Do You Feel Connected?

How to connect with self, Source and Higher SelfAre you connected? I don’t mean connected to influential people. I want to know if you feel connected to yourself.

If you don’t feel in touch with the essence of who you are or to your passion or purpose, you aren’t alone. Many people feel disconnected from their essential selves.

For the last year or so I’ve felt disconnected, too. I couldn’t vocalize my purpose. I had lost my passion and enthusiasm for the things I said I loved most. And I didn’t feel connected to my Higher Self or Source.

If you know me, you realize what a big problem that could be! I write and speak about combining purpose with passion, so you get inspired to action. A large focus of my work revolves around connection to God and the Divine Spark within each and every one of us.

But I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t tapped in. I had lost the connection.

Or so I thought.

Fear Sets In

When you feel unconnected, fear sets in. For me, it manifested as self-doubt. I began to feel afraid. I was unsure about how to fulfill my purpose or achieve my potential.

As I tried to work on books that revolved around practical spirituality or personal development, I struggled to write. I didn’t know what to say.

I didn’t trust myself. I had no faith that I could do it.

I no longer believed I could complete these writing projects even though for years they were exactly the books I wanted to finish. How can I write about the topics when I’m not tapped in? I reasoned.

I’m an Imposter

That’s when a different type of fear set in—the fear that I’d be discovered. Found out.

I felt like an imposter.

This is called the Imposter Syndrome.

I had it big time. Who the hell am I to write about these topics? I’m not even practicing what I preach, I told myself.

Maybe you’ve told yourself something similar, like Someone is going to figure out that I don’t have the credentials, I’m not an expert, or I don’t have the experience. If so, you’ve got the Imposter Syndrome, too.

You are the Real Deal

In fact, you are the real deal. You know more than you think. You have more experience than you realize. You have all the credentials you need.

You are not an imposter. And neither am I.

We just forget who we are. We disconnect from our core essence, and that leaves us feeling not good enough and not enough.

I had to remind myself of this fact.

I also had to remind myself that I am connected to my core essence, my Higher Self and Source at all times. There is no way to disconnect. It’s impossible.

So why did I feel that way? Why do you feel disconnected?

It’s All in Your Mind

The reason is simple: Your mind tells you it’s true. And wherever you thoughts go, your emotions flow.

You allow your thoughts to dwell on what it tells you are facts—I’m not good enough. I can’t do it. I’m not connected. I don’t have the expertise or credentials.

Blah blah blah…

Those thoughts are rubbish.

The more you listen to these thoughts, the higher likelihood that they will become beliefs. And your beliefs affect how you see yourself and the world.

But these types of beliefs are not based on fact or truth. You have chosen to believe a lie.

Now it’s time to believe the truth.

You’ve Got This

Here it is: You are all you need. You have all you need. You’ve got this.

Why? Because you are always connected.

And if, like me, you don’t feel connected, take the time to tap into that connection. (It’s there already, which is why I didn’t suggest you reconnect.)

6 Ways to Reconnect

How do you do that? Here are a few ways:

  1. Meditate. Get quiet and listen, feel or see into the connection.
  2. Play. Go do something that brings you joy—whatever that is for you.
  3. Explore your passions anew. Immerse yourself in the things that turn you on now or did in the past.
  4. Take time off. You may just feel burned out, stressed, or overwhelmed, and that’s preventing you from feeling connected. Take time to be rather than *do.”
  5. Journal. Listen to yourself. Find out what you are thinking and what you believe.
  6. Act as if. Pretend you are connected. How would you behave? What would you think, believe or say? What would you do right now?

Try one or all of these activities. Before you know it, you’ll feel connected again.

If you have a way to connect to your essential self and Source, please, leave share your strategy below. Let others benefit from your ability to connect!

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