Master Your Day with a Morning Routine

master your morningMorning routine. Do you have one?

Everybody is talking about morning routines, but maybe you are wondering, “What’s the big deal about morning routines?”

If you master your morning, you master your day. That’s the gist of it. Your morning routine sets you up to be successful. That’s why they’re essential.

My Morning Routine Struggle

I’ll be honest. I’ve been struggling with developing a morning routine.

When I was quite a bit younger, I had a morning routine. I would get up, journal, read, meditate or pray, and ride my bike before I did anything else. It was awesome. What a great way to start the day!

But in those days I wasn’t as serious about my business, and, even though I still had kids at home, I wasn’t as busy—especially while they were in school. Therefore, it was easier for me to take that time.

But my “work day” didn’t start until lunchtime or later. I must admit, though, seizing the morning set a beautiful tone for my day.

I wanted to recreate that experience, but each time I created some morning ritual, I found myself less productive during the day. That was super frustrating.

During the years when I didn’t have a morning routine, I trained myself to go straight to my desk in the morning. I started working right away. I didn’t always write, but I knocked off tasks in a focused manner. Doing anything else first thing in the morning knocked me off my game

It seems that by the time I finished my morning rituals, I lacked motivation and focus. I didn’t give up, though. I was determined to master my morning. (After all, I’m a Certified High Performance Coach. I wanted to get the benefits everyone claimed to get—like increased productivity—by developing some set routine early in the day.)

My Current Morning Routine

So, I compromised and created my particular brand of morning routine that takes advantage of my early morning productivity.

  • Before I get out of bed, I think of three things for which I feel grateful.
  • After I get up, I make a cup of Jasmine green tea and drink a glass of water. Then I head to my desk.
  • I work on my primary writing project for as much time as possible. (This could be 30 minutes or two hours.) When finished, I start the rest of my ritual.
  • I journal, which could mean merely using The Freedom Journal and Mastery Journal (by John Lee Dumas) or writing in a “regular” journal.
  • After this, I  do two sets of Sun Salutations.
  • Then, I visualize, meditate, and pray.
  • I may pick a Tarot or Kabbalah card for the day and jot down some notes about what they mean to me.
  • If I have time, I read.

The amount of time I spend on these activities varies by the amount of time I have. It could be 30 minutes or an hour and a half. Also, I may drop some of the activities if my days are extremely busy or if I get up too late, which means I begin later than expected. But I do at least some of this every morning.

The result? I feel more productive, centered, and on purpose all day.

Creating Your Morning Routine

If you don’t have a morning routine yet, it’s time to create one. If you do, it’s time to evaluate it and see if it is working as well as it could for you.

Also, track how often you let it fall by the wayside because you are traveling or busy. (I’ve been tracking this, too.) It’s important not to let other things get in the way if you want to level up every day…not just some days.

Get yourself into a rhythm. Make it a habit. Then the rituals you do every day will be second nature, and you will be less likely to depart from them.

Also, remember: Everyone is different. Your morning routine may not look like that of your best friend or follow the same recommendations you might find in Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning.

Find a morning routine that works for you, one that makes you feel awesome because it starts your day out right. Create rituals that set the tone for the day, and you will find yourself living more purposefully and joyously.

Leave me a comment below and tell me what kind of morning routine you created or have been doing and how it impacts your day or life.

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3 thoughts on “Master Your Day with a Morning Routine”

  1. Elizabeth Hoffmann

    This morning I accomplished my desired routine of reading the day’s selection in my current One-Year Bible Reading Plan and writing a prayer asking to apply the teaching to life. I had prayed thanks for a miracle that happened a week ago. Thank you for your encouragement to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

    I’m pleased I’ve stayed away from “Free Cell” computer solitaire for several days. I’m off to Jasmine Green Tea and a glass of water! Thank you for your help.


    Beth Hoffmann

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