Do You Have Impact?

energy and impactDo you have an impact on others, yourself, or your life? Of course, you do, even if you don’t realize it.

We all have an impact. Everything we do affects someone or something, including ourselves.

Here’s the more important question: Do you have the impact you desire?

Impact Yourself

It’s incredible how much impact you can have on your own life—even when you feel you have none. Let me give you a few examples:

  • If you overeat, you impact your weight and health.
  • If you refuse to communicate openly with the important people in your life, you impact the quality and depth of your relationships.
  • If you don’t try your best at work, you impact your ability to retain or advance your position.

In these examples, you negatively impact yourself and life. You can positively impact yourself and life as well. For instance:

  • If you begin to exercise three times per week, you can impact your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and become healthier and more fit.
  • If you decide to be more demonstrative and communicative with your loved ones, you will improve those relationships.
  • If you go to work each day and try your hardest, you will increase your productivity and increase the likelihood of being promoted (and reduce your chances of being fired).

Impact Your Day

Every day you have the opportunity to impact your day—how you experience it. You can do this by merely focusing on gratitude as soon as you wake up.

Take on a morning routine. Maybe you meditate, go for a walk, or  do yoga every morning before you do anything else. Or you spend an hour on a passion project before going to work—something that will impact your future. Notice the vast difference it makes on your day and your success.

Then notice how you feel…and how you experience and create your day.

Impact Others

Of course, you also can impact others. Just smile at the people you see on the street and say nice things to the people you encounter. Notice the difference it makes in their day—even for just that moment.

You’ll feel better, too. As you impact other people, you impact yourself.

Impact the Outcomes in Your Life

Most people don’t think they can impact the outcomes in their lives. They think things happen randomly or that a higher power decides what will happen.

I believe that to some extent this is true. However, I also think we have the power to create what we desire. That doesn’t mean we can necessarily stop our car from getting hit by another driver or a hurricane from destroying our house.

We are creative physical beings that house a spark of divinity that gives us amazing—and untapped—power over the outcomes in our lives.

First, we can influence our lives by just focusing on what we want, persuading ourselves to take aligned action, and then following through consistently. For example, you can visualize the perfect job, check job boards daily, and submit your resume whenever possible. Doing so could result in the ideal position.

Or you can focus your attention on what you want…not on what you don’t want. The more you think about what you desire and visualize it as already created—see it, feel it, smell it, touch it—the more the universal energies help bring it to you.

Impact Your Energy

Remember, everything is energy. If you put out positive, loving, passionate, joyous, and grateful energy, you can change almost any outcome.

And energy is just energy. Therefore, the Universal Force acts like a “Yes” machine. If you put energy toward imagining what you like and creating it (taking action), it says, “Yes!” It puts energy toward that as well.

Focus on what you don’t want, and you put energy toward that. Thinking about an undesirable outcome—imagining it, worrying, talking about how you don’t want it—are actions that put out their energy—and attract what you don’t want.

Every day your attitude, behavior, thoughts, focus, and actions—your energy—impact your outcomes.

Play with your ability to impact yourself, others, and your life positively. And watch how your outcomes change for the better.

Tell me how your outcomes changed this week by leaving me a comment below.

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