What Does “Extraordinary” Mean and How Do You Stop Being Ordinary?

meaning of extraordinaryYou need to be extraordinary to succeed, right? After all, if you are ordinary, you won’t get noticed…or so you’ve been told. Yet, being extraordinary can seem like an unattainable goal.

And what does that word even mean? What do you have to be or do to become extraordinary?

I believe everyone is extraordinary in some way. After all, we are all unique, each individual with special gifts and characteristics. But you may not allow yourself to believe you are extraordinary, especially if you give the word a meaning that feels unattainable.

Let’s take a moment to explore the definition of “extraordinary.” Once you understand its meaning better, you can determine how to become extraordinary. Or you will see your unusual nature more clearly.

The Meaning of Extraordinary

The simplest definition of “extraordinary” is unusual, remarkable, different, or not normal. Something or someone extraordinary goes beyond what is regular or customary and, therefore, could be called “exceptional” or “out of the ordinary.”

Of course, the opposite of extraordinary is “ordinary.” Someone or something ordinary has no special or distinctive features. Thus, they might be called usual, normal, commonplace, or standard.

The term ordinary can be used negatively to mean inferior, below average, or plain. For this reason, “mediocre” is commonly used as a synonym. Mediocrity is the quality of being average or ordinary, run-of-the-mill, standard, or passable. It can also mean moderate or low quality in terms of value, ability, or performance.

How to be Extraordinary

Bo Eason, a former NFL player, Broadway playwright and performer, author, and international presence/story coach, would say you must overcome mediocrity if you want to be extraordinary. You simply can’t be average or passable. You have to excel at what you do.

He shares the story of his football career in his play The Runt of the Litter. During one of his signature story events I attended, he said that the enemy in that story is mediocrity. He wanted to be the best—extraordinary—and the only way to do that was to overcome mediocrity.

What it Takes to Become Extraordinary

Beyond overcoming mediocrity, what does it take to be extraordinary?

Standing out from the crowd requires discipline and commitment—or that’s the typical advice you’ll hear. Said another way, it takes devotion to hone your craft or skill. It takes working tenaciously to achieve high levels of excellence in the life arena of your choice.

You must be committed to your A-game, as Eason calls it. That means you only have a Plan A. You can’t have a fallback Plan B if you want to become extraordinary or the best, as he explains in his book, There’s No Plan-B for Your A-Game.

And you must be committed to doing whatever it takes to become outstanding. In fact, you might have to put in the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book, Outliers. Or you might simply have to determine what makes you and what you do or offer different, then shine a light on that so everyone can see your uniqueness.

Then, there’s the mindset factor. You must believe you are extraordinary. When you think and act from the mindset—that identity, you will also have the habits required to be excellent.

You are Extraordinary

But here’s the thing: You are unique already.

As Louse Hay states on a poster hanging in my office:

Your Are Grrreat!
There is no one else like you on the planet.
There never has been and there never will be.
You are forever a unique, divine creation.

Each human being is like a snowflake…different, unusual, and remarkable. That means each one of us is extraordinary in our own right.

Express Your Extraordinariness

So why does no one consider you extraordinary? And why don’t you view yourself that way?

You aren’t expressing your authentic nature or using your gifts fully.

As long as you keep who you really are—a unique, divine creation—under wraps, no one can see how extraordinary you are…not even you.

It’s time to begin expressing your authentic nature and gifts, is it not? You probably realize by now that’s how you become extraordinary.

How will you show up as your extraordinary self? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with someone you know or on social media.

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