Do You Notice When the Spirit Moves You? (And What Do You Do In Response?)

Do you notice when the spirit moves you? I found myself pondering this question about a week ago amidst a pile of work I was trying to get done at almost midnight. Everyone else in my family had already gone to bed, even the cat, who is supposed to be nocturnal by nature.

I realized that I notice spirit moving me all the time, giving me information, inspiring me to act. What do I do in response? All too often, I do nothing at all.

What’s my excuse? I don’t have the time right now (and I don’t really know when I’ll have the time). I have to get other things done first. I can’t start yet another new project. That won’t bring in any money. That activity (such as prayer or meditation or exercise) feels like I’m really not doing anything at all. I feel guilty doing that instead of something I should be doing.

On that particular night, however, I felt spirit move me to return to a project I had once started and to which I had never returned. I had often thought of completing it in a shortened version – in the meantime, and on that night I began doing just that. I thought to myself, “Spirit is telling me to do this, and I’m going to do it. I could go to bed, but I’ll stay up for a little while longer and follow the call of my spirit.”

I was compelled to do so by a conversation I had had with a fellow writer earlier that day (well, by then it was the previous day). We had been walking and chatting and she said to me, “The thing I love to do the most – sleep – I wish I never had to do at all. I could get so much done if I only didn’t have to sleep.” I realized, there have been numerous times when I have foregone sleep to finish work for clients – magazine editors and authors whose books I’ve been editing. However, I never treat myself like a client that has imposed a deadline on me. I rarely stay awake just to work on one of my manuscripts or to begin a new writing project.

I decided that spirit had called and wanted a job done. And who was I not to heed that call and finish the job on time? In fact, I worked on that job for three nights this week until the wee hours and only after I had finished my other work. I have a few more hours of work to do to complete the job. (And I already have one order for this product, an ebook based on Rebbe Nachman’s words about moving through fear. It’s not posted on the website yet, so if you want one, send me an email at They cost $5. Like most of my booklets – this will be a printed booklet, too – and ebooks, its a shortened version of what iwill one day – soon – be a full-length book.)

Spirit calls to me often. It speaks loud and clear. Normally it doesn’t give me a deadline. I guess I’ll have to self-impose that, because I definitely get more done when I have a deadline. (Too many years as a journalist are taking their toll on me, I think!) But from now on, I’m going to try and make spirit my Number 1 priority client. I might not sleep as much, I’ll be living my life more fully, fulfilling my soul’s purpose and achieving my goals.

How about you? Do you notice when spirit moves you? And if you do, how have your responded in the past or how will you respond in the future?

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