzz died down.

However, many people—including myself—continued learning about and practicing manifestation techniques. Some of us were doing that long before The Secret was published.

In fact, this topic isn’t a secret or a new craze. Many ancient mystical and occult traditions refer to manifestation. Even the Bible provides examples of manifestation.

And while some people claim to be expert manifestors, others feel challenged to “make manifest” even the smallest of their desires. However, everyone is a creator and, therefore, can create what matters to them.

You are a Creator

At our core, humans are creators. That is our true identity.

Humans possess a spark of Divinity—their soul or spirit. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are always connected to your spiritual nature, which is connected to Source.

What we know about Divinity—God, Source, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Divine Mind, Divine Presence…whatever you call this force—is that it is creative.

So are we.

You create constantly and in various ways, even when you don’t realize you are doing so. Sometimes, you even create things you don’t desire rather than what you do. That can cause you to doubt your ability to create what you want. However, it still proves your ability to create intentionally and unintentionally.

You create with your thoughts, words, energy, actions (and inaction), and decisions (or indecision). You create with your imagination as well as with emotions like fear, joy, and anger.

You are creating constantly. You are a creator.

What is a Creator?

To better understand your identity as a creator, let’s explore the definitions of the words “create,” “creation,” and “creator.”

Create means to bring (something) into existence—cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions. That’s something anyone can do, is it not? In fact, we do it every minute of every day without even trying.

We do something and create a result. Doing something could be a physical, mental, or emotional action. We also create consciously, subconsciously, intentionally, or unintentionally with our thoughts and beliefs.

A creation is the result of creating with action. Your effort to control your thoughts, raise your energy, speak positively, or choose how to feel or where to focus your attention are actions.

A creation is the physical product or result of creating. Therefore, you might call it a manifestation, but there is a difference between creation and manifestation.

A creator is someone who creates, usually by bringing something new or original into being.

How? Through action.

What is a Manifestor?

So, how is a creator different than a manifesto? Let’s explore the definition of the words “manifest,” “manifestation,” and “manifestor.”

The word manifest means to make clear, evident, or certain by showing, displaying, or understanding. Additionally, manifest means to prove or put beyond doubt or question.

To manifest means to reveal, display, or prove something. Manifesting is a way of proving you are a creator by showing you have created something.

Manifestation is the act, process, or instance of manifesting and something that manifests or is manifest. That means it is a perceptible, outward, or visible expression of something.

However, manifestation is seen as an occult phenomenon specifically related to materialization, which means causing something to appear in physical form.

So, a manifestor can materialize something in a physical, visible, outward, perceptible form.

How? Through occult phenomenon.

Are You a Magician?

The word manifestor conjures up images of magicians. These people can make something like a rabbit appear out of thin air.

Most of us don’t have that ability.

Most people aren’t occultists. The occult is considered something concealed, secret, involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge. No wonder Rhoda Byrne titled her book The Secret. Indeed, many secret societies and occult traditions have taught manifestation.

Yet, few modern-day people who speak about manifestation discuss occult powers or secret methods. That’s not to say that there aren’t some manifestation experts who do. The average manifestation teacher or individual learning to manifest doesn’t have access to occult knowledge.

Yet, so many people want to manifest their desires. They want to develop the ability to make ideas, dreams, and visions supernaturally appear in physical form.

Can You Be a Creator and a Manifestor?

You may realize by now that it is harder to become a manifestor than a creator. After all, you are a creator already—not a magician. You don’t need supernatural abilities or occult knowledge to create your desires.

Yet, it is possible that these identities—manifestor and creator—have some overlap.

As a creator, you create. You realize your vision or bring your desire into existence through action. That could be called creation or manifestation.

Some might define creation as the process and manifestation as the “product” of that process. You use your actions, including thoughts, feelings, energy, and words, to bring something into the physical world. You make it manifest. I suppose you could argue that you materialize (rather than create) your desire in physical form. I agree with that premise as long as materialization doesn’t mean your manifestation shows up…poof…like magic.

Except for great spiritual masters like Jesus, the average human can’t manifest something out of thin air. Thus, while there might be manifestors in the modern world, most of us are creators.

If you prefer to interpret your creations as manifestations, that’s fine. After all, to manifest means to reveal something or display or prove something. When you take the actions necessary to create something new, you reveal or display it and prove it exists. That’s especially true if what you created is visible to the eye and can be shared so others see it.

You Control What You Create

Remember: to create means to bring into existence or cause something to happen through your actions. You are a creator because you bring new things into being using your natural abilities every day. You create even when you don’t try.

Imagine what becomes possible if you try…if you consciously and deliberately take actions to create what you want.   It’s easier to wrap your brain around creating your desires than manifesting them. Plus, the idea of being a manifestor relies heavily on outside forces responding to your attempts to manifest.

If I am a manifestor, the Universe or Source is responsible for delivering my desire. Or I need to learn and apply some occult strategy that causes materialization.

I believe in God, “the Universe,” and even occult methods and phenomena. I even believe that my actions to create what I desire are aided by spiritual forces.

However, if I am a creator, I have the ability and responsibility to create my desires. I can control my actions and, therefore, my creations.

I have no control over spiritual or occult forces joining me in my efforts to create what matters to me. If I am a creator, the locus of control is with me—not something outside myself.

Stand in Your Power

As a creator, you stand in your power and create without needing secret knowledge, an occult process, or an outside force. You are all you need.

Of course, there are outside spiritual forces that help you create. But, ultimately, it is your actions that cause creation.

You can create healing, abundance, results, a relationship, or a business. And if you don’t like what you’ve created to date, you can change that.

How? By expressing who you are—a creator—and taking new action.

Do you believe you are a creator or a manifestor? Tell me in a comment below. And, please share this post with someone who might benefit from reading it.

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